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* other comments: i will repeat again that she has been watered with 5.0 ph the whole round due to a broken ph meter so i can't really judge this round on yield or anything, i would say if i didn't fuck up like this it would be atleast 80gram. She was the only plant that actualy did swell and kinda never noticed the wrong ph watering. * Внешний вид: густые густые густые самородки с густыми оранжевыми волосками, как конфеты, которые вы хотите съесть * Плотность бутонов: 9/10 * Aroma: точно так же, как кислое зеленое яблоко. * Вкус: чистое кислое зеленое яблоко со sweet яблоком конфеты на выдохе * Потенциал: 8/10.

* Вид высокой: это довольно сильный для сативы, это заставило меня смотреть на телевизор в течение 30 минут, я бы сказал, что после ужина ужин smoke. * Цвет трих во время урожай: 5% amber 95% молочный. * Время высыхания: 7 дней в my сухой коробке, теперь в банке в течение 8 дней. * Длина гудения: 2 -3 часа * Хорошие комментарии: my новый любимый авто, эти терпены лучшие, я когда-либо курил и вырос, я буду абсолютно grow снова ее. * другие комментарии: я повторю еще раз, что она была полита 5,0 ph весь раунд из-за сломанного счетчика ph, поэтому я не могу действительно судить этот раунд по урожайности или что-то еще, я бы сказал, если бы я не трахался так, это было бы по крайней мере 80gram. Она была единственным растением, которое на самом деле набухало и вроде никогда не замечало wrong льного полива ph. Выполните вход, чтобы сообщить о неприемлемом контенте. Picked up a few different brands of Moon Rocks in Colorado for an outdoor sesh.

Kaviar, Double Black, and The Green Source all make a caviar or moonrock in Colorado. ►Send Stuff: attn: Cewpins PO Box 52433 Sarasota, FL 34232. When regular cannabis flower strains don’t tickle your fancy and you want something more potent and effective, many users opt for cannabis concentrates. Concentrates come in many different forms, from hard bricks of hash to thin sheets of shatter which you can break apart and smoke, vape or dab. However, you may want to try out another kind of concentrate- caviar. When you think of food, caviar conjures up the notion of a rich and flavorful delicacy, and weed caviar is no different. Like other weed products, caviar can come in many different strains and forms. However, it packs a highly potent kick of THC that will give you a much stronger high than simply smoking weed. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about weed caviar . Weed isn’t just limited to different strains of flower cannabis anymore. There are now all kinds of ways to enjoy the effects of THC and CBD, from oils to edibles. Cannabis concentrates offer a compressed, concentrated form of weed with extremely high levels of THC. These are generally made by taking the resin and other parts of the buds and turning them into a more concentrated form. Weed caviar is one kind of cannabis concentrate with very high levels of THC. It’s often made by dipping buds in hash oil and coating them in resin. This results in extra-potent weed with higher levels of THC. You can also find caviar that looks similar to the food itself, made in a similar way to other cannabis concentrates. It’s worth it for any marijuana lover to try out weed caviar. It’ll give you powerful effects that you can enjoy for hours. You can use it in multiple ways and it’s also available in many different strains and forms. If you want to try out weed caviar, there are a few different ways to use it. The way you consume cannabis concentrates often affects the kind of high you’ll get. Here are a few of the most common ways to use weed caviar.

Smoking – If you want to keep things nice and straightforward, you can add weed caviar to a joint or spliff. It’s best to add it with some bud or tobacco as concentrates don’t burn well on their own. Sprinkle some in with the rest of your herbs and you’ll notice much stronger effects when you take a few hits. Many vape pens and vaporizers have chambers that allow you to vape cannabis concentrates. All you need to do is add some caviar into your chamber, heat it up, and inhale when your vaporizer is ready.

You’ll usually need to vape at a fairly high temperature for cannabis concentrates.


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