where to buy seeds nyc

Where to buy seeds nyc

Part of your problem is that you are looking for seeds “out of season” — seeds do expire after a few months, so they are only stocked in spring. Most seeds are much easier to come by in the spring.

You can Google “NYC garden centers” or go to your closest Home Depot. Also try to find a community garden or gardening club in your area — one of the gardeners may have some leftover seeds.

If you can’t find anything in time, try these two things. One, buy some sunflower seeds that are meant for bird feeders — with the shells, not grocery ones, which are salted. Plant them and hope they will grow; a good many will.

Second and more labor-intensive: buy a bunch of tomatoes (grape tomatoes or plum tomatoes may work best). Cut them open, and spread the seeds (gel sacs and all) on paper towels. Let them dry; the seeds will stay on the paper. Do this so you have enough to cut little paper squares to make about 60 little pieces with a few seeds stuck to each. When it comes time to plant, wet each individual piece of paper and plant the paper in the dirt. You should have seedlings in a few weeks.

I don’t know if these plants will produce fruit or not (it depends on if the original tomatoes were hybrids and other genetic blahblahblah), but I have grown healthy, leafy plants this way.

Hello fellow new yorkers! I have come across a problem that I never thought would be possible. I can’t find something in NYC. Who would have thought?? So I’m doing an activity at work for which I need flower or plant seeds (to plant in a plastic cup for about 50 people). Amazing enough this is…