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Cool Trippy Pics to Look at When Your High, Drugs & Art

Stop WTF you are doing and checkout this page full of trippy pictures, creative artwork and mind blowing facts. Trippy VIbes

Are you searching around the web for cool trippy pictures? Then you will enjoy this page. Full of creative pictures found around the web. We are sure you’re going to enjoy this collection of optical illusion pictures, trippy gifs and mind blowing facts. Grab your blunt or pipe and lets go.

Are you high searching for cool trippy pictures, then you have found the right page. Our collection of trippy images are sure to intrigue you. Who doesn’t like to get high and look at a trippy picture. The below collection of images are some original pics & some are just dope trippy images, found online.

100 Dope Trippy Pics

What I like about trippy pictures and just wired art work. Is that it really does not have to make sense. The goal is just to express whatever your feeling at the time. Then again artwork will always be interpreted different by each observer. Enjoy the below selection, grab your blunts or bongs and toke up.

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Trippy Facts & Trippy Pictures

  • Almost all heavy elements (everything but Hydrogen, Helium, and a bit of Lithium) comes from stars that have gone supernova. You are made of stars.
  • The solar system is in orbit around the center of the Milky Way. We’re moving at about 483,000 miles an hour.
  • There are more molecules in a cup of water than there are cups of water in the ocean.
  • There are almost more atoms in a grain of sand, than there are grains of sand on Earth.
  • The word “bed” looks like a bed. Also… shark
  • The phrase “rule of thumb” is derived from an old English law which stated that you couldn’t beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.
  • Polish is the only word in the English language that changes meaning and pronunciation with capitalization.

Trippy Laws Around The World

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