ultra lemon haze

Ultra Lemon Haze


Sativa-dominant Ultra Lemon Haze is the result of crossbreeding Lemon Haze (a former overall Cannabis Cup winner) and Sour Diesel. The resulting hybrid was then further crossed with Auto#1, which contains excellent Ruderalis genetics. The Ruderalis genetics mean that this is a short-growing autoflowering variety.

When you light up Ultra Lemon Haze weed, you’ll immediately notice the clean, citrus fruit aroma and then you’ll taste lemons and grapefruits combined with some sour tones that come from the Diesel parent. Expect a cerebral, buzzy hit that will leave you feeling engaged and active.

This plant only grows to a maximum height of 80 centimetres, and often tops out at as little as 60 or 70 centimetres. The bright green leaves have slender serrated fingers and the dense buds have a longish, conical shape and orange hairs. In medical use, this weed can help with sleep and appetite problems.

As an autoflowering type, Ultra Lemon Haze grows well indoors in a controlled environment, although you may need to vary its feeding between the vegetative and the blossoming stages. Flowering time is around eight to nine weeks. Increasing the flowering time should lead to a more potent crop and yields are in the medium range.

Ultra Lemon Haze seeds grow successfully outdoors but like all strains the more warm sunshine it gets, the better it will do.

Smokers who enjoy an energetic high and a citrus fruit flavored smoke will definitely appreciate Ultra Lemon Haze. It can be on the difficult side to cultivate successfully, so it’s probably not for novice growers.

Detailed review of Ultra lemon haze with a full smoke report. Ultra Lemon Haze weed is a fast growing auto flowering strain with a citrus flavor.

Ultra lemon haze

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Ultra Lemon Haze Auto is a sativa-dominant strain produced from by crossing of Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel from Northern California and then crossing the result with Auto #1. It is a stable strain but does not like to see more than 16 hours of light per 24 hours.

Although it does well both indoors and outdoors some care will need to be taken when growing indoors to control its growth and be sensitive to its needs. Its sativa-dominance produces long buds with thin leaves and its low proportion of ruderalis has produced a plant that differs from the usual auto-flowering plant. For best yields and highest THC levels it should be allowed to grow for at least 90 days indoors with bloom nutrients given from week 5/6. Outdoors allow 100 days or longer. It can be harvested earlier but he results won’t be as good. This long life-cycle should be borne in mind if growing outdoors.

When left to mature properly the smoke is sensational. THC levels are in excess of 20% and the effect is a soaring cerebral high with a definite psychedelic edge albeit with a nicely-balanced body stone.


Breeder/Brand Auto Seeds
Genetics (Lemon Haze x Sour Diesel) x Auto #1
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
THC Content 20%+
Plant Height 65 – 100 cm
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time Indoors: 65 – 90 days; Outdoors 100 days+
Effect Cerebral, Psychedelic

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