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Kief, also called crystal or pollen, is a fine powder made from the trichomes (dried resin glands) found on the leaves of the cannabis plant. It’s certainly easier than growing your own bud or making your own honey oil. All you need to collect your own kief is a grinder with a kief catcher at the bottom.

Simply place your buds in the topmost chamber and begin to grind. The loose kief continues to fall through this screen to the next compartment where it can be stored. Some even put a small coin in the herb collection chamber where it can be used as an agitator to further separate the kief from the ground bud. After you’ve finished grinding, be sure to tap the grinder against a flat surface (like the table) to force the last of the loose kief through the screen into the final compartment. As you can see, producing the three components that go into making moon rock weed can be a bit labor intensive. Your best bet is to purchase the already-made product at your local dispensary and just enjoy the effects. If you want a bit more control over what you consume, we suggest buying the three components from a trusted source and then cooking up your own batch of moon rock weed.

The process for making moon rock weed is really quite simple. Here’s what you’ll need to get started: Your favorite whole bud Kief Honey oil Eyedropper or small brush Tweezers. First, break off a small piece of bud from the larger whole. Holding this piece and manipulating it with the tweezers makes the whole process easier. Next, cover the piece of bud with honey oil using the eyedropper or small brush. Make sure you cover the whole piece of bud but don’t saturate it. Finally, roll the oil-covered bud in kief until it’s completely coated. Repeat this process with all your bud, honey oil, and kief. Just three simple steps to making a completely new cannabis experience. And when you think about it, the combinations you can create are literally endless. But how do you use moon rock weed once the nuggets are all dry? What Are Weed Firecracker Edibles & How to Make Them? If you have never tried a marijuana edible , you are missing out! As well as tasting delicious, you benefit from consistent dosing. As long as you carefully measure the amount of weed you put into a batch, you’ll know how much THC is in each brownie, for example. With edibles, you can microdose and enjoy the high for several hours. When using edibles, please remember that they can take up to two hours to affect you, and the high could last for up to six hours! The high is usually a little different to when you vape or smoke weed, insofar as edibles have a more sedative effect. You can carry your edibles anywhere, and no one will be any the wiser! One downside associated with edibles is the level of skill involved and the time required to make them. Remember, the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in your weed are only activated when they have been decarboxylated . This happens automatically when you smoke or vape due to the heat applied, but as far as edibles are concerned, you have to place your weed in the oven first. The above can be off-putting, but thankfully, the firecracker is here to save the day! All you need to create fantastic edibles is an oven, weed, peanut butter (or another spread of your choice), foil, and a box of crackers. The entire process takes just 30 minutes, and you’ll be able to sit on your backside for most of that time! Here is how you make weed firecrackers the right way! Choose Your Strain & Get Your Firecracker Ingredients Together.

The first thing to consider is the marijuana strain you want to choose.

For example, Harlequin offers a nice and even CBD to THC ratio which is ideal for medical use. If you are looking to get baked, Super Lemon Haze is an excellent option due to its high THC content. If your goal is relaxation, ACDC is a solid choice as it has far more CBD than THC. The amount of weed you use depends on your tolerance.


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