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Try adding some nutrients and supplements like bat guano around the roots and watering it in. Go light on the nitrogen and look for plant foods with phosphorous and potassium. These nutrients will help you get the greatest yield from your plants. Where it is crucial to keep your plants wet in summer, it is equally as important to keep your buds dry in fall to prevent bud rot.

Shake the excess moisture from rain off your buds every time you visit your plants. If your plants start rotting, harvest early to prevent further decay. As the leaves fall and colors turn, it is time to harvest your plants. You will want to pick a time when no one else will be out, perhaps early in the morning on a cloudy day. Bring a large, solid color container with you like a 5 gallon bucket that seals up to prevent anyone from smelling or seeing your plants. Place branches in with the cut end down to keep your buds intact. Once you are in a safe location, you can dry and trim your plants.

Then, you are ready to smoke, vaporize , or even make edibles with your freshly harvested crops and prepare for next year. Hugely popular Cookies weed strains will soon be available in Illinois. Dozens of Cookies strains — including Lemonnade, Runtz and Minntz — are expected to hit shelves in Illinois early next year. Share All sharing options for: Hugely popular Cookies weed strains will soon be available in Illinois. Cookies’ Gelati strain will be available in Illinois early next year. Weed grown by Cookies Enterprises, a California-based brand that has developed some of the country’s hottest strains, will soon be available to Illinois pot smokers. Ascend Wellness, a Massachusetts-based company that operates a cultivation center in Barry and dispensaries in Springfield and Collinsville, announced the partnership in a statement last week. While dozens of Cookies strains — including Lemonnade, Runtz and Minntz — are expected to hit shelves in Illinois early next year, it’s unclear if they will be available when sales kick off on Jan. “Cookies varieties have dominated sales since they came out in California a decade ago,” Abner Kurtin, Ascend’s founder and CEO, said in the statement, which notes that the weed strains are “widely counterfeited” on the black market. Berner, Cookies’ co-founder and chief executive, is a well-known rapper who has used his connections in the music industry to bolster his brand’s reputation. The San Francisco native has collaborated with other stoner rappers like Snoop Dogg, B-Real and Wiz Khalifa, who signed Berner to his Taylor Gang record label in 2012. Cookies is headquartered in California’s Bay Area and has three retail stores in the state, including two in Los Angeles. The company — which first gained notoriety for its namesake strain, a sativa-dominant take on the popular Girl Scout Cookies varietal — has developed a library of over 50 unique types of pot and a range of other products, including vape cartridges, edibles and gel caps. Berner, whose real name is Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., noted that an expansion to Illinois made sense for the brand. And they closely follow Cali’s flower trends,” Berner said. “Taking this step ensures Illinois gets the best genetics and flower out there.” Connect. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get started. Login › The independent voice of Denver since 1977. Marijuana stores aren't known for baked goods, but you might guess otherwise when scanning their menus. Colorful, sugar-coated strains with names like Wedding Cake, Mandarin Cookies, Do-Si-Dos and Gelato are some of Denver's most popular weed varieties, all descending from the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies. Although that strain is nearing a decade old and started going under more simplified aliases — like "GSC" or "Cookies," at several stores after the Girl Scouts of America threatened legal action — Girl Scout Cookies and its descendants have never been more in demand. For better or worse, a lot of tokers now associate potency and a rare sweet, doughy flavor with Cookies and Cake strains. Some dispensaries have taken that notion seriously, stocking their shelves with everything from MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) to Birthday Cake Kush. Here are fourteen Denver-area pot shops that always keep at least a handful of Cookies jars full.

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