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Top Crop Fertilizer Chart

Today we’re going to give you a look at our Top Crop Fertilizer Chart so that you know what each fertilizer is for and how much you need to use for your precious cannabis grow, as each fertilizer has a certain effect on your plants and is used at a specific time in their cycle. Read on to find out which fertilizers are used when and why.

All of Top Crop’s cannabis fertilizers are organic, so everything that you’ll be giving your plants by using top crop comes from completely natural and organic sources, which will allow you to get the best quality possible out of your final yield. Chemical products may get more yield by organic products create the best flavor, aroma and an extremely potent effect. Also, if you’re planting straight into the ground it’s extremely important to use organic fertilizers as mineral fertilizers can heavily contaminate the soil and the surrounding area.

Organic fertilizers are slow to be absorbed by the plants, so when watering with fertilizers you’ll need to alternate between fertirrigation and watering with just water so that the plants have time to absorb the leftover nutrients in the soil. Remember, once you’ve mixed your fertilizers you’ll need to regulate the pH in the water; for the growth period, pH should be at 5.8 and for flowering, 6.8.

This is the best way to ensure a slow but correct absorption of nutrients, and if your plants begin showing signs of deficiencies it’s nothing to do with the pH as long as you have it adequately adjusted. If your plants start becoming too green then you’ll need to water twice with just water and once with fertilizers; some plants feed more than others, so you’ll need to adapt to your specific plant’s needs rather than following a specific generic chart.

What are Top Crop fertilizers?

Top Veg:

This fertilizer is used for the vegetative phase of the plants, giving them a decent dosage of nitrogen which is what plants need the most when they’re growing and developing; nitrogen is what gives your plants that lovely green color during growth. It also contains many micronutrients that will help your plants stay nice and healthy, with strong trunks and branches that will be able to put up with hefty buds once it begins flowering. It’s used once plants show their third pair of leaves right up until the first flowers appear; if growing indoors, you should use it up until a week after switching the light period to 12/12. It’s used in dosages of 2-4ml per liter of water; begin by using 2ml and slowly increase the dosage to 4ml.

Deeper Underground:

This is Top Crop’s rooting solution, and it multiplies growth in the roots of your plants which translates into a more vigorous growth. This also allows plants to absorb more water and nutrients due to an increase in root mass; this means that they grow faster and stronger, as well as considerably decreasing the chance of fungi in the soil due to excess humidity. It’s used every time you transplant your plants, around 1-2ml per liter a couple of weeks after each transplant. The more roots your plant has the more it will grow, producing strong trunks and branches that are more than capable of putting up with the weight of the eventual yield.


This product is a concentration of fungi and bacteria that are beneficial for your plants roots. These bacteria act by making your plants absorb more nutrients than normal, meaning that the speed at which the plants develop cells and grow is much faster than usual, as well as increasing the yield considerably. You’ll need to use it with each transplant to renew the contents in each new substrate that you use. You can use it in both watering and soil, in the same proportions; 2-5g per liter of water or soil in the flowerpot. 5g is more than enough for a 7-11L flowerpot, however when used in water you’ll need to use it like the rooting solution; a couple of weeks after each transplant so it can properly be absorbed, so this means that if you use it when watering you’ll be using more than if you just add it to the soil. Personally, I prefer to use it in soil and it’s always worked perfectly for me; your plants will be much healthier and they’ll drink more water than usual.

Green Explosion:

This is Top Crop’s growth stimulator; you don’t need to use this product too much and it can only be used outdoors, as if it’s used indoors your plants will grow much too big and they won’t be able to flower correctly. Outdoors it’s used every 20 days during the veg period and it can be used in the irrigation or sprayed on in dosages of 2ml/L of water. Your plants will go through an actual green explosion. If you want to use it indoors because something’s not right with your grow, do NOT use it more than once if you don’t want to have a ridiculously gigantic, untamable indoor plant.


This product makes your plants much more resistant to pests and fungi, as well as other nasty things like rain, hard winds or even excess heat from the sun. It’s made mostly of silicate and potassium, components that help your plants increase the thickness of their cellular walls, making for stronger and more resistant plants that absorb more CO2 from the surrounding area. The leaves get thicker and the stems get much stronger, allowing your plants to easily resist insect bites, heat and strong winds that might otherwise break them. You only need to use 0.5ml/L of water during the first week of flowering, and you can repeat the dosage once the fattening stage begins but that’s pretty much all you need for some strong and healthy plants.

Top Vulcan:

With Top Vulcan you can create an ideal substrate your our outdoor plants. You just need to mix 1-2g per liter of soil in the flowerpot, or from 5 to 15kg for 100m2. Your plants will react by absorbing the nutrients from the soil much more efficiently, reducing the acidity of the substrate and allowing your plants to feed properly. Your plants will be stronger and healthier thanks to this product, much a much more vigorous growth and protection from issues like fungi and pathogens that can severely damage your plants. It’s basically just dried and ground up lava rock, which will enrich the soil an incredible amount. It can be used indoors where your plants need help dealing with higher temperatures, and outdoors to make sure nothing goes unexpectedly wrong with fungi and whatnot, as well as helping your plants feed much better.

Big One:

This is a flowering stimulant for cannabis plants, with which you will be able to speed up the start of the flowering period and produce many more flowers that you’ll be able to fatten up with the rest of the nutrients. It will also give your plants an absolutely incredible resin yield, and you’ll be able to see the results right from the beginning of the flowering period. It needs to be used once flowering begins; when you flip to 12/12 indoors or when your plants naturally begin to flower outdoors which (here in Spain) is around the beginning of July.

To use this product, you’ll need to first spray it on; mix 2ml of Big One per liter of water in your sprayer and spray your plants thoroughly. 10 days later, use the same dosage in your irrigation, and 10 days after that repeat the irrigation dosage again. It’s a total of 30 days treatment, and it will work wonders on your plants. You can also use it when watering at the beginning of the fattening period, but make sure that you don’t go over the top.

Top Candy:

This product contains the necessary sugars for your plants to grow internally, making for much denser and more resinous buds, as well as a more flavorful final taste. It’s completely organic, meaning that your plants will increase terpene production and the flavor won’t be affected in the least. It’s used practically during the entire flowering process; 1-2ml per liter of water that you can mix in with Top Bloom, the flowering base fertilizer. Your plants will reward you with a much heavier and resinous top quality yield.

Top Bloom:

Top Bloom is the nutrient base used for your plants during the flowering period. By adding Top Bloom to your irrigation water, your plants will have all the macro and micronutrients they could ever need during the flowering period from beginning to end. Plants don’t always feed the same way; when the flowering period begins you’ll need to use the minimum dosage and as the flowering period advances you can slowly up the dosage, reaching the maximum mid-fattening stage. Begin by adding 2ml per liter of irrigation water alongside Top Candy; it’s used in alternate waterings (fertilizer, then pure water). If your plants start getting very green then start using it every third watering, and if they start getting yellowish then you can water twice with fertilizer and once with just water. Remember to always use with water so that it can be absorbed properly, and there always needs to be a break in which only water is used so that the excess nutrients in the soil can be absorbed rather than stick around and accumulate. Once you’re halfway through the flowering period you should have fat but white-ish buds; you can now start using 4ml per liter of water rather than 2ml, but make sure you don’t overdo it; twice weekly max.


Bat guano is a natural fertilizer that helps your plants out during the bud fattening phase, giving them an extra dosage of phosphorus and potassium which is extremely slow releasing. It will slowly reach your plants’ buds and thicken them up immensely. Bat guano is the product used by pretty much any grower worth his weight in buds; you don’t even need to use that much, just once or twice straight into the substrate, making it easy to measure the dosages. It’s extremely strong, so make sure that you don’t go over the dosage; for a 7L pot you’ll need to use two big spoons of SuperGuano, and for 50L pots you need to use fourteen. You’ll need to add it to the substrate once you’ve done the last transplant, which is done when flowering is about to begin. If you’re growing indoors you’ll need to transplant once you switch the time from veg to flowering; about a month after applying it to the soil it will start being absorbed and you’ll notice the effect on your plants, whose buds will grow heavier and fatter.

How to use Top Crop fertilizers in your grow:

The first thing you need to know is how to differentiate the different phases in your grow, and use fertilizers depending on each phase; never follow a weekly chart, as some strains are faster, some are slower, some feed less and some feed more, so you need to adapt to the plant’s phases rather than follow some generic weekly chart. These are the differences between the phases and what Top Crop products you should use for each one:

  • Germination – No fertilizers
  • Vegetation – Deeper Underground and Top Veg
  • Pre-flowering – Big One and Top Veg the first week of preflowering and Big One + Top Bloom in the second week. Bat Guano.
  • Flowering – Top Bloom
  • Fattening – Top Bloom (your plants will begin absorbing the guano you used a month ago)
  • Root flush – Nothing

If you’re not sure how to recognize each phase you can check out our other article called how to grow cannabis.


This is how you start your grow; you need to germinate your seeds. If you’re not sure how then you should check out our article on germination.


Once your plants are germinated in their little flowerpot or jiffy, you need to transplant them to a 3L flowerpot for both indoor and outdoor grows, and add MicroVita to the substrate. If you’re using Top Vulcan then you should also add it to your substrate at this time.

Once it has its third pair of leaves you can add 2ml/L of Top Veg and 1ml/L of Deeper Underground to your irrigation water; alternate between fertilizers and pure water.

After two weeks, stop using Deeper Underground, and continue with Top Veg until you need to switch it out for Top Bloom later on.

Indoors, your plants will need to veg until day 21 on 18h of light, and then on the 21 st day after germination flip the lights to 12/12 so that they can begin flowering.

If you’re growing outdoors then you’ll need to transplant to a slightly bigger pot; from 3L to 7L for example, once you notice the growth slowing down in the 3L pot. This is done so the roots can get more space to grow. If you want a push in growth then you can use Green Explosion every 20 days to accelerate the growth process.

The last transplant done in the vegetation period needs to be done when the plant is about to go into the flowering period, which should be sometime around July outdoors. Every time you transplant use 1ml/L of Deeper Underground for two weeks and a dosage of MicroVita in the new substrate. If you haven’t used Top Vulcan and you’re worried about pests or overheating, you can always use Barrier whenever you want in the irrigation water.


When you change the lighting indoors or the light changes outdoors (July in Spain), your plants will slowly enter the flowering period. It should take around 14 days to begin flowering and start showing little buds. What you need to do us use Big One, spraying on the same day that you transplant and flip the light period. Mix 2ml/L of water in the sprayer and spray the entire plant, especially along the bottom of the leaves.

If you’re growing indoors you’ll just need to transplant from a 3L pot to a 7L pot, adding the necessary MicroVita to the substrate, and if you’re worried about pests or heat then add some Top Vulcan too. You’ll need to add 2 big spoonfuls of SuperGuano per 7L of substrate. If you’re outdoors, keep in mind that 50L pots need 14 spoonfuls. After a month it will start to be absorbed during the fattening period.

Once the pre-flowers become visible, you’ll need to switch out Top Veg for Top Bloom, which is usually 7-10 days after flipping the lights. 10 days after spraying with Big One you’ll need to repeat the dosage in your irrigation water, and 10 days after that do the same.


This is the phase that every grower loves the most; when the buds start taking shape on the plants. In this phase all you need to do is use Top Bloom, 2ml/L of water and start using Top Candy alongside it. You can use both of them together when watering, alternating between using them and using pure water or you can use Top Bloom and then Top Candy, alternating them both.

If you notice that your plants are extremely green then you’ll need to use fertilizers once every three waterings, and if the leaves start going yellow then you can use two waterings with fertilizers every three waterings. You need to adapt to the plants’ needs and how much that they feed, as some of them absorb much more than others. Keep in mind that during the flowering period you need to keep the pH at around 6.5-6.8 so that you don’t accidentally cause a blockage of nutrients and whatnot.


Once the flowering period is about a month in, or towards the end of August in Spain, your plants do through an incredible change; the buds go through a growth spurt and begin getting much fatter. This is when you’ll need to increase the dosage of Top Bloom from 2ml to 4ml/L of water, and keep Top Candy at 2ml/L.

Root Flush:

There will reach a moment when your plants will absorb a whole lot of water, and then suddenly they stop drinking as much. This means that it will soon be time to harvest. Once you notice that your plants aren’t growing many new pistils and the brown ones are beginning to fall off, then you need to water with just pure water for around 10-15 days.

Once you’ve done this, let the soil dry completely and you can proceed to harvest your crop. If you’re not sure when to harvest, you can check out our article on the subject.

Now you know how to use the Top Crop Fertilizer Chart, so give them a try and get the absolute most out of your next grow; the best flavors, aromas and potencies imaginable. Go check them out on our webpage, where you’re sure to find the best prices around!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

In this article we're going to talk about the entire top crop fertilizer chart. Top Crop can be used indoors and outdoors, giving maximum yield and quality.