weed friendly careers

Cannabis-friendly careers

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that’s strange.. i was googling this exact thing yesterday.

the best bet is starting your own business.

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What are you good at? Do you have any specialist skills or passions?

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I have my own business and no one knows I smoke. Also, no drug tests, when I work from home sometimes if its a hard day I light up.

Also the best thing about your own business is if you dont like a client, you only have to put up with them for about a month.

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Go look in the food service industry. I think it is a requirement to be high while working in a restaurant. I cooked for a few years and it seems everyone around me smoked. It was nice because we would all sell/trade to each other. I never ran out of weed while working there. You can also look at manufacturing jobs, most of them just want someone who will show up and do the job. You just have to be on the look out for the crack heads, there are usually more of them in that industry.

One thing to keep in mind with jobs that don’t drug test or “care”. A lot of them have policies that if you get injured on the job in a way that you have to go to a doctor, they will pee test you.

What careers are good for someone who wants to take a few tokes after a stressful day at work. I know, People say don't base your life on weed and choose…