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Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE. Note: I'm only going off the recording here, and I don't have links to the original fittings. If anyone can add specific fittings that would be great. This class goes over the basic roles and fittings of force and combat recon ships.

Force recon ships have a stronger emphasis on covert ops and escape, while combat recons focus on providing additional damage on a target and assisting the fleet with EWAR in a more 'normal' way. Force recon ships can use Covert Ops Cloaking Devices, meaning that they can warp while cloaked and recloak within 5 seconds. Force recon ships should not be caught unless someone messes up. They can also light cynosural fields, and have a 50% reduction in cyno field duration, which reduces the amount of time that the ship is vulnerable to 30 seconds. Force recons have little to no emphasis on damage done. When fitting force recon ships, the main focus is the covops cloak, ship-specific EWar and tackle. The Arazu is the Gallente force recon ship, and has bonuses to sensor dampener effectiveness, turret damage and warp disruptor range. The disruptor range bonus is important - providing up to a 100km point with the right fittings and skills. For the sensor dampeners, the range script is generally more useful. Two range damps with the right skills can reduce the target's range by three quarters, making it easier to sit outside the target's range safely.

Fitting: A standard Arazu fit starts with a covops cloak, an MWD, then two sensor damps and a warp disruptor. A sensor booster is added so that you can lock quicker after decloaking, and a shield extender gives a small buffer for taking damage, mostly from drones. In the lowslots a DCU is fitted for tank, a power relay added for cap problems, and shield rigs are fitted. The last items to fit are some railguns using whatever space is left and a magnetic field stab for a bit more dps. Explosive drones are used since they are fast and cover damage types. The Rapier is the Minmatar force recon ship, and the fastest of the four. Coupling this speed with particularly powerful webs, the Rapier can tackle running ships and kite other ships easily, making its target painters comparatively less useful. The Rapier and Arazu work particularly well together: the Arazu can point a target from long range, and the Rapier can then web the target from long range to stop it outrunning the Arazu (Arazus tend to be a bit slow). Fitting: Again, we fit a covops cloak, sensor booster, MWD, disruptor and a shield extender. Two webs and one painter form the main utility, and there is more of a focus on speed in low slots. A damage control/shield extender rigs can be added for tank. The Pilgrim is the Amarr force recon ship, and possibly the least flown ship, due to lack of range bonuses, lots of cap/fitting problems and the awesomeness of the Curse. The Pilgrim has bonuses to neuts and tracking disruptors, but with no range bonus on the neuts it has to use its decent armor tank to get up close and personal. Optimal range disruptors can help keep the damage off the pilgrim, so it becomes fairly specific to taking down slower turret ships. Once the Pilgrim is in neut range, tracking disruption may reduce damage more, but many ships won't have tracking problems against the Pilgrim. Fitting: The Pilgrim can be fitted with a covops cloak, two medium neuts and a small neut. Two tracking disruptors with range disruption scripts are next - tracking scripts should be kept for when needed. A warp disruptor II adds a point for utility, and an afterburner needs to be fitted instead of an MWD because of cap problems. A cap booster with 400s and a couple of cap buffer rigs will help this a bit, giving a few minutes of cap usage. Low slots are used to add to the decent armor tank - 1600mm tungten plates, damage control II, resist platings and an armor repairer II. A final powergrid rig can help with fitting problems. The Falcon is probably the simplest of the force recon ships: ECM, and lots of it.

This means that the Falcon is very likely to get primaried, and should be prepared to ECM attackers, cloak and warp at the earliest opportunity.

Fitting: Starting with a covops cloak and MWD, a Falcon adds five ECMs. A rainbow fit is recommended for increased range and strength, and the fifth slot should be Caldari-specific since opposing Falcons are your main enemy. A shield extender will keep drones at bay for slightly longer, and there will be many drones. ECM range rigs are suggested, and gun slots should be fitted with whatever fittings you have left - either railguns for a bit of range and added damage, or smartbombs to deal with drones. All Combat Recon ships are undetectable by directional scanners.


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