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We offer a cost-effective solution for sending documents to Ohio, paired together with fast and efficient transit times. Our UPS Envelope service is especially ideal if your documents weigh no more than 1kg, and can fit comfortably into a UPS branded envelope. You can benefit from the service of a world renown courier at just a fraction of the price when you book with Transglobal.

If you are looking to send unaccompanied personal effects to the US state, at Transglobal Express we are able to provide additional documentation which can be completed prior to sending your shipment to ensure it travels through the carrier's networks as smoothly as possible, meaning your shipment is delivered in the fatest possible time: Transit Times: UK to Ohio. Despite being thousands of miles from the UK, transit times for shipments travelling to Ohio can be quick and speedy. Using an express service, such as with UPS, can take as little as 2 working days, while a more economical service, such as with TNT, can take slightly longer at around 5 working days. To obtain more accurate transit time, you can use our Transit Time feature - simply enter your UK collection post code and the delivery zip code. As with any shipment travelling outside of the EU, your goods will be subject to mandatory checks via US customs officials upon arrival into the country. It is important to be aware of customs clearance prior to sending your shipment. At Transglobal Express, we aim to provide you with the relevant information to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. It is important to be aware of what you can and cannot send to Ohio. To avoid unnecessary delays through customs, it is highly recommended to check with the relevant customs authorities that your goods are safe to send.

In addition to this, you can also refer to our Dangerous, Hazardous and Prohibited Items list to ensure your shipment can be sent via the carriers we use. We move all freight types to Ohio from any point in Canada. Shipping Confidently with regular and expedited service. ShipCanada provides daily transport service to all major cities within Ohio. Our logistics professionals facilitate less than truckload and truckload transit bookings for both dry and flatbed freight. Ohio represents a large volume lane for Flatbed equipment in addition to regular carriers services. ShipCanada also services almost every freight classification including parcel freight directly into the state from any point within Canada. Ohio is generally a next day transit from Ontario and Quebec points. & Ontario normally takes 1day transit for LTL and truckload. Our LTL (less than truckload) service options range from economy consolidated transit times to direct expedited service within no Cross-docking. Our truckload and partial TL service can accommodate both dry and temperature controlled requirements with single driver or a team option for time-sensitive freight. Shipments originating in Canada that are destined for Ohio must cross the international border between the U.S. & Canada and ShipCanada provides 24-hour monitoring of all shipments to ensure smooth an efficient customs clearance. For the best economy shipping rates on freight that is not time sensitive we offer Rail Intermodal service to all points west of Ontario. For regular freight shipments with medium time sensitivity we offer economy over the road rates. If your freight has to get to its destination faster our customers can choose Expedited LTL service which basically mirrors truckload transit times. Regular and expedited services are also available for International shipping requirements. For freight that is absolutely time sensitive (meaning hours) we offer air freight service. Our network offers daily Service To and From most North American Cities. Growing these unique, rewarding heirloom plants — sunberries, quinoa, huckleberries, yellow strawberries and others — is easier than you think. Likewise, unusual houseplants — flowering pomegranate, dwarf coffee beans — will give you years of satisfaction. Native to Brazil, the cape gooseberry yields tasty yellow fruits.

Huckleberry (Baker Creek) Garden huckleberries are productive all summer long and yummy in pies. Huckleberry (Organic) Huckleberry plants produce hundreds of purple-black berries in small clusters.

An extra-dwarf version of the standard variety, fitting perfectly into containers.


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