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“Perceived” potency describes how strong something feels to the person using it . This means that perceived potency is totally subjective since it’s based on peoples feelings and can’t be measured. However, there are times when perceived potency is a better indicator than measurable potency, and we think this is due to the entourage effect . The entourage effect is a way of describing how there are compounds other than THC in cannabis that can change the effects of what we experience using cannabis (such as terpenes or numerous less well-known cannabinoids).

THC by itself has certain effects, but combining it with CBD, for example, can reduce certain negative effects some people experience with cannabis. We’re still learning what all plays a part in what makes good weed, but we definitely know that it’s not just up to THC. This is relevant to our test because Bubble Hash seems to grab a few more friends into its entourage when it’s being made. Dry-Ice Hash is just trichomes; if you look at them really close, you can tell there’s nothing else there. On the other hand, Bubble Hash just comes out different. It’s possible that there’s a water-soluble compound that gets added in, or it could just be the structure of the hash itself. Either way, after some lengthy testing, Nebula and I fully agree that Bubble Hash just plain feels stronger. All this talk about hash has reminded me of how much I love each type. Before I render a final judgment on who wins the showdown, let me make a case for why each one deserves to be in your house.

Bubble Hash: Old-school cool with some great potency. A little Bubble Hash goes a long way, and it’s one of the best ways to use up your trim. Dry-Ice Hash: It’s good, easy, and you get a lot of it. Bubble Hash brings so much perceived potency that it should almost be an automatic win. It’s insanely easy to make and it’s just as fun to make as it is easy. Dry-Ice Hash might not feel as potent per gram as Bubble Hash, but it’ll get the job done and you get a lot each time you make it. It’s less messy to make Dry-Ice Hash, and since dry-ice sublimates (turns from solid directly into a gas) nothing gets wet and your hash is ready to use as soon as you collect it. As long as you’re careful with the dry-ice, making Dry-Ice Hash is almost too good of a deal! Still, if you learn to grow enough weed, you can always just have both… Dry Sift vs Bubble Hash. When it comes to making hash, two techniques have become the standard: Dry sift and bubble hash. Both are methods for separating trichomes from plant material to make concentrated cannabis products, but is one better than another? Dry sifting is the traditional method for making hash. Long used in places like Morocco, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, this simple process has stood the test of time. Using a fine screen to separate out the kief from the flower, it’s a super practical method. Bubble hash, on the other hand, utilizes Ice Water Extraction to perform the same task. A fairly recent development in hash technology, this method sees cannabis submerged in ice water, then agitated to release the trichomes. As they sink, trichomes are collected in fine mesh filter bags, and then dried. The process is much more complicated and involved than that of dry sifting, but it’s generally accepted that ice water extraction can result in a superior hash. Both methods have their pros and cons, however, and there’s more to consider than simply comparing the end results of each method. So, let’s explore the ins and outs of these two techniques to find out how they stack up against each other. I guess the best place to start is by asking the question, which makes the better hash? And in sheer terms of quality, bubble hash does come out on top. Ice water extraction is a much more refined process than dry sifting, and in the right hands will result in the better end product.

But, the difference isn’t enormous and it’s certainly possible to make high quality dry sift hash that’s perfect for making into solventless rosin. However, if you are looking to make five or six star full melt hash, then ice water extraction is the way to go. Another burning question is which method produces the highest yield? Again bubble hash can produce more rosin thanks to its use of multiple filter bags. With dry sifting you have to select a single mesh with a fixed size that’s the best compromise between quality and yield.

By using multiple filters of differing sizes simultaneously, ice water extraction can collect almost all the trichomes on the plant, whether they be large or small in. This also means there is very little waste with bubble hash, which is why it beats out dry sifting in terms of yield. This is where the dry sifting method really comes into its own. Dry sifting is much simpler than bubble hash making. The method can be performed by anyone, anywhere, and with very little equipment, so requires no special knowledge or skill to achieve.


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