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When monitoring your plants, pay attention to the growing medium, and not only to the stems and leaves for traces of intruders. The good news is, Gorilla Glue 4 is a highly resilient strain towards both diseases and pests. As a result, your plants won’t just let themselves being damaged to a critical point without allowing you enough time to take appropriate measurements. But it is your diligence and consistency that will make the biggest difference from harvesting decently moderate yields to harvesting really huge, massive yields.

Mastering the CO2 levels in your grow room can boost your yields with the stunning 20% . There are many different ways to optimize CO2 levels but the most reliable one is to invest in a CO2 generator . The downside of utilizing CO2 to increase the expected yields comes with the fact that high levels of CO2 are controversial to humans. Plants can’t really overdose on CO2 but human beings can. So if you get exposed to higher levels of CO2 (anything over 2000 ppm) while spending time in your grow room, this can lead to drowsiness, sleepiness, and/or headaches. Typically, optimizing CO2 levels to 1200 – 1500 ppm will do wonders for laying your hands on huge yields upon harvesting. But then again, growing your Gorilla Glue #4 plants and optimizing C02 rates for best results upon harvesting is only possible if your grow room is fully sealed so that no C02 emissions will be able to affect the air quality of the air you breathe. Of course, spending as little time as possible in your CO2 optimized grow room is a must to avoid exposing your health to damage. Gorilla Glue 4 Hydroponic Growing – Mind Blowing Yields. Finally, if you want nothing less but truly spectacular yields from growing Gorilla Glue #4, then hydroponic setups can take you to the next level.

Hydroponic growing might seem like a mini sci-fi mission at very first glance, and that’s why it also tends to feel very confusing to the newbies. However, if you take the time to do your research and choose a suitable hydro setup, you can bring your cannabis growing adventure to never-seen-before dimensions when it comes to huge yields. Of course, not all strains will prefer a hydro setup as opposed to traditional soil growing but Gorilla Glue 4 is not one of these strains. All the essential nutrients your plants need are supplemented by the application of hydroponic-tailored nutrient solutions. While this gives little room for errors if you mess up the levels of nutrients too much, it does give you far better control over the growing process. Here’s a good example of a successful Gorilla Glue 4 hydro growing plan for a total of 9 plants. 5×5 grow tent 1000W MH grow lights during vegetation 1000W HPS grow lights during flowering 9 x 2-gallon ebb and grow buckets modified to make use of 5’’ net pots with the roots being suspended. Hydroponic growing + SCROG can truly exceed your bravest expectations when it comes to massive yields. Altogether with regular pH testing and an EC meter for monitoring the strength of hydroponic nutrient formulas, you will be one step closer to filling your jars with numerous out-of-this-world Gorilla Glue 4 sticky buds. Certainly, there are many ways to reap the benefits of hydroponic growing since there are multiple systems available to be tailored to your needs. However, one of the biggest downsides of hydro setups is that you can only use synthetic nutrients . So if growing organically is your top priority, hydroponics are out your list for boosting yields. Gorilla Glue 4 Grow Tips for Harvesting Huge Yields: The Bottom Line. At the end of this article, we want to highlight the utmost importance of working with high-quality genetics. Only top-grade marijuana seeds will be able to unleash the true potency of any strain that you’re trying to grow with a mind to enjoying increased yields. The tips and know-how we listed above may prove to be quite useless if you’re stuck with low-quality Gorilla Glue 4 seeds or clones. Every successful cannabis growing journey starts with the right genetics so choose wisely. Give your marijuana plants care and attention, stay consistent and diligent, and watch them flourish! Do you already feel one step closer to knowing how to harvest huge yields with this spectacular strain? You can help us make this world a greener, better place by showing us some love and support, too! We wish you a monstrously amazing Gorilla Glue growing adventure. If you have some mighty buds to brag about, don’t be selfish and share a shot of your mouthwatering stash to inspire fellow marijuana growers in the comment section below. Teniendo acceso a especímenes únicos de variedades conocidas por su potencia y rendimiento, Monster Genetics ha seleccionado una gama de variedades muy comercial con genéticas que están a la orden del día entre los clientes más exigentes. Las semillas de cannabis de Monster Genetics son la opción ideal de los cultivadores que están buscando la excelencia en su producto final. Listas para dar el paso adelante apostando por la intensidad en los sabores y aromas de cada una de sus genéticas. Las semillas feminizadas son aquellas que producen plantas hembra con una probabilidad de más del 99,99%.

Las semillas de Monster Genetics vienen de genéticas estables de la máxima calidad que han sido sometidas a un proceso de reversión y cruzadas entre si. Además, tienen la garantía de nuestros cuatro pilares de calidad: excelencia genética, seguimiento por lotes, control de germinación y renovación de stock. Empleando este tipo de semillas no se tienen que seleccionar y eliminar las plantas macho, ahorrando tiempo, espacio, dinero y preocupaciones. Las semillas autoflorecientes son una variedad relativamente nueva, proveniente de un cruce entre la subespecie ‘rudelaris’ con plantas de ‘cannabis sativa’. La subespecie rudelaris es originaria de zonas geográficas con veranos breves y por tanto han evolucionado hasta la autofloración. Es decir, su floración no depende de la horas de luz, sino que lo hace pasados unas semanas desde la germinación de la semilla. Esta característica genética ha hecho que se puedan producir semillas de marihuana que crecen rápidamente y florecen sin necesidad de los ciclos naturales de sol, ampliando la cantidad de cosechas anuales y facilitando la labor a cultivadores inexpertos.

OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel THC: 25% Sabor: Diesel, terroso y con un toque afrutado. OG Kush x Auto Diesel XXL x Fast and vast THC: 25% Sabor: Diesel, terroso y con un toque a especias dulces.


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