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After that entire side has been licked you can finish the rolling process. It’s pretty easy from here: Just press the upper edge – that should be lightly coated with saliva – down over the tucked part of the blunt wrap. If you did it right, the saliva should make the wrap stick together again. You may have to lick the wrap a bit more as you’re rolling. The key is licking it enough to make the blunt stick together again without drowning the wrap in spit.

When you’re finished rolling the blunt, it’s probably going to be a bit moist from your saliva. Take your lighter, and quickly run the flame back and forth across the blunt, slowly rotating the blunt to heat every side evenly. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone: Toasting the blunt dries the saliva and makes the wrap firm again You're also (hopefully) killing some bacteria – or, at least your friends think you are. Now it’s time for the last part of the process: Find a nice place to smoke with your buddies, and get baked! It’s time to face your blunt, and let it deface you! Feel The Force Of The Blunt: How To Roll In 6 Steps. The biggest, most badass roll-up of them all is the classic homemade cannabis cigar.

We’ll guide you through the process so you can handcraft your very own blunts. Get ready to super-size your next session with a fine blunt rolled to perfection. Just in case any newbies happen to be reading this blog, allow us to briefly explain what a blunt is. In ordinary decent stoner terms, a blunt is a weed-packed roll-up that differs from the average joint, because instead of a rolling paper, it’s wrapped in a hollowed-out cigar. To craft your very own fine “cannagar”, you need two key ingredients and a couple of tools. Obviously, you need some bud and ideally, you should break it down with a weed grinder. If you have the touch, by all means, go for it by hand. However, for a precision split running through the centre of the cigar from end to end, a sharp pocket knife is preferred. Remove all the tobacco innards to make room for your marijuana. You really need at least 1g, preferably 2–3g for a nice fat blunt. If you want to add hash or some other gooey concentrates, you should sandwich the extract in flower for an even burn. A concentrated core is not the most efficient way to enjoy extracts, but definitely one of the tastiest. There is no choice but to give both sides of the tobacco leaf a good wet lick. Plus, it’s worth it and you’ll soon have a tasty blunt to toke. If you can roll a joint, then you can absolutely roll a blunt. Also, it’s no harm to add a roach tip like you would for a spliff. Remember, it’s just spit holding your blunt together. Carefully run the flame of a lighter over the blunt exterior. Make sure you keep the flame moving and don’t scorch the tobacco leaf. After a couple of minutes cooking, you’ve got a perfectly finished, classic blunt. Of course, you can just buy a packet of blunt wraps. These are ready to roll right out of the packet and are available in a wide variety of delicious flavours. You can keep it simple and enjoy some juicy blueberry or indulge in some peanut butter and jelly if you fancy. These days, the selection is incredible and they don’t just taste great to lick, the flavour permeates every draw.

Unfortunately, they really are like Darth Vader—all that sticky green goodness is wrapped in a toxic tobacco sleeve. Blunts are certainly not the healthiest way to get high.

That being said, a fine blunt is best reserved for a special occasion or a social gathering. A few puffs from a fat blunt can be enjoyed by the whole party like an appetiser. Here you can find all info about Sour OG from The Cali Connection .


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