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The fact that we consume cannabis and not alcohol (not to knock it, but I’m knocking it) is really the clincher. Alcohol takes you out of yourself and makes you act like someone else. Weed takes you into a journey through your own mind where you find how you really feel. If we are stuck in sex patterns, we smoke and make love for hours, until he says things like, “I feel like I’m breathing through you.” It’s truly magical.

We’re connected like molecules, constantly moving forward and working together to stay sane, happy, and honest. Weed is love, and it is most certainly the thing that keeps us tied together so strongly.” —Adrienne, 32, Cannabis Activist and Writer. You can eat edibles and watch bad movies on your couch. You can simply relax enough to enjoy pure happiness together. And that might just make both of you a lot happier and better to be around. (Photo via The KINDLAND) “My boyfriend and I smoke together on the daily. Our relationship is solid as a rock, and I’ve never experienced this kind of love. Smoke together, stay together.” —Anonymous on Whisper.

Sure, typical old-school-stoner logic says smoking weed will knock you on your ass, but did you know that now, there are so many different (and totally available) strains and products that can make you more focused and even more energetic? Plus, if you ditch the nightly wine for a joint, you won’t wake up pissy, and groggy, and hungover. Think of how much more cool shit you and your partner could do if you were living a hangover-free life? Couples who use cannabis in their everyday life swear their lives are a lot easier and better. That’s because marijuana is proven to activate your endocannabinoid system, which controls your appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. If you find your perfect product or dose, weed can really help you connect with your partner using all of your senses. “Currently single, but I definitely had to initiate a ‘no smoking/consuming during a break up’ years ago. I kept finding myself far too happy/calm when interacting with my ex and later revisited interactions and realized I should’ve been outraged rather than nonchalant. It can give you that perfect amount of f*cks to give. I’ve also noticed certain strains can up your touchy-feely factor, which definitely helps lubricate any romantic situation. I will say, though, that the wrong variety will make me want to slap my best friend; so there’s that if that’s your thing.” —Sunshine Lencho, Lawyer and Cannabis Activist. KINDLAND is a digital publication for lovers of good weed and great stories. Note: Price and availability subject to change without notice. Note: Based on community-supplied data and independent market research. Come home to Sunshine Apartments in San Bernardino, CA. You'll be delighted with a wide selection of amenities and features. The professional leasing staff is available to help you find your ideal place. Give us a call now to talk about renting your new apartment. Sunshine Apartments is located in San Bernardino, California in the 92404 zip code. This apartment community was built in 1984 and has 2 stories with 62 units. Find the place you love… 1420 Pumalo Street, San Bernardino, CA 92404. Amenities Pool Spa Laundry High Speed Internet Available Transportation Parking Controlled Access Semi-Private Entry. Pet Policy Pets Allowed: Cat Max Number of Pets: 0 Max Weight of Pets: N/A Pet Care: Not Available Pets Deposit Min/Max: $0 Pet Monthly Rent Min/Max: $0 One Time Fee: $0. We’ve got your “drug test, how to pass” cliff notes right here. Detoxing for a drug test can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve only got a little bit of time to clean out your system. Because weed can stay in your system far longer than almost any other recreational drug, getting clean urine on the quick can be a sticky subject for marijuana smokers.

Despite weed being legal in nine states across the US, federal bans still require some users to “pee clean” for certain occupations, which seems pretty unfair for a casual user. While it’s by far the least dangerous drug taken recreationally, it can take weeks to completely get out of our bodies, even though it only takes a few hours to stop making us high.

This is all due to how the body processes marijuana, and each individual body processes it a bit differently. Weed is a fat-soluble drug, which means that it binds to fats in our bodies.


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