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Coca with 6* 600hps using canna 19:57:34 coco19:58:04. @Jim-food sif 1 question, what did customer support replied when you sended your complain ?19:58:19 +sif i recon it must have been a bad batch, because here's another thing, they took longer than the Jock Horror 19:58:29 nothing 19:58:38 @Jim-food so they diddnt reply yet 19:58:55 [09:40] sent complaint about the quality of your AK48 via email support a week ago and all I get is emails trying to sell me more shit without any explanation why these products with crap. 19:59:20 +sif just sent an email saying they had seen i had visited the website and looked at stuff but not purchased.

that was the email 19:59:26 +Cerebral_Nomad Well I will vouch for that. Its not as quick as they say 19:59:32 @Jim-food you are not the only 1 who sents in mails, and its the busiest time of the year. also told you that last time 19:59:47 we have a automail, customer mail, support. all mails 20:00:11 +sif you know when you put 3 months into a grow and end up with fluff, not cool 20:00:15 @Jim-food so when your ticket comes up they get back to you regarding the problem, not trying to sell you anything 20:00:24 +sif oh ok 20:00:53 @Jim-food and as you just heard, another customer in here grew the same. no problem 20:01:02 and many grew it, no problem 20:01:22 +sif but the Jock Horror finished before the AK. and from what i read thats not right 20:01:44 @Jim-food sif you start with a different thing every time. 20:01:54 you just have to wait for support, thats all i can say 20:02:01 i cant do shit about it in chat 20:02:02 +sif you know the free seeds they send? 20:02:08 @Jim-food i cant look into orders complains etc 20:02:22 whats up with the freebies ?

20:02:37 +Cerebral_Nomad What about 20:02:39 +sif what strains are they as they have no name? 20:02:59 Mystery seeds 20:03:05 +sif hmmm 20:03:06 @Jim-food as stated on the page, mystery asin mixed reg. so i dont know what seeds you get 20:03:08 +sif males? 20:03:33 +Cerebral_Nomad possibly 20:03:42 +sif females or males or mixed 20:03:59 @Jim-food all reg, but mixed strains 20:04:09 +sif females? 20:04:29 +Cerebral_Nomad They are regular seeds dude 20:04:39 +sif thats scary 20:04:53 +Cerebral_Nomad scary? 20:05:13 +sif pleased i asked that could have been a dissaster if a male flowered in the female room 20:05:26 then i could sell you seeds. that's why you remove males 20:06:25 +sif i know that. but i don't want any males near my female rooms 20:06:53 will just have to be aware when they flower, atleast now i know 20:07:14 because i assumed they were only females 20:07:35 @Jim-food sif diddnt you had so much experience like you said last time ? 20:08:12 +sif i have, but i never realised you were sending free MALE seeds as well as female, 20:08:16 @Jim-food this is not very convicing to be honest. 20:08:33 +Cerebral_Nomad How could they only be female seeds? 20:08:45 +sif Feminised 20:09:02 @Jim-food then they would called 10 fem freebies. not 10 reg 20:09:09 and if you need to ask if reg is also male 20:09:27 +sif i,m an idiot for assuming they were females then. 20:09:27 @Jim-food and then tell me they are male seeds which dont excist even. 20:09:47 the first part is correct 20:09:52 +sif these are the free ones i'm referring to 20:10:34 @Jim-food well the free are reg, so they can become male or female. So as admitted the free seeds can be either Male or Female. Stay away from Nirvana and pass this message around. Nirvana, i would love you to respond and post the rest of the chat. 7 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Yields in Autoflowers. Cannabis growers are always on the hunt to understand the tips and tricks to maximize yields in autoflowers. Most growers have the talent, but they lack information. And that’s a serious handicap when growing autoflowers. Autoflowers grow fast and produce yields in a short span of time, but that comes only with experience. You could grow them just like photoperiod plants, but there are several stark differences. Autoflowers are actually easy to grow and are considered the latest craze in the world of cannabis.

With rapid flowering periods and great yields, there’s no reason to not grow them. They can be a tad intimidating because they are less forgiving than traditional cannabis plants. However, there’s no gain without pain, and you might as well buckle up for the ride. Most people assume that autoflowers produce small yields, but they can’t be further from the truth. Get this straight — autoflowers can not only produce humongous yields, but the fact that they do so within 2 months isn’t a small feat! But, you gotta follow a small rulebook, so here are 7 tips and tricks to maximize yields in autoflowers if you’re struggling to get the best out of them. Autoflowers don’t give you a lot of time, so it’s critical to plan beforehand. If you’re unsure of any of these questions, you’re not yet ready to sow autoflowering seeds. Other types of plants allow you to plan things after sowing seeds, but for the love of God, don’t try that with autoflowers.

The minute you soak seeds in the water, the clock starts ticking, so think through everything including the medium, container, ventilation, lighting, grow room and space before planting anything. It’s also important to do some research to purchase autoflowering seeds of the highest quality.


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