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It has been used for games like Lionkiller and The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo . Intended for: Interactive fiction and text-based games. Scripting / markup language(s): Proprietary markup language, but also allows HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Learning tools: There’s a guide that covers the basics of their markup language and offers some samples of more advanced scripting.

A cross-platform commercial game engine developed by Unity Technologies. It has been used for games like Untitled Goose Game , Ori and the Will of the Wisps , and Hollow Knight . Scripting / markup language(s): C# Cost: Free to students and hobbyists for personal use and to small companies that generate less than $100,000 a year. Outside of that, there are annual plans starting at $399 / year or $40 / month. Learning tools: Unity provides some free resources to help those new to the engine. But it provides a lot more under its Unity Learn Premium program including classes, tutorials, and even certifications. Unity Learn Premium is currently free until June 10th, 2020, but is normally $15 per month. A cross-platform commercial game engine developed by Epic Games.

It has been used for games like Fortnite , Final Fantasy VII Remake , and Octopath Traveler . Scripting / markup language(s): C++ and Blueprints Visual Scripting. Cost: Free, but with a 5 percent royalty owed on the game’s gross revenue over $3,000 per game per quarter. Learning tools: Epic Games offers a number of free online video courses that cover some introductory aspects to using the engine’s editor and some more advanced topics like post processing effects and creating asset pipelines. It is designed specifically for making visual novels without needing to know how to program. Scripting / markup language(s): JavaScript and CoffeeScript. Learning tools: There’s a free extensive guide that covers a wide range of topics including the basics of the editor, how to structure the story you’re writing, how to customize your visual novel without scripting, and a whole separate guide just for scripting plus documentation. Autoflower VS Feminized Seed: Which Seed is Better to Grow? Marijuana has been used by humans since prehistory as a medicine for different ailments. During those times, marijuana is naturally found in their surroundings but modern technology allowed us to breed marijuana and effectively affect its gender or its growth cycle for better yields and potency. Two of such modern advances in marijuana cultivation is the development of the autoflower plants and the feminized seeds. Let us have a look at the difference between each type and make a comparison. Autoflowering marijuana plants are plants that automatically switch from the vegetative state to the flowering state automatically with age. This is different from the other species which are dependent on the photoperiod or the length of time that they are exposed to light. Photoperiodism is the physiological reaction of organisms including plants to the length of night and day. This is the reason why outdoor growers choose a particular month to plant a particular marijuana type while this is never a problem with indoor growers who will simply turn the light on and off when needed. The development of auto-flowering marijuana is a natural adaptation of some of the marijuana species which were cultivated in areas that have less sunlight such as the northern hemisphere. The cannabis ruderalis is a strain that is known to have this characteristic. Breeders were eventually able to breed the Ruderalis with the Indica and Sativa varieties in order to get a plant that has higher THC or CBD content. Autoflowering strains grow faster than regular strains. This is due to the Ruderalis genes that are on auto-flowering plants. Some are even reported to be ready for harvest in seven weeks. This could mean a few harvests in one season of planting regular plants. This is also an advantage for outdoor growers in cold climates where the summer days are short and cold that only last about two months, just enough time between the seed stage to the flowering stage.

Smaller plants mean that you could have more plant in your limited indoor or greenhouse growing space. Being short is makes stealth growing possible where a grower may try and grow a single out of sight of the law where marijuana is illegal. Outdoor growers would be the people to benefit more from this ability of the auto-flowering plant as they could be planted even off-season compared to other regular plants. As mentioned already, photoperiodism is what makes regular cannabis plant change from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, and the available length of daylight sun changes between the changes in season. But since auto-flowering plants change as they age without dependence of photoperiodism, a grower may choose to plant in some other convenient time for him or her. Feminized plants came from feminized seeds which are produced by inducing gender change in a female plant. This gender change is induced by putting the plants into stress that makes it release ethylene. This ethylene release is then suppressed which triggers the female plant to develop pollen sac which contains pollen that has 100 percent female traits that will result in 100 percent female seeds that will grow into female plants. Cultivators know that it is most productive to have more female plants in a cannabis greenhouse because a single male plant could pollinate dozens of female plants in any given time.

Upon finding out that their seeds matured into male plants, most cultivators end up frustrated in removing all the male plants which may account into sometimes more than half of their total crops. Your cultivation may have little space, to begin with, due to budget constraints. You may have opted to have a smaller space because you could not afford to temperature control any larger area.


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