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One of the first cannabis varieties designed for tough outdoor conditions. Since the early Eighties Holland's Hope seeds have flourished in the Netherlands, raising the standard for Dutch outdoor weed. This strain was named for her ability to finish flowering and produce excellent results in a wet and changeable summer - thus giving hope to Holland’s outdoor growers! She produces solid, heavy buds with a knock-down stone. Plants remain compact by outdoor standards and can produce a remarkable harvest, even in an unremarkable summer. Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds Cool /Cold Average height gain Flowering 50 - 60 days Yield Heavy Yield 90% Indica. “We pick up where you left off.” Part of the Troiano family. We have been a family owned and operated company for nearly 40 years and we know the Northern New England area like the back of our hand.

In that time we have proudly served these communities with exceptional customer service and expertise. Being in the portable restroom and septic pump out business for several decades has made us leading industry experts. We have some insider knowledge to get you answers to some of those common questions. For over four decades, Royal Flush Toilets and Associated Septic provided exceptional service to Northern New England. Now, the two companies have combined to form one family-owned business – Royal Flush. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the same outstanding service you have come to know from both Royal Flush Toilets and Associated Septics. We provide our customers with a clean and pleasant restrooms for a range of outdoor occasions and sites. From sturdy units for onsite construction to luxury trailers with full amenities, we have the ability and expertise to meet your outdoor restroom needs. Troiano has been a family-owned and operated the company for over 40 years. In that time we have proudly provided the communities of northern New England with exceptional customer service and industry expertise through our associated companies Troiano Waste Services and TJ Towing. Considering a Portable Restroom or Septic Services? Feel free to reach out to one of our team members by phone at (207) 799-1980 or by contacting us. No pumping or cranking required Carrying kit 6,000 lb. Fits under low vehicles Safety valve Heavy-duty steel. It’s big, it’s red, and it lifts your vehicle in a matter of minutes. The Torin Big Red Car Jack is a simple scissor jack that’s compact enough to fit under your seats and strong enough to lift a compact SUV. We chose the Torin Big Red Car Jack as the best portable car jack lift because it’s suitable for most vehicles, costs less than a tank of gas, and weighs less than a bag of groceries. A simple car jack like this and an emergency roadside kit can get you out of a spot of roadside trouble. While the Big Red jack does require manual cranking, its oversized base adds stability, making it a little safer to work with when you need to change a tire or work on your vehicle. List Price * Maximum Capacity Maximum Lift Height Jack Weight Jack Type. Torin Big Red Car Jack ROGTZ Pro-Lift Torin Hydraulic LIft Powerbuilt $22.98 $75.99 $39.34 $21.99 $58.99 3,000 lbs. Scissor jack Electric scissor jack Floor jack Bottle jack Bottle jack View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon. Torin Big Red Car Jack : Best Overall | Read Review ROGTZ : Best Electric Car Jack | Read Review Pro-Lift 767 : Best Low Profile | Read Review Torin Hydraulic : Best Heavy Lifter | Read Review Powerbuilt : Best for Off-Roading | Read Review. The Torin Big Red Car Jack is storable, affordable, and powerful.

It fits the price and durability needs for most drivers, making it our pick for the best portable car jack. It’s strong enough to lift your vehicle and weighs only 10 pounds , so it’s small enough to fit in compact rides from Coopers to Corollas. And at about $30, it’s about a third of the cost of other car lifts. Like all scissor jacks, the Big Red jack fits under your vehicle and lifts as you crank the tension rod. Its extra-wide base and heavy-duty steel construction keep the jack and your vehicle stable while you work. This car jack is suitable for vehicles of most heights, so it will work with your low-profile sports car or compact SUV. Its weight capacity is 3,000 pounds , so we don’t recommend it for heavy-duty trucks and large SUVs. Fits low profile and high profile vehicle ASME approved.

Nobody wants to be on the side of the road for long. The ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack takes only a few minutes to set up and doesn’t require cranking or pumping to get back on the road.


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