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Catfish Strain Quick Facts Genetic Lineage Unknown Sativa/Indica Ratio 100/0 THC % 15% to 19% CBD % 0.1% Climate Mediterranean Climate Flowering Period 10 to 16 weeks/ October Average Yield 530 g/sqm/ 500g/plant. Catfish’s buds originally smell like freshly watered soil but, after curing the flowers, it becomes more like chemicals. If anything, it is akin to someone opening a bottle of astringent.

Grinding, or lighting it up, reveals its overtones of ammonia – a chemical which the animal is quite resistant to. Its acrid smoke can be irritating to the eyes but is enticing to the palate for lovers of sour strains. When exhaled, the vapor leaves a diesel aftertaste. Catfish jolts a sleepy mind back to life, making it the perfect wake and bake partner. The rush of energy it delivers jumpstarts a sluggish morning by enhancing the mood and stimulating the mind. In all likelihood, users will start the day with a positive outlook that lasts for hours. Catfish Strain Effects – Image Powered by cannabis.wiki. One of the most cherished qualities of the strain is its quick-acting high.

Only a few moments within the first drag, users feel the psychoactive high of the buds burst. A tingling sensation begins around the temples, and eye area then spreads to mind, prompting a surge in creativity. Along with it is an upbeat disposition that creates a positive environment for getting tasks done faster or easier. With that said, Catfish makes its way on top of highly recognized daytime strains. Its energizing qualities persist throughout the day to keep users productive. It can still be used as a night-time strain at one’s own risk of course. Prepare for an uncanny time of wanting everything done but nothing to do. As such, it should come as no surprise that users feel the mouth dry up like a desert on a hot day. The eyes get redder too as it gets irritated from the lack of moisture. Both are natural reactions to cannabinoids but drinking lots of liquid during the duration of use is essential. Consuming the buds in higher doses may lead to anxiety and paranoia, although these particular side effects are rare. Because of this, it is essential that users smoke within personal limitations. Otherwise, the unwanted reactions will linger for hours and may even extend up to the next day. In such cases, it is advised to stay indoors with a companion who can oversee the user until the greening out fades away. Catfish ensure enthusiasts, including medicinal users, feel energized while using its buds. It delivers a mood-enhancing buzz that reinvigorates the mind along with a soothing euphoria that assists in calming symptoms of certain mental health disorders like chronic anxiety. Catfish Strain Medical – Image Powered by 420budexperts.com. The cannabis strain also does the job of uplifting a tired mind. It reduces high-stress levels while managing symptoms of depression and PTSD such as feelings of hopelessness. Bear in mind that the strain does have a powerful buzz. Used beyond individual tolerance, it can overwhelm instead especially for patients that suffer from epileptic episodes. Its stimulating effects also make one reach for snacks. It brings back a lost appetite while addressing gastrointestinal issues.

Hence, it is a source of reprieve among patients with eating disorders such as anorexia or cachexia as a result of strain in the body. Meanwhile, the energy it brings is enough to power through a day. It revives a tired body which appeases fatigue and gets rid of over exhaustion. At the same time, it has a relaxing effect that releases pressure around the eyes while simultaneously easing aches and pains. Catfish does not fall short of expectations from a pure Sativa.

It leaves an impression with its medium to large-sized flowers along with a range of light green hues that have golden undertones.


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