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The powerful Indica dominant marijuana that’s alluring in terms of physical appearance and effectiveness. There is magic behind cultivating a prestigious weed such as; OG Kush. However, you need to have the right knowledge so that you can get high yields. This article provides you with some of the essential tips of growing OG Kush marijuana.

OG Kush plant is an Indica dominant weed whose parents are claimed to be the Old-World Paki-Kush and Chiding marijuana strain. It’s a strong Indica hybrid that is known for its intense highs and sedative effects that last for long. This is a quality weed which can be used by patients for medicinal purposes or stoners for entertainment. With an attractive scent and an earthy flavor, OG Kush has everything that you need in a Kush. It’s an alluring plant that will catch your attention at first sighting. The Indica dominant Kush has sedative effects and it’s normally used to treat conditions such as sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, PTSD, among others. Its calming effect is the reason why it’s used for recreational purposes.

Although it has some CBD Content, most users usually end up experiencing the effects of THC. It potent effects normally send stoners in the world of euphoria and it creates a unique “high” feeling. If you are struggling emotionally, OG Kush helps to uplift moods. It stimulates your mental faculties leading to better mental well-being. Generally, this is a great Kush for improved performance output, reduced symptoms of illness, and relaxing entertainment. OG Kush is a weed that is susceptible to various diseases. Additionally, it normally forms a canopy hence it needs trimming. If you are looking forward to cultivating this marijuana, outlined below are some of the most important tips on how to grow Kush. Growing OG Kush indoors or even outdoors is possible. Most people love indoor spaces because of high yields, fewer infections, and better security. On average, this weed produces about 18-19 ounces per plant when it’s grown indoors. The Indica dominant strain can produce around 16-17 ounces in an outdoor environment. OG Kush flowering time indoors is eight weeks with harvesting being done during the first week of October. This is one of the best growing mediums for marijuana. OG Kush normally thrives and deliver high yields in warmer climates like the Asian Steppes. However, the current modern era means that technologically advanced equipment such as the hydroponics system can be effective. This growing medium has inert properties which make it effective. You will need to add nutrients to this system so that your plants can thrive. You need to feed all your plants so that they can produce high yields. If you are growing them indoors, you need to feed them with these 3 essential minerals: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Although these minerals are important, you need to amplify their effect by also ensuring that the growing medium has sulfur, calcium, and magnesium. All these help the plants to grow strong, improve the structure and eliminate the risk of stress. If there is a deficiency in one mineral, your plants will not flourish. Additionally, the Kush might end up with symptoms such as very small leaves, curled tips, dead spots, crinkling, and stunted growth. Generally, a nutrient deficiency will make the marijuana weak and hollow or even lead to rot. OG Kush plant is usually susceptible to bud rot & powdery mildew conditions. If you are a first- time grower, you need to understand that bud rot is a type of mold that affects the stems of the bud. It normally occurs if the growing environment is very humid with poor ventilation. If you notice that a plant is infected with bud rot, remove it from the rest.

Powdery mildew can be easily spotted because it simply makes the leaves or the branches have a white powder. Farmers should be aware that powdery mildew usually spreads very fast and it might end up affecting the buds. You can use compost tea or organic fungicides to treat powdery mildew. Additionally, ensure that you prune your plants so that there is sufficient airflow. In case your marijuana is ready for harvest, you can sterilize them using a solution of water and 0.3.


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