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Also, a quick tip for those growing in soil: Add a spoonful of blackstrap molasses to your water near the end of the flowering stage to boost flavor and fatten up your buds. The process of marijuana plant ‘training’ involves bending or slightly damaging your plants. This will help them to grow flat and wide, rather than tall and thin.

There are many High-Stress Training (HST) techniques designed for this very purpose. Super cropping consists of bending branches with firm pressure until you hear a slight snap. If you break the skin, tape it up with special masking tape. If you are concerned about shocking your Purple Haze crop and inhibiting growth, then try Low-Stress Training (LST). It consists of bending stems gently and tying them in place to alter the plant’s shape. Bend the stem away from the center of the plant towards the side.

If you feel confident, you can then bend the main stem in a circle around the plant. When you do it correctly, numerous lower growth tips will rise to become colas with fat buds. Overall, Low-Stress Training helps you get bigger yields in your Purple Haze grow without having to change your setup. You have total control over the shape, height, and size of your plants. Your plants produce several large buds rather than a large bud supported by multiple small ones. If you grow Purple Haze indoors, you’ll need to invest in the right grow lights. If you don’t, your plants won’t achieve the desired yield and potency. Cannabis plants capture energy from light and utilize it to grow larger buds. As a result, it is tempting to overdo it and give your plants ‘light burn’. Fluorescent grow lights such as CFLs and T5s are good options because they’re unlikely to overload your plants. If you use powerful lights such as LECs, LEDs, or HPS, be wary because they can damage your plants. The key is to position your lights in a spot where they provide maximum benefit. Although more light means typically higher yields, there comes a point where the law of diminishing returns comes into play. Let’s briefly show the right distance for each type of grow light. Type of Grow Light Description Fluorescent You can go wild with T5s and CFLs because they normally can’t produce enough light to cause lightburn. One quick tip is to place your hand where your plants will be in relation to the light. If your hand doesn’t feel too hot after 30 seconds, it’s a good distance for your precious crop LED Be careful not to place these powerful lights too close to your crop. If you have 1W bulbs, make sure they are 12 inches or more from the plants. 3-5W bulbs should be kept 18 inches away, while 300W+ bulbs should be at least 30 inches away LEC & CMH Light Emitting Ceramic and Ceramic Metal Halide lights are also powerful. You’ll only find 315W and 630W versions of LEC lights, and 400W, 600W, and1000W CMHs. As a rule of thumb, keep LEC 315W bulbs 18+ inches away, and ensure 630W lights are 24+ inches from your plants HPS & Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lights are among the most commonly used. The latter lights are ideal for the vegetative stage, while you can try HPS in flowering. While Metal Halide lights encourage short and squat plants, and HPS lights boost vertical growth and large buds, you should keep both types of lights approximately the same distance from your plants. DISTANCE TO KEEP MARIJUANA PLANTS FROM LIGHT SOURCE (BASED ON WATTAGE OUTPUT) Wattage Output (W) Distance to Keep Plants (Inches) 150W 8-12 in. We recommend investing in a Lux Meter, as it does a fantastic job of measuring levels of brightness. This isn’t perfect, because ‘lux’ is a measure of how we see the light, not how your plants perceive it.

This type of meter is accurate enough for indoor growing no matter what kind of grow lights you’re using. One possible exception is LED lighting because of its unique color spectrum.

In the vegetative stage, you need the minimum reading to be 15,000 lux. 40,000 is considered ‘optimal,’ and you should not go above 70,000. During the flowering stage, the minimum is 35,000 lux.


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