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Buyer Beware: True North Seedbank


Ordered from true north seed bank our of Canada. Package came quick..inside of 8 days. Not discreet what-so-ever. Just bubble wrapped around original packaging. They want you to pay extra $15 and purchase an item out of store for discreet shipping. Ordered Cheese Auto got Lemon Skunk Auto and Bubba Kush for free all by Canuk. None of them popped or even turned light color. When I opened the package they looked old and 2 almost appeared to be cracked.

Not sure if this is standard or not with other companies but a letter was also inside the package. Seems to be the way they protect themselves but it screws the customer. It said “These seeds are not for germination. They are for storage in case cannabis goes legal. We are not responsible for the germination of these seeds.”

I will most certainly Never order from them again. I am waiting for an email back but I seriously doubt they will help per the letter. Will update you guys.

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Email the breeder, not the Seedbank about seed related problems. Unless they were crushed during shipping. Then it’s the seedbanks fault.

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Most seedbanks don’t guarantee germination which is why I barely order from seedbanks unless it’s a high selling line cause they will sell old ass seeds probably won’t even store them in a fridge. Every not so popular strain I’ve bought had low to no germination

And most breeders don’t even give a shit so I only order from breeders with good customer service usually but usually just direct from the breeder.

Ordered from true north seed bank our of Canada. Package came quick..inside of 8 days. Not discreet what-so-ever. Just bubble wrapped around original…

An Honest True North Seed Bank Review

We are going to give our honest opinion of True North Seed Bank. To fully review a company, we must investigate them fully and thoroughly. This will be an in-depth analysis of their history, reputation in the market, seed selection, seed quality, prices, and much more. Hold onto your hats, we’re about to get into the nitty gritty!

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History of True North Seed Bank:

When searching for True North Seedbank’s history, there wasn’t much information to find. Located in the Toronto area, they are an up and coming seed seller. They don’t give a lot of information about how they started and when they started. They began as a medical marijuana seed seller because of the laws in Canada. Once Canada legalized recreational marijuana, their company’s image changed.

They do have strong beliefs when it comes to quality seeds. They only provide the freshest seeds to their customers. This is clearly stated on their short “About” page. It wasn’t clear when they opened initially and their beginnings remain a mystery to consumers and others in the industry. This bit a cloud of mystery usually isn’t a good sign when searching for a reputable seed bank, but we won’t count out True North Seed Bank just yet… Let’s continue.

True North’s Reputation:

They aren’t well known within the marijuana seed community. Their newness to the industry as well as their lack of marketing has led them to remain so lowkey. Some people become worried due to the fact that they aren’t well known. Many growers don’t feel comfortable buying from a company that isn’t a familiar name. On the flip side, if you’re familiar with the cannabis industry then you’ve definitely heard of brands like ILGM and Seedsman because they’ve spent years and quite a bit of money to help ensure that their brand awareness is top notch!

Although they are unknown, it is not due to their product quality. When it comes to high quality seeds, that seems to be one thing they excel at. Customers say that the marijuana seeds are always fresh and the strains are wonderful! Not all of their reviews are perfect, but mistakes do happen. Even the biggest and most well-known companies have bad reviews sometimes, but these canuk seeds are definitely high quality. Hopefully, as the legalization of marijuana continues, I think they will become more popular. Furthermore, they do definitely need to put a bit more work into their marketing and brand awareness to give a bit of a more trusted feel. There’s currently a level of mystery that almost feels a bit shady.

Seed Selection:

Now, let’s get to the main attraction…the seeds! They have almost endless fresh strain options. When clicking on their website, you are immediately shown special offers, bestsellers, new arrivals, and recommended strains. Finding the right strain is very easy due to the website set up.

Buying marijuana seeds for the first time is daunting, but they made their site easy for beginners and veteran growers to navigate. Seed variety is one of their biggest strengths and also their website’s accessibility. There are options to buy seeds by Seedbank (43 Seedbanks), Sex of Plant, Flowering Type, Variety, Yield, THC Content, CBD Content, Flowering Time, Medicinal Uses, Taste/Flavor,

Effects, Plant Height, Climate, Award Winners, and Package Size (Seed amount.) With that having been said, True North Seedbank has seeds to fill anyone’s needs.

Possessing 1,629 different seed strains gives them the perfect position to sell to professional marijuana farmers and personal growers alike. The “Pack Size” filter shows that you can buy anywhere from 1 seed to 100,000 seeds.

The most intriguing filter option is taste and also medical conditions. The medical conditions that this seed banks strains benefit are extensive. There are 34 medical conditions that they have strains for. Benefiting everyone from those with Depression and Anxiety to Cancer and Chronic pain. The flavors are wild too… they offer unique strain flavors like blue cheese, ammonia, and fuel to name the most obscure. These canuk seed sellers definitely have quite a few choices!

Seed Quality:

Let’s jump into the actual quality of the seed. They have so many seed options and it makes the consumer wonder whether or not the seeds are actually of quality. That being said, they do not produce their own seeds, so the quality of their seeds is based on the companies they pair with. So, let’s look more into the seed banks they use. They use the famous Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Sensi Seed, DNA Genetics, Pyramid Seeds, and Serious Seeds to name the most popular seed banks.

Overall, they’ve handpicked the best of the best seeds. All of the seed banks previously mentioned are from either Spain or the Netherlands. Amsterdam in the Netherlands is known as the “Cannabis Mecca” in the marijuana world. They chose only the best of the best quality of seeds and that meant getting connected with the most respected sellers.

One of the most difficult parts of selling seeds is keeping the seeds fresh for the customer. It becomes even more difficult when selling other companies’ seeds. This canuk seeds shop does a wonderful job selling quality and fresh strains all over the world for your order.

Customer Service:

When it comes to customer service, True North Seedbank is very pleasant to communicate with if you can get in contact with them. Contacting the company seems simple because of their website’s “Contact Us” page. Arriving on the “Contact Us” page, you are presented with a mailing address, phone numbers, (for US, Canada and International) Office Hours, and Email. That being said I’ve had some issues getting in contact to their customer service during my order or when I had questions about my order.

Online reviews reveal that their products aren’t as great as they promise, and their customer service is weak. There are truly mixed reviews. The most common negative comment was about poor communication and slow shipping. Five times out of ten they are on top of their game, but they make mistakes. For the most part, the company creates quick and effective strategies to fix customer issues. The positive reviews said that the seeds are extraordinary, but they also affirm that they assumed the company was sketchy prior to their order. Oftentimes, people only write a review when they have a negative experience, so take the consumer reviews as you wish.

Website Usability:

Overall their website is very easy to use and navigate. Everything is organized in an easy to follow way and has a functional search feature. This allows you to search for seeds by name, by THC amount, by effects, ect. This makes it extremely easy to navigate through their strains and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Along with this, they also have a promotions section where they display all of their sales and discounted seeds. This makes it extremely easy if you’re focused on saving some bucks to be able to sort through all their special offerings and find something perfect for you. Their site also allows you to sort by price, so if you only have a few dollars to spend, then you can sort by lowest price!

Overall I would say they have one of the most usable and visitor friendly websites in the industry, as they make it very easy to find what you’re looking for. I would compare their site to ILGM simply because they are both very easy to use and makes it very simply for the user!

Shipping Speed and Policies:

Shipping with True North Seedbank is genuinely painless. One of the major benefits of buying from this seed bank is their international shipping. They will ship their seeds to anywhere that a customer is. They know that marijuana isn’t legal everywhere, but they state on their site, “…w​e strongly advise you to check regulations regarding marijuana seeds in your country prior to ordering, as we will not be held responsible for any legal problems resulting from your purchase.” This disclaimer covers all of its legal bases for anyone looking to order.

Moving on, their delivery costs for your order can be found on their website. For reference, the US & Canada shipping cost is $20-$30 CAD dollars for any order, regardless of the size. Since they ship world-wide, their shipping prices differ from country to country. The website also says that all of their products are shipped from either Canada or the UK. The shipping rates are between CA $20-$180. The rates seem to be pretty high, but they offer order tracking, guaranteed delivery insurance, (US and Canada), and discreet packaging.

Overall they have well thought out shipping options for your order. For North America and Australia, they recommend using “Extra Safe Stealth Shipping” where they will pack the seeds inside another non cannabis item to help hide your seeds during shipment. When there are delivery issues, True North Seedbank is ready to aid in figuring the issues out with their customer.

In a time where shipping can be the same day, True North Seedbank takes a while for their order to arrive at the customer. Shipments to Europe and North America have the fastest delivery time with North America being 5-14 days and Europe is 3-14 days. The rest of the world’s shipment times depend on their location…some taking as long as 25 days to deliver. True North Seedbank Delivery Times and Fees get a 3.5/5 because of the long shipping times and expensive shipping costs. If you’re looking to save on shipping then I’d definitely suggest going with I Love Growing Marijuana because they offer Free Shipping to most places in the world!!

Seed Pricing:

Pricing is a huge factor when considering the quality of the company as a whole for your oder. True North Seedbank’s prices are pretty much standard. There are some seeds a bit cheaper and others a bit more expensive, but that is to be expected. A variety of payment methods are available: Credit/Debit cards, International money, Cash, E-Transfer (Canada Only,) Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The many payment options make buying from them convenient.

Since they do not produce any of their own seeds, the price they sell others’ seeds is similar to other companies selling the same seeds. There is nothing special about their seed prices, but when it comes to deals they are amazing and often offer free seeds. The pricing gets a 4.5/5 because it is just standard pricing and they also have a wide variety of payment methods. That being said you might be able to get these strains for cheaper by going directly to the source.

True North Sales, Deals, and Promotions:

Sales, deals, and discounts are their most attractive features for someone looking to make an order. They offer free seeds with every order which is something all of us can get behind. When it comes to deals and sales, True North Seedbank always produces. Whether it be 420 specials, specific seed bank promotions, or a chance to win free seed every month. Everyone loves free seeds right?

Due to the constant flow of deals, this is the ideal place to buy on a budget because you will end up saving some money with their constant promotions. If you don’t really have a preference for what seeds you get, then their deals are wonderful, but of course they might not be offering what you really want on sale. For truly impeccable sales and promotions, they get 5/5. You’ll definitely save money with their free seeds and other promotions.

Final Thoughts on Our True North Seed Bank Reviews:

Honestly, there is nothing really special about True North Seedbank. They do offer some great deals and promotions, but their slow delivery, poor communication, and aesthetically displeasing websites make them less trustworthy. Their seeds are from respected banks, so their products are quality. That being said, because they don’t produce or breed their own seeds, it doesn’t really put them above and beyond any of the other brands in the industry. It makes me think that I might as well go directly to the source at another seed bank rather than buying through a middle man, so that’s why I recommend taking a look at some other companies prior to True North.

In conclusion, they do have potential, but it is still rough around the edges. They still have some kinks to figure out, so I would not recommend this seed bank unless they some how offer a strain that you can’t find at any of the other seed banks. The mixed reviews about quality and customer service don’t make them very credible. Personally, I would only buy from them if I wasn’t able to get the seeds from somewhere else, or if they had a deal on a strain I want. Even then, you’ll definitely be saving yourself some piece of mind by ordering from a more reputable source.

I’m Looking To Buy Seeds, Should I Use True North Seeds?

So you’ve read through the entire review above and you’re still on the fence. Give me the skinny, should I order from them or not?

To put it extremely simply, I would keep True North Seed Bank as a last resort. They don’t produce their own seeds which means you can essentially get these same seeds from another marketplace. To further this point, their are other seed banks which offer better pricing, better customer service, better shipping policies, and overall a better experience than True North. So if they offer the same exact seeds, then you’d definitely be better off choosing another seed bank. Below is a table to help you choose which seed bank to choose (you can’t go wrong with any of the three listed).

An Honest True North Seed Bank Review We are going to give our honest opinion of True North Seed Bank. To fully review a company, we must investigate them fully and thoroughly. This will be an ]]>