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I haven’t screwed up a breeding project since my ecsd somehow didn’t get pollinated in time about 6 years back. still, I get so pumped when I see beans popping out. The plant pictured is my # … Ещё DurangoPlatinumTangie aka # DPT (Platinum Tangie x Durango OG) getting back crossed by an incredible DPT keeper male. This one has jar appeal, grows shorter and bushes harder than any plant, and spits out real og Kush terps with a hint of tangerine and cookie rubber gas. This strain is great for vertical grows or rooms with shorter ceilings. Golf ball buds that get nice and dark reds and purples and extremely fast flower time. Can be harvested by week 7 for commercial grows or pushed until week 8 for a really heavy body high that kills nausea and makes you hungry as fucc. BX beans coming soon. Do not miss out # 🐅 🔥 🔥 🔥

Tiger Stripe Seed Company

Really stoked on this # KillerDawg (Stardawg IX x Starkiller OG). I could tell from veg that it’s the Stardawg pheno as she looks exactly her father, Dale The Male(SDIX) and I’m excited that the SKOG boosted … Ещё the yield and gives a nice bulking property along with a really earthy nose! This one is for the Kush and Chem lovers out there. I decided to breed this pheno with my # DeathDawg (Stardawg IX x Ohio cut clone only cut of The real Death Star) pollen and plan to cross the best male of that into a nice keeper cut of Road Dawg before backcrossing a few times to get homogeneous seed stock. The ultimate Chem OG cross is well in the works 🤙🏽 🔊 📣 🐅 🔥 🔥 🔥

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