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Dr Tara Seed

Tara is a Clinical Psychologist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), with over twelve years of NHS experience and nine years of experience of working in the Clinical Psychology field.

Tara graduated from the University of Leeds, with an honours degree and then started her work in the NHS as an Assistant Psychologist before embarking on a three-year Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester.

Tara has a broad range of experience of working in the field of adult, child and infant mental health. She has worked in both an adult primary care service and secondary care psychology service, offering psychological therapy with people with a range of difficulties and strengths. She has worked in an infant mental health service, delivering baby and preschool parenting programmes. She has supported parents who have been struggling with their interactions and/or bond with their infant/child, whilst holding in mind the emotional, social, cognitive and behavioural development of their infant/child. Tara has since specialised and is passionate about perinatal mental health, supporting women, and their families, through the perinatal period (pregnancy, birth and the early years). This is a time when women can experience anxiety, depression or more severe and enduring problems, difficulties in adjustment and transition and potentially come across difficulties in the interaction or bond with their baby. She offers therapy to parents to explore their own parenting experiences and to think about the impact on the here and now.

Since qualifying, Tara has received further training and experience in various treatment approaches: Eye Movement Desensitisation Response (EMDR) which is an evidence based intervention in the processing of trauma memories, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Compassionate Focused Therapy and the more relational approach of Cognitive Analytic Therapy. She has since become Accredited in the Incredible Years Pre-school Parenting Programme and is an Accredited Practitioner in Video Interaction Guidance and registered with AVIGuk. Video Interaction Guidance is video-based intervention supporting communication and attunement in relationships. Tara has a specialist interest in using this intervention with parents and infants/children to support the developing relationship and bond. She has received further specialist training in perinatal mental health and is due to complete the Perinatal Clinical Psychologist Training Programme. Tara has received further training and has experience in the clinical supervision of others.

Tara offers a safe place to explore and develop a shared and compassionate formulation of the current difficulties and the impact on a person or family’s quality of life. She works curiously and collaboratively with clients in order to help people get unstuck from patterns and move towards a more meaningful way of living.

Dr Tara Seed Tara is a Clinical Psychologist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), with over twelve years of NHS experience and nine years of experience of working in

Tara seed

Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa), also known as spiny holdback, is native to Peru but is now found growing in drier areas around the world. Tara trees grow 6-16ft tall, have small thorns, and fruits that are 3-4 inch long pods with 4-7 ovoid flat seeds inside, which darken and turn a reddish color as they ripen. These hardy trees can produce yields for up to 80 years. Tara is typically cultivated as a source of environmentally friendly tannins, a source of gum or resin used as thickeners and stabilizers in food, and it is also grown as an ornamental plant due to its colorful flowers and pods.

Tara seed is an excellent source of plant protein and dietary fiber, with approximately 45 grams of protein and 18 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams of powder. In addition to its main constituent, gallic acid, tara seeds also contain glucosinolates and smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals.*

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