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In these cases, the potting media would be moist, but the cube may be too dry to support the plant. If this happens, pour about 1 cup of water onto the cube itself. Within two weeks the plant will develop a stronger root system, and this will not be an issue.

For more information about the growing process check out our Cultivation Resources page. Although it sounds complicated, cloning a cannabis plant is a relatively straight forward process. We have put together a guide covering the fundamentals. Cloning means making a copy of a cannabis plant with a cut off piece (“cutting”) from the parent plant. The cutting will then grow roots on its own and will grow into an almost identical plant (“clone”) as the mother plant. Cloning is an easy, fast, and economical way for growers to make new cannabis plants. What’s special about cloning cannabis is that the clone will have the same genetics as the parent.

This means that the new plant will have identical qualities and characteristics. If you take a clone from a female, you will know for sure that the new plant will be female too. If you have a favourite cannabis plant with qualities that you like, such as a great taste, good potency or yield, you can grow dozens of free copies of this plant. Cloning cannabis means that you can preserve your best plants almost indefinitely! THE BEST WAY TO GET CLONES FROM YOUR MARIJUANA PLANTS. Cloning cannabis involves cutting a piece of a plant and giving it the opportunity to grow new roots from its stem. Yet, if you do some reading around on cloning cannabis on the internet, you may find different opinions on the best way to go about it. While some cloning methods may vary, some guidelines apply to all methods. To get you started with cloning right, the first piece of important advice is to always select your best and healthiest plants for cloning. Let’s look at the required steps for cannabis cloning in more detail. A healthy “mother” plant where you want to take clones from A scalpel, razor or sharp scissors Starter cubes (Rockwool cubes, Rapid Rooters) Cloning gel or cloning powder Adequate “mild” light for your clones. A low wattage CFL grow light or a special light for clones and seedlings is ideal High-proof alcohol for disinfecting your tools Optional: Heating mat, mini greenhouse or humidity dome, “pH down” HOW TO TAKE CLONES FROM YOUR CANNABIS PLANT. The first thing to do is assess whether your cannabis is ready to be cloned. A good indication of readiness is when branches of the plant start alternating as they grow. Watch for branches that are not growing from the same spot on the stem, like is the case with younger plants. Once you have a plant that is ready for cloning, you need to clean and disinfect your tools. Know that freshly cut clones are very sensitive to bacteria, microorganisms, and dirt, making clean tools and a clean work-area is essential for cloning success. Read the instructions for your rapid rooters or starter cubes. Soak the starter cubes in water for several minutes before use. Rockwool cubes normally have a rather high pH, and this is why it is recommended that you soak them in water that you brought down to a pH of 4-4.5pH. The best location on a plant to take a cutting is where there is new branching with a new top. You need to cut a little below this new growth at a 45-degree angle. Where you take the cutting from your plant matters. You can take cuts from any plant location, but new growth in the lower half of the mother plant will grow roots faster than cuttings taken from the top.

As soon as you cut the cannabis clone, put it in a glass of water.

This helps to prevent air bubbles from getting into the stem.


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