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There is very little known about where and who is responsible for the first Incredible Hulk plant, and as a result, it can be extremely difficult to come across seeds to grow your own plants. Incredible Hulk is very much a day time strain, giving you an almost instant burst of energy and stimulating your brain. Due to its much larger than average THC content, the effects of Incredible Hulk kick in after just a few puffs, pushing all stress and negativity to one side and making room for upbeat, happy thoughts and a motivated mindset. Thoughts start to feel as though they are racing around your brain at a rapid speed, making you feel as though you have just received a triple dose of caffeine.

This active, fast-paced feeling makes Incredible Hulk the ideal strain for those days when you have a lot to do and really need an extra dose of energy. Your brain feels stimulated and able to take on those more complex and challenging tasks which you have been pushing to one side and putting off for days. Incredible Hulk is also ideal for those physically active days, taking full advantage of the sudden burst of energy you might just have the motivation you have been seeking for so long to finally complete that 10K run you have been training for or to finish that DIY project you have been putting off. Incredible Hulk is more than just a work aid, though; it is also the perfect social strain . Whether you are heading out to a party or have planned a fun afternoon out with a few close friends, Incredible Hulk unlocks your social side and helps you get into the party mood. You will find that all social anxiety is gone and that you have the confidence to talk freely, even with groups of people that you have not met before. The uplifting buzz which is felt with Incredible Hulk frees your mind and gives you the courage and energy that you need to be the life and soul of the party. Being a sativa, there are very few physical effects other than a slightly tingly lightness which creeps through your body and adds to the energetic vibes of Incredible Hulk. This is one of the reasons why sativa-dominant strains are so popular for daytime use, because they do not leave you feeling physically weighed down and sedated.

Despite having so few physical effects, Incredible Hulk can act as a mild form of pain relief, ideal for treating headaches and other minor pains which drag you down throughout the day. Incredible Hulk is best enjoyed when smoked; this allows you to appreciate the strain as a whole, rather than skipping straight to the effects. The appearance, flavor, and aroma of Incredible Hulk are part of the incredible package and help to set the clear-headed, yet stimulating mindset that is an Incredible Hulk high, and it would be a shame to miss out on its fruity, clear smoke. What incredible aromas can you expect from the Incredible Hulk? Incredible Hulk has an intense fruity aroma, with subtle earthy undertones which add a layer of complexity. Rolling a bud of Incredible Hulk in your hand is a similar experience to rubbing freshly picked herbs between your fingers and being left with pungent scent on your hand that you find yourself continuously smelling? Grinding Incredible Hulk brings out a powerful blueberry aroma, filling the air with memories of summer afternoons spent picking blueberries as a child. A careful inspection of the contents of your grinder will allow you to appreciate the earthy, almost skunk aroma hiding behind the blueberries. Incredible Hulk has a pleasant smoke which is easy to breathe through and smells just like blueberries when baked as part of a pie. The heat further brings out the skunk smell and can linger in the air for some time after smoking, which might be worth considering if you are trying to be discreet. Is the flavor profile of the Incredible Hulk just as incredible as its blueberry filled aroma? If you are somebody who loves nothing more than a blueberry pie, then you will be pleased to learn that the blueberry aroma of Incredible Hulk extends over into the strain’s flavor profile. Breathing in Incredible Hulk, you are filled with a warm blueberry flavor which sits on your tongue as the smooth smoke works its way down your throat. Further puffs of Incredible Hulk give you the chance to pick apart some of the more subtle flavors which you might not have noticed at first. There is an earthy pine flavor which blends in perfectly with the blueberry, but what is more surprising are the notes of pineapple which seem somewhat out of place but still enjoyable. Incredible Hulk has a strong skunk after taste, which will linger in your mouth for some time and is only partially reduced by swirling a glass of water around your mouth. While this is not the worst taste that you could experience, it is a shame to lose the warm blueberry flavor, which makes the taste of this strain so incredible. What are the key things that you should know about Incredible Hulk’s appearance? Just as you would expect from a strain named after the Incredible Hulk, plants tend to be on the taller side, often outgrowing all those around them. In keeping with the theme of the strain, buds are spherical in shape and much more significant than you would normally see with sativa-dominant strains. Buds are bright green in color with fine orange hairs which work their way from the center and out towards the sun, screaming for attention. A thin layer of amber trichomes cover the buds, combining with the buds’ coloring to create a yellow tint across the surface of the buds. If the flavor profile and effects of Incredible Hulk sound like they might be exactly what you have been looking for in strain, you might be wondering how you can start growing your own Incredible Hulk plants at home. Let’s take a look at what it takes to grow a healthy Incredible Hulk plant. Incredible Hulk is the perfect strain for novice growers who are looking for a straightforward plant to delve into the world of growing.

It is extremely difficult to source Incredible Hulk seeds and therefore your best option is to purchase clippings from a healthy, mature plant. Clipping is excellent for beginners as they are easier to start the growth process, plus being genetically identical to the plant they were taken from there should be few surprises in store. Incredible Hulk plants grow best in a warm Mediterranean climate, which can either be outside or in an artificial indoor setting. Plants can be kept in colder temperatures, but they will take longer to grow, and their yield can be drastically smaller as a result. When deciding where to store your Incredible Hulk plants, it is worth bearing in mind that they tend to be on the taller side and therefore are not ideal for confined spaces.

When grown indoors Incredible Hulk can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to reach maturity and be ready for harvesting. If you opt to keep your Incredible Hulk plants outside you can expect a harvest at some point between late October and mid-November.


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