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Outdoor growing may leave you with fewer options concerning temperature regulation, but there are still tactics that can be used to help your plants survive blistering temperatures. The root system appears to be very helpful in preventing heat damage to the upper regions of your cannabis plants. A frequent and thorough watering schedule, if possible adjusted to the current weather forecast, is a good way of keeping your plant’s root system cool.

Another option is to dig a hole in the ground (about as deep as the height of your pots) and put the plant, including the pot, in there. The cooler temperature from the ground should take some of the heat off of your plants. Using pots that insulate can also help a great deal in preventing heat stress or damage. Planting pots made out of ceramic help a lot with insulation and keep the heat out. If insulation is still not enough of a measure to keep your plants safe from the heat, consider moving the potted plants to a shaded area. Putting up an old sheet or tarp takes away most of the direct heat. Heat stress solutions for indoor growing mostly revolve around increasing the air circulation inside your grow space.

Consider increasing the distance between your plants and the light source. If this is not possible, an oscillating fan that blows over the top of your plants might be a good alternative. The fan ensures that the heat is dispersed more evenly across the grow space. Another option is to vent out the hot air by using an exhaust system. This might release aromas of marijuana into the rest of the growing area, so adding a carbon scrubber to remove all traces of scent might be a good idea if you are engaging in a stealth operation. This last tip also applies to outdoor growers, seeing as it helps with situations in which the damage has already been done and you want to help your plants recover: seaweed kelp extract. It comes as a liquid fertiliser and in addition to containing nutrients and minerals, it contains cytokinins, which are highly beneficial in reducing stress. This extract helps your plants recover from heat stress and even has the power to help protect them more effectively in the event of future cases. Elon Musk Smoking Weed With Joe Rogan is the GIF of the Century. Space X Livestream: Watch SpaceX Launch On YouTube Live Feed Free. 'The Matrix' Creator Lilly Wachowski Rips Ivanka Trump and Elon Musk's "Red Pill" Appropriation. Meghan McCain Praises Elon Musk's Coronavirus Response. Every 'Rick and Morty' Celebrity Cameo, From Susan Sarandon to Elon Musk. Last night, Elon Musk took a break from pissing people off on Twitter to smoke some weed with comedian Joe Rogan on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience . Towards the end of their lengthy interview — which covered everything from electric planes to solar energy — Musk and Rogan shared a spliff and mused on the current state of like, industry, man. It didn’t seem like either of them actually got high (there were no drug-induced conversations about the hyperloop), but watching Musk’s weak-ass puff is pretty funny regardless. The smoke sesh began about two hours into the interview, when a semi-bored Musk started playing with the tchotchkes on Rogan’s desk. Musk picked up a box of some kind, and Rogan said, “I got that in Mexico. I was hoping it holds joints.” The Tesla CEO continued to play with the box, prompting Rogan to show him the many things you can fit inside. “Try to put a joint in there and close it,” said Rogan. “You can fit like one, one blunt.” Much to Musk’s surprise, Rogan pulled out a spliff and lit it. Or is it a cigar?” asked Musk with “Would a nark say this ?” feigned innocence (I refuse to believe that he’s really that dumb). “So it’s like pot-tobacco pies… I think I tried one once,” replied Musk. When Rogan joked that Musk shouldn’t reveal any more because his “stockholders” would get angry, Musk’s entire attitude changed. The CEO carefully inspected the joint (he sniffed it!) before taking a very small puff, and afterwards, he shrugged when he didn’t feel anything — inadvertently creating the GIF of the century.

Rogan decided to give Musk a little weed history lesson. “The combination of tobacco and marijuana is wonderful,” he said. “First turned onto it by Charlie Murphy, and then reignited by Dave Chappelle.” They then turned their attention to the larger cultural attitude surrounding drugs, particularly alcohol, which Musk said “is pretty grandfathered in” to the world. “It’s a drug that gets a bad rap,” Rogan said about alcohol. “Because you just have a little, it’s great … The real worry is people who can’t handle it. Like they’re real worried about people who can’t handle cars that can go 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds, or anything.” Musk’s response to Rogan’s long-winded explanation? If you’re interested in watching Musk and Rogan share a spliff, fast-forward to the 2:09:25 minute mark in the interview above.

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