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Through the promotion of holistic medicine and natural healing, Gage Green Seeds want to offer everyone the best possible strains for their ailment – they intend to “help heal the entire planet”. As you would expect with a breeding collective so keen on promoting the holistic properties of herbal cannabis, many of Gage Green Seeds extensive library of strains have a High-CBD content. Their Fortune Teller strain is built to help medical conditions such as Insomnia and Muscle Pain, while their Daybreaker and Transformer strains are both uplifting and can benefit people who suffer with Anxiety or Depression. Gage Green Seeds only stock Regular seeds and do not hold any feminised or autoflowering varieties. However, the quality of their regular strains are of such a high standard, you will want to give them a try.

Gage Green are unique in their absolute desire to put the health and welfare of the earth before anything. From their cultivation techniques to their intense research, everything is undertaken with the wellbeing of the surrounding nature of paramount importance. Monster Cookies is a cannabis strain that’s indica-dominant and is reputed to produce a deep, relaxing body buzz. Some have experienced couch-lock when using this strain, so it’s best used before bedtime after all errands and tasks for the day have been completed. Reviewers often say they have not only enjoyed its potential for relaxing the body, but they’ve also stated it can help inspire intriguing conversations. THC levels tend to stay low with Monster Cookies, ranging between 10 and 15% though occasionally you’ll find a batch a bit higher. Its dominant terpenes are humulene, linalool, and pinene. When you open up a package of Monster Cookies, you’ll find they smell like fresh soil mixed with undertones of sweet cookies. Monster Cookies is renowned for its appearance, often having hues of purples and blues all over its cured buds with golden pistils and trichomes that lighten its tones.

Monster Cookies Marijuana Strain [2020 Full Review] We’ve all heard of the Cookie Monster, but have you ever tried the potent Monster Cookies strain? Bred from some truly legendary plants, this is one bud that you will not want to put down! If you are a big fan of the cult classic Girl Scout Cookies , then this is a bud you will not want to bypass – trust us. And to prove our point today we are going to be taking a look at what makes Monster Cookies just so damn delicious! Let’s take a look at what makes Monster Cookies a must-try in 2020… What Is the Monster Cookies Strain? Do you know those strains that have a complex and mysterious history? Well, Monster Cookies is one such bud that has caused a stir in the cannabis industry thanks to its vivid appearance and familiar flavors. Although the lineage of this potent plant is pretty much confirmed, there are still some skeptics who have other ideas about where this bud originates… Anybody who has ever tried the Monster Cookies strain won’t be able to overlook the obvious traits of Granddaddy Purple – the popular, vibrant bud that has won multiple awards for its standout look. Combine that with the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, and you have a bud that is pungent, sweet, and packs one hell of a high. Those who aren’t yet convinced by the Granddaddy Purple background believe that this bud could be another phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, and we see where they are coming from. Thanks to the massive popularity of GSC, there have been dozens of variations of the strain produced. However, there is no denying those strong familiar links between GDP and Monster Cookies, so we’re not convinced! As an 80% indica hybrid , when it comes to the perfect evening strain, Monster Cookies well and truly holds its own! With both mental and physical relaxation at an all-time high, you might find yourself lost in the couch before you know it. Be warned that, thanks to strong genetics, this bud is a pretty potent one, so newbies should take care to regulate their intake and top up accordingly. Monster Cookies Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance. Both parent strains of Monster Cookies are well known and famed for their unique flavors, and fans of either will adore the result of clever breeding in this bud. Rocking a pungent mix of earth and sweet berries from Grandaddy Purple, the scent will be very familiar to those who have ever given GDP a go in the past. Upon first inhale, notes of sweet berry with gassy undertones come through in a mouth-watering wave that compels any budding cannabis enthusiast to explore further. Upon breaking up the dense bud, you will be hit with a spicier, fruity scent that takes on an almost incense-like fragrance. It is a genuinely complex combination of aromas that are overwhelmingly sweet and alluring. While it is true that most of Monster Cookies’ delicious aromas come from Granddaddy Purple, it is undoubtedly Girl Scout Cookies that we can recognize in this bud’s taste. With a deliciously sweet vanilla undertone mingled with fruity notes, this is a wonderful bud for anyone who has a sweet tooth !

The smoke for Monster Cookies is super smooth and is perfect for those less experienced users who can’t yet tolerate a harsh kick to the back of the throat. Upon exhaling, you will be hit with a more dank flavor than before, quickly followed by another burst of sweet and sour cherry that is dangerously moreish. This is where the bud comes to life, offering many of the visual traits that made Granddaddy Purple so famous; any cultivator will adore growing this vibrant plant for themselves and should be careful to follow growing instructions to get the most out of the vibrancy this bud can offer. With forest green buds that are of medium size and incredibly dense in structure, Monster Cookies is pretty typical of an indica in its stature. The deep green leaves tightly coil around the plant and are coated in a sticky layer of trichomes , with fiery orange hairs sprinkled throughout. When properly cultivated, Monster Cookies releases vibrant hues of blue and purple which can make the plant come to life. The consensus from those who have dabbled with Monster Cookies before is that it is of medium difficulty for home cultivation.

Those of you who are keen enthusiasts but may be lacking in experience may want to wait it out before giving this bud a go!


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