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However, this is obviously NOT a detox method, and we do not recommend it. In terms of how to detox THC, this is arguably the most unsubstantiated regularly attempted method of passing a drug test. It is absolutely untrue that soaps such as dishwasher detergent will help you return a negative sample, but in reality, detergent can actually change your sample’s color, and there’s a pretty good chance that your urine will be bubbly! Bleach also doesn’t work very well at all, and to be honest, it could prove to be a health risk, so you’re much better off just avoiding it altogether! There is nothing quite like passing a drug test naturally, so if you don’t like the idea of spending $40+ on a drink or pill that may or may not help, your best bet is to begin a natural detox cleanse as soon as possible.

Doing it naturally takes longer, but in the end, it is the most reliable method. Here are a few ways to remove THC from your system naturally: Abstention. You have no hope of cleansing your system if you use marijuana at any time during the process! Of course, it is up to you to decide if you want to quit cold turkey or gradually wean yourself off. Do bear in mind, though, that the latter option means the cleansing process will take even longer. Although abstention is effective, individuals may test positive if exposed to secondhand smoke. In a 2015 study by Herrmann et al., a group of non-users was exposed to secondhand smoke from six cannabis smokers, and ultimately ended up testing positive for THC. For the study, all of the non-smokers were placed together in a specially constructed (albeit non-ventilated) chamber for 60 minutes, while their friends smoked cannabis with 11.3% THC content. One non-smoker ended up testing positive for cannabis with a THC-COOH concentration exceeding 57 ng/mL, while several other non-users had concentrations over 20 ng/mL.

This method works best if you have a full week before a drug test. Exercise is effective because it helps you burn through fat cells that are hanging on to THC. However, make sure you don’t exercise within 24 hours of the test because THC actually gets re-released into the bloodstream when you burn fat. A 2013 study by Wong et al., for example, discovered that exercise could increase your blood plasma THC concentrations by approximately 15%. It is entirely possible that this method is more ‘myth’ than fact, as it’s widely known that only a small amount of THC leaves the body via sweat. However, there is also a possibility that using a sauna could help detoxify the body and aid in your quest to pass a drug test. A 2012 study by Ross and Sternquist found that police officers were able to detox by using a sauna after exposure to methamphetamines. It is ultimately hard to know if the same principle applies to sauna and marijuana, but it may be worth noting that the officers also received nutrition therapy, including B vitamins. They also exercised extensively so perhaps a combination of a detox drink, exercise, and sauna could work? Either way, bear in mind that you must drink a lot of water if you intend to use a sauna and exercise. There are a host of detox drinks and homemade remedies on the market, and a lot of them contain acidic ingredients that can be harsh on the stomach. If you would rather keep things simple and avoid indigestion problems, stick to water. Even the manufacturers of detox drinks and pills recommend consuming large amounts of water with their products. The downside of this method is that you have to drink more water than you ever believed was possible. Some people recommend drinking a gallon a day for up to a week before the test. However, scientific research into the issue suggests that hyper-hydration is unlikely to have a significant impact on the removal of THC or its metabolites. Hyper-hydration can be life-threatening, so this is not necessarily a safe method for THC detox. A smarter way is to use a combination of vitamin B2 and an electrolyte powder. Drink the electrolyte solution at a rate of 4 milliliters per pound of your lean body mass (your bodyweight when fat is subtracted) per hour for three hours. Then test your urine using a home drug test, and if your reading is below 50 ng/mL, repeat the test the following day and check again. If your reading is at a ‘fail’ level, you’ll need to gradually increase your consumption of the electrolyte solution until the test comes back clean. These are not always effective, but they may be an option if time is running out, and you are desperate! In simple terms, combine as many ingredients with known detoxification properties and chug it down! One example is to mix: 500 ml of water Two tablespoons of lemon juice Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar One teaspoon of ground ginger 0.25 teaspoons of cinnamon A pinch of cayenne pepper One teaspoon of honey to make the concoction palatable. For best results, drink the mixture three times on the day of your drug test.

When you eat healthier foods, you’re actually helping to remove THC from your system rather than merely masking it. One tactic you could use is to eat a large amount of high-fiber leafy greens, beginning at least three days before your drug test.

Natural fiber helps to kick start your digestive tract, which ultimately means more excretion of fecal matter and with it, THC. Remember, up to 65% of THC is removed from your system via bowel movements! Fruits and vegetables are also filled with micronutrients that can assist in the detox process; in the days before your drug test, increase your consumption of Magnesium, Activated Charcoal, Psyllium Husk, and B Vitamins with special emphasis on niacin. Here is a quick list of a few detox foods to consider: Lemon: The acidic properties of this citrus fruit make it an excellent option for detox.


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