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Rotten food is not recommended all of the food we are talking about is ripe. Rotten food turns to mush and can fall apart extremely easily. This can ruin any piece so use food that is hard or ripe. Use sturdy materials to smoke out of so they do not fall apart and run the risk of having your hot herb spread a flame onto something else.

10 Homemade Bongs & Hand Pipes You Can Make With Household Items. If you do not have a piece to smoke out of you will have to make due with what you have around you. Making your own smoking device can be a fun and creative way to enjoy your herb smoking experience. When it comes to making smoking devices from scratch, the two main types of items to make them out of are: Both can be equally enjoyable and easy to make if done right. With these household items, you can make some surprisingly cheap and high-quality bongs, bowls, and other smoking devices. Let’s dive into our step by step guide to making your very own herb smoking devices from home! Apples are great to turn into smoking devices because they taste great and are easy to cut into.

I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t almost fall in love with the first Stoner chick I saw make a bowl out of an apple in about 3 minutes back in my party days. I figured it would be cool to learn how to make one, and give me a reason to talk to here/smoke with her. Step 1: Find a ripe apple and stab a pencil size object through the top down to the middle but not all the way through. Step 2: Take that same pencil and poke a hole in the side of the apple that is perpendicular to the first hole you made. Do not poke this hole all the way through the apple either. These two hole should meet in the middle of the apple. Step 3: Blow through the holes to make sure they are intertwining as well as to clear any excess apple bits clogging the path up. Step 4: Make a third hole in another side of the apple that connects to both pathways. This hole will act like a rush to make sure it’s in a good spot that your finger can reach while you hit it. Step 5: Shave off the edge of the top hole to make it bowl-shaped and place your flower in the carved out area. Step 6: Light the herb and enjoy the fruity taste in every hit! This is the easiest way to create a do it yourself smoking device. It can also be done with other fruits and vegetables that are sturdy like POTatoes, cucumbers, and even pomegranates. Although candy may not be great nutritionally speaking, it can be a great household object to turn into a high-quality handmade hand pipe. If you like sweets, then try out this amazing homemade herb pipe. Honestly, whoever came up with this was already extremely stoned, or just down on their luck. Either way, you should be prepared for an absolute mess while making this homemade hand pipe. However, it is worth it when you hit something that tastes like a fruit salad. Step 1: Take a pack of Starburst and unwrap each individual starburst. Step 2: Stack all the Starburst together in the packet besides two. Step 3: Stab a skewer through the connected Starburst in order to keep them together. Stab it all the way through to the other side to create a rush hole at the end.

Step 4: Stack the two leftover Starburst on top of the lined up Starburst. Step 5: Poke a hole from the top two Starburst down to the hole originally made from the skewer. Step 6: Shape the bowl so it can hold the amount of herb you want to use in the top two Starburst. Step 7: The Starburst can also be mashed together and shaped as if it were clay. If you are having a tough time creating this form of the Starburst pipe than soften up the Starburst by heating them up in the microwave for a few seconds and shape them into a regular bowl.

This may be a bit messy and sticky, but in the end, it is a pretty creative and cool way to smoke. Pumpkins may not be the most common household item but since fall is approaching they may be common to come across. Because of their various shapes and sizes when compared with other foods, pumpkins are great for making homemade smoking devices.


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