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Asking most old school growers for a short list of popular OG Kush phenotypes would likely garner something along the lines of: OG LA Affie (used to create LA Confidential), Ghost OG, SFV OG, Triangle OG, and Louis XIII. Point being, the King Louis strain has been a favorite of OG Kush connoisseurs for decades. It should be noted that each phenotype of OG Kush will affect patients differently. Even further, the environment in which a plant is grown can play a major role in determining the effects of a given batch of cannabis. Medical Jane is working with breeders, farmers, and lab testing facilities to collect detailed information on these interactions and what they mean for cannabis community as a whole.

After crossing paths with this strain a number of times, I would have to say that the Louis XIII is one of the more potent OG Kush phenotypes that comes to mind. It often has an extremely piney aroma with a slight under-tone of berries that will make any OG-lover salivate when grown in the right environment. “With just one pack of a bubbler any minor pain and built-up stress evaporated away.” With just one pack of in the VapeExhale vaporizer and any minor pain / built-up stress evaporated away. The dense buds in our batch of Louis XIII suggest it was well-grown, looking like freshly cut evergreen trees. Even better, they were densely coated in bright white trichomes and have an abundance of orange hairs to give it personality. Although Louis XIII is classified as a heavy Hybrid, the immediate results are similar to that of an uplifting Sativa, producing a significant head-rush. It then tends to become zone-inducing, with a noticeable body buzz becoming more noticeable as time continues to pass. This strain was most helpful when attempting to battle insomnia. Not only did it help me fall asleep faster, but I seemed to wake up feeling much more well-rested. It may also be beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, or muscle spasms.

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLAIMER - These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Black Domina is an Indica type weed created by hybridising four strains; Afghani, Ortega, Northern Lights and Hash Plant. Specially created for indoor growing, it was first grown in the Netherlands. High in THC, the Black Domina strain gives a fast and heavy high that will leave you lying on the couch and can tend towards the overpowering, so it’s probably best as an evening hit. The buds have somewhat hash-like smell and the taste can be described as spicy, even peppery, with some berry undertones. Medical dispensaries recommend it to help with nausea, sleeping problems and pain. This compact plant is short in height, attaining between 100 and 130 centimetres. A fat central cola dominates with a profusion of heavy, dark coloured buds covered in sticky resin. The leaves grow broad and dark green, and the buds darken and harden as they mature. Black Domina seeds are best grown indoors where they respond well to a hydro system coupled with the SOG method. Flowering time is seven to eight weeks and growers can expect a harvest of up to 400 grams per square metre. Outdoor growing is not recommended for this strain. Black Domina is popular with commercial and domestic growers who appreciate its easy indoor cultivation, decent yields and potent effects. It’s even suitable for novices who are making their first foray into growing indoors with lights and hydro. Now that medicinal marijuana is legal in approximately two-thirds of states , the race is on to find the best strains to ease pain, improve sleep, and elevate mood. With Black Domina, Sensi Seeds has developed a marijuana strain capable of dominating your senses and overpowering your body. Described as being a wonderful ‘assault’ on the senses, Black Domina is a strain that takes no prisoners. Although a lot of breeders tend to play it safe and experiment with two or three strains, Sensi Seeds is no ordinary breeder. The world-renowned organization created Black Domina from no fewer than four strains: Ortega, Hash Plant, Northern Lights , and Afghani SA. As a result of its colorful heritage, this strain’s THC content varies significantly from 12% to 24%. Therefore, the Black Domina seeds you purchase belong to a strain with pure Afghan genetics which of course originated in the legendary Hindu Kush mountains. This strain will ultimately develop into a small or medium-sized plant with elongated leaves. As it allows you to grow a significant number of plants in an enclosed space, Black Domina is a popular choice amongst commercial breeders. Marijuana aficionados certainly enjoy watching Black Domina grow. Its thick and dense nugs feature a deep purple hue which makes the strain appear black at a glance.

There is also red ‘hair’ that covers the trichomes. You will enjoy this strain’s gorgeous scent during the flowering stage when it offers a nutty and earthy aroma with a hint of citrus. Black Domina is not designed for users who enjoy a sweet taste. Instead, it has a smoky and spicy taste that may cause you to think there is also hashish in the bowl or joint. Sensi Seeds specifically developed this strain for indoor growing using a hydroponics set up. Black Domina is an adaptable strain and responds especially well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, a form of growing weed that forces early flowering. It is possible to enjoy a bountiful yield of Black Domina with a vegetative stage of just two weeks! SOG involves changing the light schedule to a 12/12 setup (12 hours of light, 12 hours of continuous darkness each day).

It enables you to fit more plants in an enclosed space. Although the yield of each plant will be smaller, the overall yield will increase .


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