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Nothing servived both times the taproots didnt servive. Most seeds, especially those of tender annuals, require moisture and warm temperatures to germinate. By starting your seeds indoors, you can get them going despite the coastal winds and cooler nighttime temperatures of the Bay Area's early spring. Essentially an inexpensive plastic cover, a humidity dome, helps maintain ideal humidity and temperature levels in the tray to maximize seed germination. Fill each cell in a seed-starting tray with a lightly moistened soil-less potting medium or a homemade mixture of equal parts peat moss, sand and loam.

Spray the surface of the tray with water and allow the potting mixture to settle, adding more if necessary until the cells are nearly full. Plant three seeds per cell four times as deep as they are wide, or according to the seed packet directions. Label each tray or group of cells with the date and type of seed using small strips of white plastic and a permanent marker. Place the tray on a heating mat or on top of a refrigerator or water heater in an area of your home free from drafts or drastic temperature fluctuations. Check for germination daily according to the day range indicated on the seed packet. Remove the humidity dome as soon as the seeds sprout. Snip off two of the three seedlings in each cell once they've developed their first set of true leaves, leaving the healthiest seedling to continue growing. Make the cut with sharp scissors at the base of the stem.

If you’re tired of smoking cannabis the same way and want to try to do something creative to make it even more enjoyable, you should try playing some weed smoking games. There are plenty of weed smoking games you can play and this article will give you some great ones you can choose from. Why not just get a bong or joint and enjoy it without all this? You could very well do without these games, but they make the experience fun. Better yet, they can help a group to bond together and learn more about each other. It also can make the experience of smoking a joint or using a bong even more rewarding when you know you’ve won a game or competition. If you’re on the search for some great weed smoking games to try, you can check out these types below. While this is often a fun drinking game, you can change it up. Instead of drinking shots, you can instead smoke some weed if you answer a question positively. To play this game you need to have at least 3-4 players. You all can sit together and then go around and say something to complete the phrase “never have I ever…” Your imagination can soar with what you want to ask and you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. As you go around saying the phrase, whoever answers positively to it gets a smoke. So, for instance, if you say “never have I ever gone paddleboarding” and someone in your group says they have, they get a smoke. If you’re having trouble coming up with some ideas to use with this game, you can ask questions like: Never have I ever cheated on an exam Never have I ever passed the speed limit Never have I ever flown on a plane Never have I ever lied about my age Never have I ever wrongly texted someone Never have I ever gone skinny dipping. You can pick out a song or movie and come up with a word that might be said in it. Every time that word is said in it, you get a smoke. If you do this game with others, make sure they all have their own smoking device or the game won’t be able to be played correctly. If you’re looking for some songs and movies to use for this game here’s a list of a few options you can use: Jammin (a popular song to use by Bob Marley) Up in Smoke Clerks How High Joint Pineapple Express Dazed and Confused. For words, you can use typical weed terms and cannabis equipment or come up with your own unique word to smoke to. You can even change it up and instead smoking to a certain word in a movie or song you can smoke every time you see a certain object. For instance, every time a movie shows a car, take a smoke. If you’re looking for an interactive game, this is a cool choice to try. To play this game you’ll need to have a group of at least 4-5 people. You all need to gather in a circle and then look at the ground for a few seconds. After a few seconds someone can call out “Medusa” or count up to a certain number. Once they do, you all quickly look up at a certain person in the group.

If the person you’re looking at is also looking at you, you won the round and you both get a smoke. A variation of the popular beer bong, bong pong works the same way but with an emphasis on weed. Line up a table with cups and fill a few with weed. You can then bounce a ping pong ball at the opposite end of the table and try to get it into the one with the cannabis. If the ping pong ball goes into the cup with the weed, you can take it and smoke it. You can gather a group of people and play charades for this smoking game. You can act out various people, places, and things and the group who gets the most correct guesses gets to have a smoke. Penguin Sloth Tiger Eagle Elephant Kangaroo Turtle.

Forrest Gump Strangers on a Train Lord of the Rings Kung Fu Panda Finding Nemo.


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