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Is Weed Legal in Mexico?

Mexico legalized medical cannabis in June 2017, but the restrictive measure only allowed the use of imported cannabis derivatives with low-THC content, and medical products are still not readily available to patients.

Adult-use cannabis has not been fully legalized in Mexico, but possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use was decriminalized in 2009. The country has continued to inch closer toward full-scale legalization, but possession and use of recreational marijuana remains illegal as of August 2019.

Legislation History

Mexico has had a long and complicated relationship with cannabis throughout its history. Although marijuana has been grown in Mexico since as early as the 16th century, when hemp was popular for rope and textiles, in 1920 the production of cannabis for recreational use was banned and in 1927 exports were also forbidden. Soon after, marijuana was criminalized throughout the country. Mexican weed laws and policies in many ways mirrored and were shaped by the anti-marijuana movement that developed in the United States at the same time.

But not always. In 1940, Mexico completely rethought its drug policies. For six months, the Federal Regulation of Drug Addiction decriminalized the sale and use of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin and released small-time drug offenders from jails. Instead of imposing punitive measures, the law allowed doctors to establish outpatient clinics and treatments and prescribe narcotics to addicts.

Despite generally encouraging early reports, including the cratering of the illegal drug trade, the law was overturned. Citing wartime shortages in morphine and cocaine, and facing threats of U.S. embargoes due to the policy, the government threw out the legislation and restored the earlier penalties. By December 1940, a new administration took over in Mexico and began military operations against peasant marijuana farmers. With U.S. aid, unsuccessful attempts were made to eradicate crops of marijuana and poppy fields in the 1970s with aerial spraying of herbicides.

On Dec. 11, 2006, Mexico launched its “war on drugs, ” when troops were dispersed throughout the country in an attempt to thwart drug cartels and their black market operations. It has been a bloody and costly campaign. Estimates range into the hundreds of thousands of dead, plus tens of thousands missing and abducted. The cost has been staggering, corruption remains rampant, and the cartels remain entrenched.

In August 2009 , possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana was decriminalized. Between 2015 and 2018, the Supreme Court issued a series of rulings loosening restrictions on the use of marijuana for recreational purposes . The early rulings have found the absolute prohibition laws for medical marijuana use were unconstitutional, as they did not protect the right to health.

In October 2018, the high court expanded its rulings to include recreational marijuana, arguing that the prohibition violated free expression. The latest ruling is the fifth by the court on the issue, making it binding on all courts in the country. While recreational cannabis remains illegal, the court’s decision could help create a possible roadmap for eventual legislation to clarify Mexico’s marijuana laws and construct a legal cannabis market .

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According to a survey carried out in Mexico, the average price of good quality Marijuana amounted to 49 U.S. ]]>