white widow max

White Widow Max


It seems the idea behind creating White Widow Max seeds was to take a classic and High Times Cannabis Cup winner like White Widow, and increase its yield and potency. How it was done has never been revealed. One thing’s for sure, this strain really lives up to the “Max” suffix, producing better quality and more consistent buds than the original.

The White Widow Max strain has a bold and complex aroma and flavour that combines the tastes of smooth earth, flowers, and a hint of pine. The buzz is a bit of creeper that leaves you with a nice and relaxing full body stone, accompanied by gentle uplifting cerebral affects; ideal for staying in with a movie or your favourite music. Medicinally, this weed is good for patients who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, depression and insomnia.

White Widow Max seeds grow into stunning looking plants that range between 80 and 130 centimetres in height, making them a great choice if space is an issue. The plant produces large picturesque crystalline buds with minimal side branches. The THC levels have been tested and measured consistently over 20%.

Indoors, this strain is the perfect candidate for the SOG set up, really maximising its yield potential. The plants also respond well to some light training through LST. Although you’ll be more than satisfied with the results if you choose to grow it in soil, it really does bloom in a hydroponic set up, generating yields of 550 grams per square meter that come within an eight to ten week flowering period.

Outdoors, you can plant it in harsher northern climates as long as they are provided decent levels of sun light. The plants are resistant to disease, stay short and sturdy and will be ready for harvest late September or early October.

Its huge, dense buds and astonishing bag appeal are just a couple reasons why you should consider the White Widow Max strain. When you put these qualities alongside its complex flavour and ease of growth, you get an ideal strain for both experienced smokers and beginner growers.

White Widow Max is like its Cannabis Cup winning predecessor but stronger, better yielding and more consistent. Novice smokers should approach with care.

White Widow MAX Marijuana Seeds
Feminized and Regular

White Widow MAX is one of our highest quality selections from the “white” family. The fat pure indica father gives White Widow MAX a denser statue than its close relative, White Widow. This F1 hybrid is a big yielder with dense sticky buds covered in trichomes. Well suited for hydro or similar systems. Great smooth taste and a powerful indica stone make this strain a nice Widow variation.

Plant Type:

White Widow Max bud, a nice Widow variation best for hydro or similar systems. Powerful indica stone.

White Widow MAX Marijuana Seeds: Cannabis Cup and Awards

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