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Although there is no cure for psoriasis, there is a range of treatments usually involving topical creams or ointments. However, while these typically work to begin with, studies show that the majority of patients eventually become resistant to the treatment. Is it possible for cannabis to help with skin health issues such as psoriasis? The short answer here is “it could”; studies* have shown that marijuana can slow down skin cell growth, which is one of the known causes of psoriasis! Not only this, but there have been suggestions that cannabis could be an effective anti-inflammatory, mood-enhancer and pain regulator – potentially making it the perfect flower for the job at hand!

Our Top Five Cannabis Strains to Help With Psoriasis. While it is not guaranteed that cannabis can treat psoriasis, we have put together a list of our favorite strains that do their best job at combating psoriasis and improve overall skin health – we recommend anybody looking for a new strain to try one (or all!) of these. Kicking things off is this fruity number; Mango Kush is indica-dominant hybrid that will take you on a flavor journey to the Caribbean! This bud has low CBD levels at around 0.3% and THC levels reaching up to 20% – so it isn’t one for daytime use (unless you fancy being housebound for the day!) We had to include Mango Kush for its potent effects, which lend themselves perfectly to long-term sufferers of psoriasis. Studies have shown that long-term sufferers of psoriasis struggle with stress as a result of the condition, so Mango Kush is the perfect choice if this sounds like you! With deep body effects that will leave you super relaxed and carefree, and with a sleepy undertone that quickly takes your mind off any worries or concerns, it is also an excellent choice if sleep is becoming a difficulty, as this will see you drifting off in no time!

Super flavorsome, Mango Kush tastes (you guessed it!) like mangos, coupled with banana and enveloped in a sweet tropical aroma that you will love. Cannatonic sounds worse than it is – don’t be fooled by its name, this is one of the best medicinal strains out there! With high CBD levels reaching around 12%, and with 7-15% THC, Cannatonic is a strong healer that is used to treat a range of different conditions. If you are looking to medicate while getting high, this is not the one for you, the effects are mostly medicinal, and although you will be left feeling happy and uplifted while super relaxed, you won’t be tripping your head off – so steer clear if that’s what you are after! This is a great one for those who prefer an earthy tasting smoke, with natural wood flavors and a little hint of citrus to bring a bit of something extra to the table. This hybrid blend of MK Ultra and G-13 Haze makes for a delightful smoke and is a potent anti-inflammatory, perfect for when your skin is flaring up. We always like to include a strong strain in these lists, and today is no exception; we bring you Super Sour Diesel – the pure sativa strain packing an impressive 24% THC! This flower offers a super-strength high that isn’t recommended for those just starting out on their weed journey. You can expect that any psoriasis pain will swiftly melt away with this smoke, leaving behind an aftermath consisting of an uplifted, euphoric feeling. Super Sour Diesel tastes as you would imagine, very much like diesel and chemicals, and the aroma is intensely earthy and strong. It can be quite an overwhelming one to smoke if you aren’t prepared for it! Harlequin isn’t super easy to get your hands on, but we love a challenge, and this is an excellent option for those looking for the medicinal benefits without too much of a high! The sativa dominant strain holds around 7-15% THC but an impressive 10% CBD, making it a great medicinal strain! Harlequin is a fruity cross between Columbian Gold and Thai and Swiss Landrace strains, and the result is this super calming sativa that tastes incredible! If you prefer the more fruity strains, this is right up your street, with strong mango flavors combined with an earthy musk. The effects of this flower are predominantly relaxing, and make a fantastic pain reliever, leaving you feeling focused and creative – so is a good daytime option! This is one of the older strains that has never lost its legend status, with super euphoric effects and potent medicinal benefits we can see why this flower is still around over 40 years later! Skunk No.1 contains an impressive 15-19% THC and delivers both a mental and physical high that will leave you feeling relaxed in body and clear-headed in mind. Over time the high will change to leave your mind in a dreamy haze that lends itself to a good night’s sleep! This is a wonderful strain for stress, pain, fatigue, and insomnia as well as often being used for inflammation – making it on to try for people living with Psoriasis. Super sweet and super skunky in taste with a spicy smell that will linger long after you have done smoking! While we recognize that not every weed strain will affect a condition the same, we hope our collection today brings some relief for you. We know from plenty of anecdotal reports that these are some of the best options for healthier skin and in particular are great for symptoms of psoriasis. Always clarify with a medical professional before changing any medication – and enjoy the smoke! Here’s how medical marijuana can help with psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes itchy scaling of the skin. It typically affects the elbows, knees, and scalp, but any skin-covered place will do. But if it extends over more than five percent of your surface area, then you are among the one-in-five who have a severe case. Lesions may be slivery or fiery red, pussy or merely bloody, small or expansive in scale.

Fingernails may or may not discolor, crumble, and detach. As many as a third of people with this condition will receive the bonus gift of psoriatic arthritis. Genetically inherited, psoriasis is yet another trauma we receive from our parents, but its appearance tends to be triggered by physical or emotional stress. During an outburst, T cells that normally protect us from bacterial incursions mistakenly begin to attack our own skin cells. As white blood cells rush into the fray, the blood vessels dilate, causing inflammation. The body then goes into overdrive to replace the dead and dying skin. New cells push up, as much as ten times faster than normal, accumulating on the surface in thick mounds of dead skin and white corpuscles, intertwined like the corpses of ice-zombies and men of the Night’s Watch strewn across the plains of the frozen North. But if it extends over more than five percent of your surface area, then you are among the one-in-five who have a severe case.

Because of cannabis’s well-known anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects, it’s a natch that it ought to have some ameliorating effect on the heartbreak of psoriasis. One of the most intriguing findings comes from a 2007 study that tested the effects of five different cannabinoids (including everybody’s favorites THC and CBD) on skin cells that were induced to hyper-productivity in vitro. (That’s good news!) But here’s something that flouted all expectation: Blocking both the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors had no effect on the outcome. In other words, the cannabinoids were operating by some means other than the two scientifically recognized pathways.


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