what strain is grease monkey

Grease Monkey Strain Review

This amazing strain will instantly reach your top list after the first try. If you are into exotics and love sweet cookie taste, this is definitely one to try. The high is heavy and will take your pain and anxiety away. Yet, this fabulous plant will leave you inspired.

History Of The Greasy Monkey Strain

Greasy Monkey stormed the market as soon as the Exotic Genetix introduced it to the public. This company is known for developing two other quality strains – the Kimbo Kush and the Starfighter. So, anyone was sure that the successor would be even better than the previous strains. It’s a 70% Indica dominant plant with only 30% of Sativa. It contains an insanely high level of THC that can reach 30%. Although some plants have lover concentrations that don’t exceed 23%.

How was the Grease Monkey strain developed?

It was developed by Exotic Genetix. This Grease Monkey strain was made by crossing the Gorilla Glue #4 and the Cookies & Cream.

Grease Monkey lineage:

Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies & Cream

Grease Monkey Weed Effects

The Grease Monkey has a smooth hit that makes you feel calm and high. The Sativa properties give users a mental high effect which is just right for an afternoon burst of creativity. The strain is an effective stress reliever that improves the mood taking smokers into a state of euphoria. Grease Monkey is good to get ready to sleep: starting with a smooth head high that spreads down to the body. Imagine that you are covered with a warm blanket – that’s the feeling you are going to experience after smoking Grease Monkey.

Medical Appointments Of The Grease Monkey Strain

This strain is used by individuals who suffer from nausea and chronic pain as well as people who want a little mood booster. Having troubles with mood swings or lack the appetite? It will help. This strain can make you sleepy, so many people use it to battle their insomnia issues.

Some other medical conditions:

  • headaches
  • inflammation
  • migraines
  • stress.

Its primary use in medicine is related to mental health conditions. Basically it’s able to completely calm the mind after a long and stressful day at work.

Negatives Of The Grease Monkey Strain

Grease Monkey has several side effects:

  • dry mouth – 24%
  • dry eyes – 12%
  • dizziness – 3%
  • anxiety – 2%
  • paranoia – 1%

Reasons For Choosing The Grease Monkey Strain

This strain is amazing if you need a mood booster after a hard and stressful day at work. It’s also good if you’re working on a creative project and need some help with your creativity as the mental high really increases it to a great level. It’s able to lock you up to the couch as the high settles so it’s also good for people who are looking to relax and go into a well-deserved sleep. People who are looking to feel happy are also going to love this strain and should definitely choose it. Lastly, people who are suffering from nausea, pain issues, lack of appetite, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression are also going to find this strain to be of great value.

Some other things that are relevant reasons to choose this plant are:


The plant grows quite tall and it has forest green buds with trichomes all around them forming a sticky layer of frost. The flowers are long and the leaves are green with orange pistils.

Smell and aroma

The smell and aroma are extremely noticeable and have a sweet yet skunky tone. It’s hard to go unnoticed when smoking this strain.


The flavor is similar to the smell and aroma with pungent and sugary taste followed by notes of fresh vanilla and gasoline.


Based on a lot of user reviews it is able to help people suffering from nausea, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, migraines and so on.

Who Should Choose The Grease Monkey Strain?

A lot of users reported back that this plant is able to improve a lot of states and chronic conditions so it would mostly benefit those that are having issues with nausea, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, inflammation, headaches, migraines, arthritis, chronic pain, but it’s also popular among users that want to use it recreationally and enjoy a few creative grease monkey hours in the afternoon or a calming evening that allows them to relax from all the daily stress.

Growers Thoughts

The Grease Monkey strain seeds grow tall. Although it’s an Indica dominant plant, it grows like Sativa which makes it a bit hard to cultivate and if you’re just starting out it might pose a big challenge. What makes it very hard is keeping it healthy when it grows very tall as you’ll need to constantly prune and top the plant to encourage it to grow more on the sides. It has great resistance to mold, bacteria, and diseases. If you’re thinking about growing it indoors, make sure that you have a very high ceiling because the plant requires it to produce a great harvest. The smell of the plant is also a little hard to bear and you might need to get some carbon filters so you can cope with it. On the outside, it thrives in a sunny and humid environment.

Overall it’s considered to be quite hard to cultivate but completely worth it because of the high demand on the market and the nice yield it has when it flowers. The grease monkey prices are also great as a grower and you’ll be able to turn some profits in.

How Popular Is It Among Growers?

It’s quite popular among growers because it’s very potent and many people love the effects it has on them. It’s also popular because of the high demand of the grease monkey meaning it can easily be sold and profits would come to the growers.

How To Grow It Yourself?

As we already mentioned, it’s pretty hard to cultivate because of how tall it grows and how much care it needs. The constant need for pruning and topping can be quite daunting and it takes some expertise and experience so if you’re a beginner you’re in for a challenging ride. The plant has great resistances which won’t be your primary concern but if you choose to grow it in an indoor setting you’ll need to implement a carbon filter to be able to cope with the smell that this plant produces. The plants need a humid and sunny environment to flourish, between 70 and 80F and it’ll grow happy producing a great harvest.

When grown indoors it needs a high ceiling because the plants are very tall when fully grown. It takes about 8-9 weeks for the plant to reach its flowering time and be ready for harvest and the yield would be around 18 ounces per one square meter.

For an outside grow the plant will be ready to harvest somewhere in October. The yield when grown outside is very generous as it reaches up to 21 ounces per one plant which makes it much better for the grower to grow it outside if he lives in the right conditions.

Overall the plant is considered to be of hard difficulty for growing which means that if you’re a novice you’ll have a challenge in front of you although it won’t be an impossible one. If you have a place you can use that is outside and the climate where you live is perfect, then you won’t need to be as experienced.

Related and Alternative Strains

Grease Monkey strain is related to the strains it’s developed from, Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream but also to the strains that are developed from itself, Berries and Crème and Monkey Bread #1. Some similar strains are: Purple Punch, Mendo Breath, Blackwater, Master Kush, Pre-98 Bubba Kush and so on.


The Grease Monkey strain is made from the Gorilla Glue #4 crossed with the Cookies and Cream. It was developed by a giant in the industry known as Exotic Genetix which has developed quite a few great strains.

With a THC level of around 25%-30% it’s on the extremely high amount of THC while the CBD levels of the plant aren’t as high. Regardless of the CBD levels being low, it’s often used in medicine to treat nausea, chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia and many more. It’s perfect for creative afternoons or late nights when you want to release all the stress from the day you had and boost your mood and creativity through the roof preparing yourself for a good night sleep.

Growers love this plant because it’s in high demand on the market even though it’s considered hard to cultivate. The flowering time of 8-9 weeks also makes it great for growing because it’s considered to be of average length. The yield is also great at around 18 ounces per one square meter indoors and about 21 ounces per one plant when grown outside. This plant is much better grown outside if you live in the right climate because the yield is much higher and the plant grows very tall.

The cost of it averages at around $35-$50 per 1/8 of an ounce and considering the many great effects and medical benefits it offers it’s not expensive at all.

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