willies wonder weed

Willies wonder weed

In fact, it is named for the interconnectedness of Wonder, CA (just past Twenty Nine Palms and between three parks/nature reserves) and Williams, OR. Wonder would grow it, then Oregonians would get their hookup at Williams. Williams/Wonder eventually became Willie’s Wonder for short. Per Clackamas Coot, @clackamascoot1 on IG.

Top weed works the best for mental management it truly cures anger this is very important.’s so smooth and works the same everytime..if you find real Williams line bud..

i feel like so very lucky that i was blessed with still 2 williams wonder seeds i have been smoking it since the 80s having been lucky to get the seeds while been ing right at the ssss seed club and bought seeds that are so fucking heavy. goood day people

Also known to those in the know as Williams oregon.. from the famous weed town in southern oregon. williams.. I can’t see how more people don’t know more about this strain considering its one of the best strain’s of all times. the will will the kill kill. been the straight bomb since the 80s and will always be one of the very best. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with it If its the real willys super stinky and tasty with buds that aren’t rock hard but not fluff either.. sacks look huge.. 3 or 4 finger quarters of stinky frosty stoney goodness.. what you think of when you picture kind buds. Picture perfect and bomb as he’ll

Green Vaults strain of Williams Wonder is the best phenotype I’ve found in years. A great staple to smoke for mild insomnia and relaxation.

Many people assume William's Wonder is named after Willie Nelson! This country legend is well known for his liking of marijuana. Whether it is or not still is a mystery, but this strain of marijuana is also a well-known legend. This is a type you must try to really appreciate. It is 100% Indica. …