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Many Sativa and Haze strains tend to be more light loving, while Indica strains are more likely to suffer from light burn. However, Indica strains tend to grow short, which is helpful, so if possible you want to find a hybrid that has both traits. Papaya by Nirvana – This strain can be a great candidate for a grow box because it has been bred to stay short, harvest quickly, and produce mold-resistant and disease-resistant buds.

It also has a relatively light smell that’s a little tropical and spicy, with less of a “cannabis” smell than many other strains. It produces a “couchlock” stone that’s heavy on body effects. Aurora Indica by Nirvana – Another strain by Nirvana that’s well-suited to micro grows in small spaces (they’ve developed a few specialized stealth strains). It has more CBD than the Papaya, which makes it more suitable for medical marijuana patients, and has a very potent effect and also a deep “body stone.” It takes a few weeks longer to finish than the Papaya. It stayed very short but buds were thick and dense! When it comes to growing medical marijuana, the goal is usually to grow strains that are either very high in THC (psychoactive effects), high in CBD (relaxing effect), or high in both. If you’re still looking for the exact right strain, check out our tutorial with tips on how to research strains so you find the right one! Learn about some resources you might not know about to get more information about each potential strain! Ordered men's shoes from their online… Ordered men's shoes from their online sale on December 25th and received a shipping confirmation # and receipt. Their customer service # has a recording saying they can no longer help with orders and refers me to Saks Fifth Ave customer service.

Their operator was extremely rude and said she couldn't assist and did not care in the least. Looks like I won't be shopping with Saks no either. The package somehow began 'traveling' before it even left for some reason. (This I know because I contacted them during the time it was happening.) About 2 weeks later, I decided to track the package again to see where it was since it had been a while. Called them immediately and they straight out said that I have to call my credit card co. They don't try to work with you to find out what happened or even help you reach out to the delivery guys. No matter what happened or what I said, how worried I was that someone else came up with an almost 2k bag that I paid for and wasn't going to make it back to me. They flat out do not care once they have your money. I placed numerous orders in December (9 in total) for holiday gifts and they all got canceled with long periods showing “processing”. I called customer service the first time and after an extensive hold they picked up. They said they are not Barneys they are the liquidator so they are not there to help customers and tough luck. One of the orders they canceled was because they had no stock yet I went to the store and there was the product! I still have several orders not yet shipped and cannot check status because site is closed and sends you to Saks. But the liquidators could have done a better job, been respectful, answered the phone, not list products they dont have, and keep the site up for checking order status. I am sad for Barneys that the liquidator ruined decades of elegance! I made my ordered a few days ago before Barneys NY website was closed, and it was on a deal because the business is shut down. Then today, I got an email from Barneys says my order was canceled. I called the customer service and was told to close. Then I opened the Barneys website and I was transferred to Saks Fifth Ave web where shows Barney at Saks, and same brand that I ordered without ANY SALE. I called Saks' customer service and they helped me to transfer a representative of Barneys, that guy was rude and whatever the question I asked, he always replied the business is closed. They closed their business and then they can treat their customers whatever they want!? I was an employee of Barneys New York a couple of years ago and knew their policy inside and out. Well, I ordered something as a Christmas gift for someone months ago. Knowing that Barneys has a good policy, I am very disappointed they have yet to send my products that I got charged for. I went online to track my order, and it says its still processing. They have turned into garbage by not responding, and keeping their phones off while nobody picks up.

It's probably a good thing its an end of an era for them. Bought something over 4 days ago and… Bought something over 4 days ago and it's still in "process". Do not buy anything from Barneys online… Do not buy anything from Barneys online during the bankruptcy. I ordered a face cream and they sent just the empty box. About 2 months ago I ordered a pair of red bottoms that were clearly worn . They told me to send them back and that they would refund me. After tracking for 5 days they received them and told me that the refund would be issued within 7-10 business days.

I called on the 7th day just to see if they began processing it and she told me it may take the full 10 days.


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