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Hemper Box: Is CBD Worth Subscribing For in 2019?

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift is always difficult. You would like to get something that they will not only enjoy but something they will actually use as well. We all have too many pairs of socks and coffee mugs littering up our house already.

With this in mind, if you have a lover of weed that cherishes smoking or partaking in this habit in other ways, you might have stumbled upon the best gift they will receive this year.

About Hemper Box

Hemper is an innovative company that specializes in innovating, designing, and developing unique smoking accessories for those that enjoy their pot. Plus, they offer these products at amazing discounts than what you would otherwise find in stores.

What’s in the Hemper Box?

With subscription services being offered by more and more companies, it was only a matter of time before someone in the pot industry joined the trend and started offering their own items.

The Hemper Box is a monthly subscription package that will arrive on your doorstep every month (or can be arranged to arrive every other month) packed with unique items that you can use with your love of cannabis.

And if you aren’t quite ready to announce to the world that you love your pot, all boxes will arrive in discreet boxes that will not attract attention. Privacy is something The Hemper company takes very seriously.

Plus, the shipping costs are extremely low. Depending upon the size of The Hemper Box you want to be delivered every month, it could cost you anywhere between one and three dollars. It really is quite the deal since it will save you from having to jump in your car and take time out of your busy day to hunt down all the pot accessories you are after.

But if you are considering ordering The Hemper Box and having it shipped out of the United States, you will have to pay a bit more.

Curated Cannabis Accessories

So what exactly are some of the items that you can look forward to every month in The Hemper Box? It is always a bit of a mystery, but you can count on a few key things. Hemper works with quality brands and products that you will cherish receiving every month.

You may receive anything from the basic essentials, odor control items, cool storage containers for your pot, cleaning and maintenance items, glass filters for smoking, ashtrays, grinders, and rolling trays.

High-Quality Glass

If you enjoy a toke every now and then, you know that having high-quality glass to smoke with makes it even more special. The Hemper Box contains these glass pieces that true stoners really love.

These aren’t fragile little pieces that you are scared to hold on to either. They are built to last for a long time.

Celebrity Collaborations

With the legal pot world gaining more and more members by the day, The Hemper Company is collaborating with some well-known weed smoking celebrities.

These people know their stuff, so for them to jump on The Hemper Box, it carries its weight in gold. Celebrities like Cyprus Hill, 2Chains, Silenced Hippie, and Strain Central are all lovers of the product.

November 2018 Hemper Box

The box for November 2018 included an array of smoking accessories that any smoker will find appealing.

Hemper Apple Bong

The custom bong that comes in the November Hember Box features an apple percolator that has 6 diffusion slits at the base, a straight neck, and a matching colored ground joint.

Hemper Perforated Filter Tips (50 CT)

These perforated filter tips are a fast, and easy way to add a filtering solution for your rolling needs. The tips have predefined folding lines. The lines make it easy to set up the filter with the classic ‘W’ shape that prevents any loose leaf from being inhaled.

Hemper UV Protective Smell Proof Jar

The best way to keep your cannabis as fresh as possible. There are two things that make your weed age faster, light and humidity. This UV coated smell proff jar handles that with ease.

Assorted High Hemp Wraps

High Hemp wraps are made of pure hemp and are free of tobacco and nicotine. Additionally, they are sourced from non-GMO plants and are vegan.

Original Cones

Original cones offer one of the simplest ways to roll a joint. All you have to do is pack the pre-rolled joint with your preferred herb. The cones include a poking straw that aids and ensures a perfect pack. Additionally, the cones use natural products and aren’t bleached or made with processed paper.

Raw Clipper Lighter

The Raw lighter is a step-up from your typical lighters. This lighter is designed to be used to pat down bowls, it’s refillable, and has a removable flint attachment that can be used as a poking tool for rolling or packing cones or blunts.

Other Accessories

Some other accessories the November Hemper Box included were:

  • Hemper Glass Pad
  • 3 Hemper Smell Proof Bags
  • 2 Limited Edition Fall Hemper Slap Stickers

Hemper Products

Listed below are just some of the items you can look forward to from your Hemper Box every month. It’s almost like Christmas coming early and often.


If you have been smoking pot for only even a few months, you have probably singled out your favorite bong. As bongs continue to evolve, however, into state of the art designs, you are bound to come away with a few more favorites in your Hemper Box.

Dab Rigs

Have you ever looked at a friend’s dab rig as you are smoking and become a bit jealous? The Hemper Box will offer a high-quality glass oil rig that won’t crack or lose heat. Plus, it comes in different colors and styles. You can use them with your pot or even your essential oils if you are into that sort of thing.

Smoking Accessories

When you first started smoking weed, you probably didn’t realize how many accessories are involved with it. But don’t worry. The Hemper Box has you covered with hemp wraps, lighters, and everything else you will need to enjoy your “hobby”.


Some people think all vaporizers are created equal. However, this is far from the case. A good weed vaporizer will heat the marijuana, herbs, concentrate, or whatever else until it is absolutely perfect for you.

It converts them into vapor and allows you to enjoy them without the need for a smoke.

Dab Nails & Tools

If you aren’t familiar with dabs, you might want to look into it more. It is a popular way of consuming marijuana concentrates without the need for smoking or vaporizing. It is good for taking in a heavy dose of active ingredients but using less of the product.
The Hemper Box will introduce you to these items and they soon may totally replace your vaporizer and bong.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your supplies is not the most fun, but if you fail to do so, the smell and bacteria can get pretty bad. Not sure of what to use to clean everything? Rely on The Hemper Box to guide you to the path of cleanliness.

Rolling Papers & Wraps

If you enjoy smoking weed the old fashion way, you will be pleased to know that The Hemper Box has quality rolling papers and wraps that will enable you to keep smoking pot the way you always have.

Hemper Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

It is always good to hear what people have to say about a product or service when they are not being financially compensated for their thoughts. Here are some reviews that could get you off the fence about whether or not you should order The Hemper Box.

Here is part of a review on The Hemper Box from website Hail Mary Jane:

From the International High Life website:

The Benefits Of Hemper Box Subscription

If you are after an even better deal on The Hemper Box, a Hemper discount code can be found on their site to get you an unbelievable bargain. It is hard to believe it could get better than an all in one kit that has all of the pot supplies that you will need.

Plus, at the discounted rate and having it show up at your house every month, it is too good of a deal not to pursue. If this isn’t right for you, then it probably is perfect for someone you have in your life. It is the perfect gift for the hard to shop for stoner in your life!

Hemper is an innovative company that specializes in innovating, designing, and developing unique smoking accessories for those that enjoy their pot.