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5 States with Potential to Legalize Marijuana in November

If you already live in a state where cannabis is legal for medical or adult-use, it can seem like the fight to end American pot prohibition is already over. But what about the states without those same legal weed liberties? In reality, cannabis is.

Marijuana Taxes: What Are They & Where Do They Go Exactly?

The cannabis industry is on fire. With 33 states now offering legal medical weed and 11 with legal recreational access for adults, the amount of cash that is spent on cannabis across the U.S. on a daily basis is staggering. Even amidst the throes of .

A Cannabis Black Market is Still Alive & Well

You may be wondering why an article about black market cannabis is still relevant during a time of continued marijuana support and legalization. While there are more states than ever with improved cannabis laws and regulations, illegal sales and dist.

Top 10 Vegan Cannabis Edibles Across the Country

For most people, the mention of cannabis edibles immediately conjures images of magic brownies and heavy-handed chocolate chip cookies. These days, though, THC-packed edibles have gotten a lot more creative than these classic confections. As adult-us.

Flint Dispensary Reviews

No matter who take care of you ,you will be well taking care of

Kathy is a fantastic budtender. Knows her stuff. Great meds people. Come check them out.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very welcoming. My new place.

Many strains to choose from. Prices are great

Always get good customer service and fair deals for all my meds

I really like this place after i was shown the smoke and going back later today or tomorrow to get some of my favorite cbd dried pineapple fruit pieces.yummy

Billy Loves this place great family owned love deals these folks really care about their patient’s

Absolutely terrible customer service, they don’t honor what you win. Talk to you like your stupid

Great staff great products

Absolutely love this place. The staff are extremely educated and very helpful. The layout is superior!! Any questions you have will be answered honestly and and up to date products. My only issue, which is my personal preference, the product is prepackaged. I do not care for that type of business

Great quality buds. Best dispensary in Flint for quality and price..

Bigfoot is friendly and inviting. From the moment you walk in, you feel welcome. Its a safe location on a well traveled street, well lit. Meds are always fresh and prepared for sale.

bad i dont like the owners Nick and Mike. G3c is way better and alot cheeper,

Awsosme I will be back.

Friendly service, great prices but, most of all quality. This is the place you’ve been looking for.

Very friendly and knowledgeable . Each time I go in, it’s a welcoming experience


My husband went to Newgen and the reception was less than exemplary. My husband asked a question about acceting new peoviders and the man yelled at my husband as he walked out the door to never speak to him that way again. Newgen also washes the plant matter and sells the washed stuff as new. There are plenty of other dispensaries within a mile or two of Newgen that I would recommend going to. Unless you like to be verbally abused than by all means go to Newgen do be treated like crap. Do bad they don’t understand that money is money and it spends the same at any dispensary. Any despensary would be happy to take my money but I will NOT be giving Newgen anymore of my money.

This place out of business

Always leave very satisfied at hemphill wellness center

First timer caregiver. My wife is my patient. I took her here for her (and my) first experience. She has no experience or knowledge and she was looking for compassion and help. We received neither. She has fibromyalgia, chronic pain from a twisted tailbone due to traumatic births and severe anxiety. The biggest mistake I ever made. There was one girl that took a lot of time with us and helped explain a lot to my wife. They only let one patient in at a time. Apparently we were taking too long and the owner made some sarcastic comments about cycling people through and people were leaving because of the wait. It was ridiculous! We bought things hurriedly and left but we’re made to feel like we did something wrong. My wife broke down in tears in the car! She didn’t want to go anywhere else. I went to another dispensary that had an Owner I knew and respected and the experience was amazing. I went back (on principal) to return the meds and get my money back (free brownie and a

When I first got my MMMC card, the Barn was the only place I went to. At first, I had good experiences. (I even overlooked them mixing up my orders twice, within a few months period, which I had to drive all the way back from White Lake to have them correct my orders, and one extra drive there to return over 2 grams of seed, in a 8th of $15/gram flower. After that, big problem with one guy there, Rob, started giving me discounts on the flower, since I came on a lot, per Rob. None of the other budtenders, manager or owner knew of Robs deal with me. Finally was rectified by owner who gave me a laminated discount price card, and all the staff were now all on the same page. Rob, who originally gave me discounts, was reprimanded because of it. After that, months went by, and all was good again, except for Robs actions towards me after that. After that, Rob never spoke to me, and treated me terribly. Last visit, Rob approached me and accused me of causing so many problems all the tim

Really good edibles! The guy who went through the introduction with me(Stephen?) was very friendly and super cute.

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