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Others feel that if lights are left on when they should not be for about a day, this should not adversely affect the growth. However, if the plants are left exposed to several days of extra light, be aware they will probably revert to a growing rather than flowering phase and you will have to coax them back. Different cannabis strains mature and flower at different rates. This can to some extent be manipulated by indoor growers who match their lights to ideal growing situations for their personalised nursery. However, on top of this, it is also good to know your plant’s tendencies.

If your plant still refuses to bloom, there is a very good chance that you have the wrong type of cannabis plant. Because these can also pollinate your female plants, reducing yields and creating seeds, many growers discard male plants immediately. There are some types of cannabis that are known as “autoflowering” varieties. This means that they will automatically start flowering, no matter how much or what kind of light they get. This is also one of the best reasons, particularly for beginners, those on tight budgets and indoor growers, to buy seeds from an established breeder. I have 10 feminized autoflowers growing indoors under LEDS in a hydro setup (Bubbleponics to be exact). They are Bubbleator Ice fem'd seeds from a seed bank in Amsterdan (if u need the seed bank I will provide). They are 45 days from germination - so approximately six weeks in. The notes on this strain say ready for harvest after approximately 7 weeks. I figure this is conservative, but there is NO sign of flowering in these babies.

I have them under 24/0 lighting - and I know the debate on that - but they ARE genetically supposed to just flower on their own based on time, not light. I have no buds where I live and invested quite a bit of money in this and need these things to flower and mature. I have seen other autoflower strains start to show tendrils etc earlier than this. My pH and PPMS are in range - 5.6-5.8 and 580-690 - and nutes have been adjusted to the pre-flowering phase (GH flora series). Im wondering what would happen if I started gradually lowering the light period and introducing a dark period, say 23/1 next week, 22/2 the week after, 21/3 etc - but I thought there was no need for this? Dont have close ups available because of my camera, but as you can see below, there's an adequate amount of growth. Any ideas or experience you can offer would be of great help - thanks in advance. I went with the 12/12 advice - thanks guys - and I agree, if this is what I have to do to get autoflowers to bloom, not doing it again - unless I do prior research on strain and bank to find a reliable source. Day 43 from Germination - Day 2 of Flowering on 12/12. Was worried about these fem'd autos not flowering - maybe I panicked a litle ahead of the game - but not taking chances. I see adequate growth and I have one bag seed, 10 autos and 2 white widows - so the solution to getting them all to flower at the same time is going to be moving them to 12/12 lighting schedule - downgraded from 41 days of 24/0. Took pictures for the first time without the LED lights and you can see them below. When I went to update the space - I noticed some problems that caught me by surprise. Not sure how the hell it could go down so fast - didnt check for about 5 days - but either evap caused it or I dunno. Never the less, refilled water levels ad the data above was after they had been refilled and nuted for bloom. Have not done a flush as thw water has been within range and looks god every time I check it, not cloudy or anything, and roots are MAD healthy. However I think the low water levels banged up the plants in the sense that bottom leaves were drying up and shriveling and/or coming off - looked like autumn in there, and the tops were looking a bit light green instead of dark like they were before. Moved the lights up much higher - the space retains light well - and cleaning out as many of the dead/dying leaves as possible. I have madness in here, and Im not prepared for a scrog, so theyll have to co-exist as they are. Could I maybe take away some of the larger leaves, which are covering some of the tops from direct light? Wondering how much pinching I can get away with wihtout hurting, stunting, etc the plant. Here's some info about this week's single challenge event, Rustfur's Journey! This event's card table's most valuable cards have: Cat Sith Flame Caller Ursus Runecaster Vault Master … Ещё Timothy Koscha the Deathless Frost Witch Plaksyvvia.

Cost per card: 9 cards at 680 Sunstones each 9 cards at 2100 Sunstones each 5 cards at 3400 Sunstones each 5 cards at 6000 Sunstones each.

Here's some info about this week's double challenge event!


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