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There is a simple process you need to follow if you want to smoke weed. It involves breaking up the buds apart, rolling it up and you are ready to go. Breaking up the buds or grinding is the most crucial step. You need to have a good grinder to perform the task. One good weed grinder you can use is:

Platinum Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

The grinder is a premium product that you can find at an affordable price. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum material; hence, it is sturdy and durable. It has teeth that are sharp like a diamond for better efficiency and to necessitate effortless grinding. It contains mesh screen filters that catch even the smallest pollen. It is made with a black anodized finish that prevents it from flaking, peeling or smudging. You can get one with a platinum warranty, and a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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But what happens when you do not have a grinder?

There are several alternative ways you can break up your weed without the need for using a grinder. Some of the methods include;

Using a Cutting Board and Knife

A board and knife is a classic technique that is in use in many parts of the world. All you need to have is a sharp knife and a clean cutting board. You can chop your buds in a similar way to how you would garlic. The marijuana buds will be sticky. However, everything will be okay if you are using a sharp knife that is not serrated.

Using A Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder can help you turn your weed buds into a powder that you can use to make edible cannabis products such as brownies and cookies. You can also add it to an oil infusion. The process is simple. You only need to throw your weed buds into the grinder and spritz until it appears to be okay. You cannabis need to be in fine particles for it to decarboxylate. The process may, later on, create a mess, however, is worth it if you want to shelf some top quality oils and edibles.

Using a Shot Glass and Scissors

If you have a shot glass and scissors in your house, you can toss the buds into the glass and start cutting. It is even better if you plan on using the shot glass immediately after. The marijuana would leave a potent residue that would neutralize the unpleasant taste of the shot. You can as well use a small cut or something similar.

Using a Blender

If you want to process a large batch of weed, a blender can work right for you. Before putting anything into the blenders, you should first break off the buds from the stem. Then you can put them into the blender and start it at a low setting. To ensure that all your buds are broken up after blending, stir up the mixture before you remove it from the blender.

Using a Cheese Grater

You can grate your marijuana plant in the same way you do cheese. The process is simple and self-explanatory. You need to rub your marijuana buds on your cheese grater in the side with the smallest holes. You need to carefully clean the grater after using it since the marijuana leaves behind a potent smell.

Using a Razor

A razor acts similarly to a knife. You need to place your marijuana buds on a clean surface, more preferably a cutting board. Then, just as you would use a knife, cut up the buds with the razor. However, it would be safer to use a sharp knife if you have one around.

Using a Pill bottle and a Coin

The process is simple and effective. First, you need to disinfect your coin before placing it in your pill bottle together with your marijuana. Then you can thoroughly shake the bottle. The dime should bounce off the walls of the pill bottle shredding the weed into small pieces.

Using a Rolling Slicer or Pizza Cutter

A rolling slicer can be useful when cutting down marijuana. Wheeled cutting devices make it easier to handle the sticky weed due to their ergonomic design. The blade is sharp and can cut across several marijuana plants altogether.

Using Your Hands

If you do not have any equipment to help you, you can always use your hands to grind weed. The process can be time-consuming and may lead to the loss of precious trichrome since they will stick onto your fingers. However, it is a good fall back plan if you exhaust all the other options. For an effective process, you need first to separate the buds from the stem then cut it down to small pieces. You should ensure that the chunks you cut are not too small or too big as that can affect how the marijuana burns.

Summing Up

It is common practice for a cannabis enthusiast to have a grinder on hand. But what happens when you lose it or forget to carry it? By following the various options above, you can still get to accomplish your task even without a grinder. You should, however, be careful when handling the marijuana since crushing the buds without a mill can be detrimental to its quality. It is, therefore, reasonable to always have a grinder on standby.

There are several alternative ways you can break up your weed without the need for using a grinder. Some of the methods include;

Weed blender

Weed Blender IDE. That debugging addon which debugged itself.

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Weed Blender IDE. That debugging addon which debugged itself.

Weed Blender IDE… That debugging addon which debugged itself. – BlenderCL/weed