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The customer is always at the core of work from this talented team, who also work tirelessly to drive essential research and education of the masses - their effort to ensure the value of cannabis in society is respected and treated fairly, and that the rights of those in true need of medical marijuana or extracts are always supported and protected. Moxie Female Seeds are not only renowned as the world’s first seed bank to breed exclusively from extractions , but they were also awarded with the first ever production license in Las Vegas which permitted the extraction of manufactured weed products. Just because extractions remain at the heart of their efforts and breeding projects , though, doesn’t mean that Moxie is only for one niche audience. Oh, no, there is plenty here for all recreational and medicinal enthusiasts alike.

As a relatively young seed bank , it should come as no surprise that Moxie Female Seeds experienced quite the meteoric rise when they first hit the green scene back in 2015. Owing to the exceptional quality of their genetics and concentrates from their extractions, alongside a prominent and dominating presence in Cannabis Cup competitions worldwide, the fledgling firm swiftly caught the attention of farmers and consumers in the medical marijuana market - all feeding into their well-earned acclaim. Such a swelling reputation has meant great things for Moxie , who have expanded their operations from California to Nevada and Pennsylvania (with more planned in the future!). Through all their success, the Moxie Female Seeds team has never lost sight of their core belief in the need for constant education . Whether it’s providing their patients with all the information they could possibly need in order to safely appreciate and enjoy Moxie extracts, or making sure their medical researchers have all the resources and freedom necessary to better understand marijuana , this talented team throws tremendous energy into education. Their pursuit of the benefits of cannabis knows no bounds, because to this team it is quite clear that getting better demands doing more , and they have vowed never to stop striving for a better world - one they believe marijuana is integral to (I don’t know about you, but I’m sure not arguing with that!). When it comes to any of the offerings from this seed bank, you can rest assured in the knowledge that Moxie Female Seeds place the same level of scientific scrutiny on their seed production as their extracts.

Their methods are tried and tested to ensure these seeds are of the highest quality and fine tuned for optimal results in favor of flavor, potency, yield and therapeutic influence. These seeds benefit from the team’s pharmaceutical-grade technology and strict safety standards, and are all hand-picked by experts from gardens worldwide. With over 50 different accolades from various global competitions (especially for CBD strains ), it’s fair to say any choice is a guaranteed delight, but we’ll take a look at a couple which stand out amongst these feminized and regular seed collections. A stunningly beautiful, colorful ganja gem, it’s tough not to salivate when looking at a Moxie Grape Kush crop. This legendary Kush strain comes from the genetic lineage of Grape Kush and certainly honors where she came from in the Kushy tastes and high. Moxie advises this exceptional specimen is ideal for indoor and outdoor grow environments and should be finished flowering within 55 to 60 days. Moxie Grape Kush is a largely Indica-dominant and supremely colorful strain capable of some artful purple and orange hues. She begins flowering on a 12/12 photoperiod and is worth plenty of feeding to optimize output. Viper Haze comes from the superbly stable and ever-dependable Grape Kush and industry legend Super Lemon Haze genetics. An instant hit with a citrusy cornucopia flavor capable of rivaling parent strain Super Lemon Haze , this remarkable hybrid is also an ideal strain for novice growers looking to earn their stripes. She’s abundantly generous in terms of yield and super resilient against mold and other unwanted pesky problems. As you’d expect from a Moxie Female Seeds production, the extract potential is off the charts, and Indica-dominant Viper Haze is known to make some exceptional hash. A seed bank created in 2015 in Los Angeles by a group of professionals specialising in the cultivation and extraction of cannabis, Moxie Seeds quickly caught the attention of many farmers and consumers of medical cannabis, due to the quality of their genetics and their concentrates entered in the various cannabis cups and competitions held in the United States and Europe. Initially specialising in medical cannabis extractions , Moxie Seeds now offers varieties adapted to this use. Indeed, the genetics offered by this bank are highly productive, covered with resin and boasting high cannabinoid concentrations, allowing us to best enjoy their benefits by performing extractions with these high-yielding varieties . Moxie Seeds offers both feminized and regular genetics with, for example: Viper City OG XIII , a lemony kush strain; Snake Venom that allows us to enjoy the many qualities of the famous Gorilla Glue #4 in the form of feminized seeds; or Goji Cake available as regular seeds, to make a selection of a creamy OG. Buy Moxie Seeds There are 9 products in the category Moxie Seeds. Super Goji Haze by Moxie Seeds is a potent hybrid between Goji OG and the renowned Super Lemon Haze. Its intense and distinctive aroma is a true delight for lovers of fruity flavours, who can find it now in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of regular cannabis [. ] 12 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Lemon Goji OG - Moxie Seeds. Moxie Seeds present here their Lemon Goji OG, a hybrid developed to provide Bodhi's Goji OG with a more vigorous growth and make it an easier to grow strain without losing any of its characteristic traits. ] 12 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Viper City O.G XIII - Moxie Seeds. Alchimia presents here Viper City OG XIII by Moxie Seeds, a feminised cannabis strain with kush and lemony flavour created by backcrossing the Viper City OG and Lemon OG. In this way, the Viper City OG female was pollinated with the Lemon OG male to [. ] 6 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Lemonade Haze - Moxie Seeds. Lemonade Haze, developed by Moxie Seeds, is a mostly Sativa hybrid with intense lemony scent, a combination between two of the best Lemon strains currently available. Find it now ni Alchimiaweb's catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. ] 6 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Viper Haze - Moxie Seeds.

Alchimia presents Moxie Seeds' Viper Haze, an Indica-Sativa hybrid that produces large yields of resin-coated, terpene-rich buds, giving off a fruity aroma dominated by lemon. A cross of Grape Kush x Super Lemon Haze, Viper Haze is a vigorously grow [. ] 6 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Lemon O.G - Moxie Seeds. Moxie Seeds invites you to delve into their catalogue of cannabis genetics to discover Lemon O.G, now available in our online feminised seed store at Alchimiaweb. Lemon O.G is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow and displays vigorous grow [. Alchimiaweb invites you to discover Viper Cookies, a mostly Indica feminised strain with amazing flavour. Developed by Moxie Seeds, it's a hybrid between Moxie's flagship OG strain (Viper City OG) and the renowned Forum Cookies cut. ] 6 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Snake Venom - Moxie Seeds.

Alchimiaweb invites you to discover the one and only Snake Venom, a cannabis strain developed by Moxie Seeds by crossing the famous Gorilla Glue and Viper City. Now available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of feminised seeds. ] 6 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ Goji Cake - Moxie Seeds. Goji Cake is a strain developed by Moxie Seeds by crossing two unique cannabis genetics, Goji OG by Bodhi Seeds and Jesus OG by TGA Subcool.


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