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When harvest-ready, its buds have a frosty appeal and bare red hairs, with the impression that it’s on fire. The combination of two various types of OG Kush strains has made Fire OG a top choice. Its THC level averages at 15% while some crops have tested as high as 20%. Its high is hugely relaxing, often inducing sleepiness in the consumer accompanied by a euphoric mind and body buzz.

Some reviewers claim to have increased cerebral activity, amplifying their creativity. If consumed correctly, the high can last up the three hours. In some cases, it may cause a couch-lock – so consuming this strain in the evening and at night is advised. Fire OG isn’t recommended for first-time users or novice cannabis consumers since its high is potent. Besides the usual ill side-effect of cotton mouth, this strain can cause headaches, paranoia, and in some cases, dizziness. This has become my go-to cannabis during the Coronavirus epidemic. I live at the epicenter of the US pandemic, New York City. I rely on cannabis in all the strains I have it, to cheer and calm me in the evening.

Fire OG, though, is something else -- the only strain I like as much is Blissful Wizard. But I have an extremely high tolerance, so I can do two PAX-lids full of Fire OG and just be sailing balmily for a few hours. This strain INSTANTLY relieves any tension, worry, anxiety that I'm feeling. It really cheers me up and calms me down at the same time. I am down to maybe 1/4 ounce now and I'd love to have an ounce more but my Medical Marijuana supplier doesn't have anymore. This is especially nice for the asthmatic as it is a mild inhale that won't make you cough. My fiancee has breathing problems but she has stage 4 cancer also. Fire og is so smooth tasting and potent I'd buy this pot every time I needed pot if it's available. Right up there with grandaddy purple and hardcore og. A great indica with enough sativa to feel a head buzz and energetic for a good hour before the indica settles in. Relaxing and great for muscle pain, sleep and appetite. i saw curaleaf by me just got this in stock and i needed something for my stomach pain and appetite/nausea along for depression/anxiety/PTSD headaches and insomnia *all pretty common health problems* I was worried this strain would be too sedative so only tried a small amount worth. I was very impressed with the quality and taste and instant calming happy feeling not just tired dopey, but from what i read that will be the next effect! Definitely a 5 star strain (green fire og) The smell upon opening made my mouth water, it took about three deep tokes because of my pain. I hadn't been able to get my prescribed pain meds and was out of my pot so I was hurting, but let me tell you super body affect and had my first nap in months waking up feeling wonderful. Fire OG is very potent and will send you to the bed/couch very fast, as soon as you eat the refrigerator. The intense terpenes of this strain can be smelled throughout the house once broken up. It's incredibly euphoric and psychedelic, while also being very relaxing. It's a great smoke for those looking to combat depression, stress, and anxiety. The buds of this strain smell tropical and give off smells of mangoes and lemons, with undertones of gas and pine. When broken up, the gas smell intensifies and terpenes will flood the room with incredible fruit scents. The smoke is just as delicious as the smell of the bud as well, having notes of herbs, pineapple and lemon. This bud will be an instant favorite of any stoner, owing to it's strong OG backbone. It is my favorite of all the OG kush family strains, even more so than SFV or OG kush.

The taste and smell are sure to please any connoisseur, and it's intense medical effects perfect for a wide range of conditions. Toxins are stored in the fat cells and remain there until the fat cells are burned for energy. When the fat cells burn, the toxins gets released back into the bloodstream to be filtered by the kidneys and deposited in the bladder to be released in the urine. The Rapid Clear Detox Drink is a detoxifying product for users under 200 pounds that temporarily flushes the toxins in your body allowing you to pass a toxin free urine test for up to five hours. Rapid Clear Detox Drinks work on all toxins and is completely undetectable. For best results: Avoid any toxins 48 hours prior to drinking Rapid Clear Detox Drink. Urinate frequently in the morning and avoid eating and drinking foods that are high in sugar. Rapid Clear Cherry Detox drink is used to hold toxins in your body allowing you to be toxin free.

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