weed is fun

Weed is fun

Pre-workout drinks were all the rage in 2018 because they actually gave you the power to get through your workout. They also often came a high anxiety cost of freaking out mid squat or feeling like you were about to crash and burn after 40 minutes on an elliptical. Many athletes and sports enthusiasts are reaching for edibles or a smoke before and after their workouts.

Take a sneak peek at Denver’s newest social marijuana club about to open on the ‘Green Mile’

Colorado will be taking a step further into the recreational and tourism cannabis industry as they attempt to solve a problem that has existed for as long as recreational cannabis. Since recreational cannabis has been legal and drawn tourists, there have been very few locations where people can actually smoke. Denver currently has one business that allows the consumpt.

Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery Hopes to Release Cannabis-Infused Beer

The Flying Dog Brewery has coupled with Green Leaf Medical Cannabis and have announced their plans to release a non-alcoholic THC-infused beer called Hop Chronic IPA. The cannabis-infused IPA is a great alternative for medical marijuana patients in Maryland who do not want to smoke or vape their medication, however the state’s Medical Cannabis Commission has .

What marijuana does to your sex life

Popular marijuana propaganda has existed for nearly a century and now that the plant is legal in many places around the world researchers are doing their best finding out the truths and lies in what we believe about cannabis. It’s long been believed that consuming marijuana hinders sexual functions and drive, but as more states around the U.S. legalize the data b.

What To Do With Leftover Marijuana Stems

Here’s a common question among new and experienced cannabis consumers alike: Do cannabis stems have THC in them? The answer is yes, but that’s not necessarily a reason to go ahead and grind them up and smoke them. While there is THC in the cannabis stem it is not as much as the bud and when stems are smoked they’re often combined with an unsavory taste and sometimes e.

Giant bong, huggable buds: Marijuana museum opens in Vegas

Las Vegas will soon be opening a new marijuana museum unlike any other called Cannabition where you will be able to learn about different aspects of cannabis and its’ grow lifecycle. Though no smoking will be allowed in Cannabition, guests 21 and older will be able to enjoy seeing the world’s largest bong and lifesize huggable faux cannabis buds and even swim .

Lil Wayne, marijuana attract thousands to High Times’ Cannabis Cup

Cannabis advocates from allover the country were welcomed earlier this week to the fifth annual Michigan High Times Cannabis Cup. The festival was a toker’s dream with cannabis vendors on every corner selling various cannabis products like buds, edibles and some surprises! With the amount of medical marijuana patients attending there was no shortage of food t.

Marijuana entrepreneurs headed to Detroit for CannaCon

This weekend Detroit will be hosting the annual CannaCon which will be filled with thousands of new business owners interested in getting into the industry that is about to greatly expand in Michigan. Not only are regulators almost ready to officially license the medical marijuana businesses, but voters just might have their chance to say YES to recreational cannabis .

How does marijuana affect your golf game? An investigation

It’s common to wonder how exactly consuming cannabis might effect your performance during your favorite sport, luckily some curious people out in California did a simple study to find out just how cannabis effects a player’s golf game. After finding the baseline for each of the 3 player’s driving, approaching and putting the real test began. Each player co.

Weed sales OK’d at California’s first big marijuana festival at Sacramento concert

The Cannabis Cup is an increasingly popular event among cannabis connoisseurs and this year’s event hosted in Sacramento will reach much higher than ever before! The festival reached out and gained approval from the City Council to allow recreational public sales and consumption at the festival on Friday and Saturday which makes it the first public .

Cannabis Club TV streams marijuana videos to dispensaries

In the near future when walking into your local dispensary you might notice a new addition to the lobby. Already across 7 different states and over 100 dispensaries are TVs streaming Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) content to help consumers and patients stay educated, interested and engaged in the cannabis industry. Instead of your doctor’s office or pharmacy lobby strea.

Lyft Celebrates 4/20 With Discounts In Legal Marijuana States

What kind of plans do you have for your upcoming 4/20? Whatever they are it’s important to be safe and not toke and drive. Lyft is making enjoying the holidaze even easier by offering a special promo code, “LYFTTROOPERS”, to Lyft passengers for a discount of $4.20 off your next ride. For the special holiday Lyft is partnering with the new movie release o.

Weed is fun Pre-workout drinks were all the rage in 2018 because they actually gave you the power to get through your workout. They also often came a high anxiety cost of freaking out mid squat