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The Strain: Season 1

2014 – Drama,В Horror,В Mystery,В Sci-Fi,В Thriller

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The Master

45min – Eph and Fet recon for an all-out assault that Setrakian assures them will finally kill the Master. Gus aligns himself with a strange new force, one that may swing the fight in an unforeseen direction.

Last Rites

43min – Dutch returns with a plan to broadcast Eph’s warning about the vampiric plague. However, they face a new threat when Eichhorst launches his own attack against the pawn shop.

The Third Rail

40min – Setrakian leads Eph, Fet and Nora in the hunt for the Master’s lair. Left behind at the pawnshop with Mariela, Zack risks his safety for Mariela’s sake.

Loved Ones

41min – Eph investigates Kelly’s disappearance and struggles with what he finds. Dutch pursues a plan to retaliate against Palmer, and Fitzwilliam makes a surprising choice.

The Disappeared

42min – Eph returns home to protect his family, only to learn he may be too late. Meanwhile, Dutch tells Abraham about her dealings with The Master.

Creatures of the Night

40min – After learning that UV lamps could be a powerful defence against the vampires, the group take refuge in a convenience store as they come under attack.

For Services Rendered

43min – Jim helps Abraham, Eph and Nora in a plan to track down the Master, while Neeva tries to protect Joan’s children.


42min – Eph is arrested by the FBI, while the eclipse reveals the true extent of the vampire plague.


42min – Eph joins forces with Abraham, while exterminator Vasiliy heads to the sewers tracking rats that have been exhibiting strange behaviour.

It’s Not for Everyone

41min – Jim makes a confession. Eldritch Palmer hires a hacker to bring down the city’s communications systems. Ansel’s wife is confronted with his disease.

Gone Smooth

41min – Eph and Nora fight to save Captain Redfern’s life before coming face-to-face with the horrifying effects of the virus.

The Box

42min – The four survivors begin manifesting strange symptoms, but Eph and Nora’s attempt to quarantine them is thwarted as the disinformation campaign begins. Meanwhile, in jail, Setrakian receives a surprise visit from an old — a very old — acquaintance.

Night Zero

1h 9min – When a plane lands in New York City with everyone on board dead, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, head of the CDC’s Canary Project, and his team are called upon to investigate.

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