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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a mostly sativa feminized cross between Nevilles Haze A5 and G-13. The THC level reaches 23%, and the CBD level is 1.8%.
The plant has a modest size of 90-100 cm. It develops strong colas and side branches overflowing with large fat buds. It is recommended to support branches in the last weeks of flowering. After about 65 days, a 500 g / m2 crop will appear. Tangerine Dream from Barney’s Farm grows equally well indoors and outdoors. In the Northern climate, the harvest will be by the end of October.
The effect of Smoking is cerebral, long-lasting and ultimately relaxing. This is a fast and powerful hit! The smoke has a citrus taste and aroma.

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An Honest Review of the Tangerine Dream Strain


The Barney’s Farm created the Tangerine Dream Strain by crossbreeding the Afghani, G13, and Neville’s A5 Haze. This strain won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010.

This strain is 60 percent Sativa, while some phenotype has 70 percent of it.

Even though the Tangerine Dream is more of a Sativa phenotype, its buds’ structure mostly resembles its Indica heritage. The flowers are large and dense.

The leaves are forest green. Other phenotypes have hues of dark purple due to the anthocyanins. These purplish pigments called anthocyanins appear when a plant has to grow in a cold environment. These pigments allow a plant to adapt to the weather.

This strain has flowers covered with trichomes giving the strain its dewy appearance. It also has orange pistils.

The taste of this strain is generally citrusy, spicy, and sweet. The smoke has a smooth texture but gasoline-like in taste. Upon exhale, the flavor becomes orangey, and it tends to linger in the mouth.

The scent of this strain is citrusy that resembles an orange with hints of earthiness. Some Tangerine Dreams have clove-like spiciness undertone that enhances the strain’s orange scent. Breaking up the buds strengthens the smell, making it more evident that this strain comes from a Haze strain.

The Tangerine Dream Strain is common in the cannabis shops on the West Coast.

Effects of the Strain

The Tangerine Dream Strain provides a head-heavy high that provides an immediate rush followed by emotional happiness and warmth for a short time. The high can provoke thoughts but still keep the users clear-headed.

What is impressive about this strain is that it is highly versatile. Users can choose to be productive or lazy. It provides a balanced high that can keep the users alert and relaxed.

Emotionally, this strain can provide euphoria and can boost mood. Therefore, it is ideal against mood disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Psychologically, this strain provides clear-headedness and can boost creativity and focus, which makes it an ideal strain to enhance productivity.

Physically, this strain is also effective against pain and insomnia. It provides energy while relaxing the muscles. Users can use this strain to unwind from the stress of their daytime job.

However, just like other cannabis strains, users can be prone to dry eyes and cottonmouth. It is best to keep eye drops or a bottle of beverage nearby to prevent these side effects.

When taken too much, this strain may cause the users to couchlock.


This strain contains 14 to 25 percent THC. It also has 0.1 to 1.8 percent CBD.

It has terpenes that provide its earthy, peppery, and citrusy scents and flavors. These terpenes also offer some of the therapeutic benefits of the strain, which can be anti-inflammatory or can be anxiety or stress relief.

Here is the summary of the strain’s terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene


The parents of this strain are G13, Neville’s A5 Haze, and Afghani. The child of the Tangerine Dream Strain is Mandarine 47.


Growing this strain is difficult. However, growers can cultivate it outdoors and indoors with a warm and humid climate.

Even though this strain is mostly Sativa, its appearance resembles its Indica heritage, which makes this strain short and bushy. Yet, this strain can go up to 30 to 78 inches.

On the positive note, growers may not use stakes to support the flowers because the stems are firm and dense.

Maintenance is vital to ensure the maximum yield for this strain.

Properly curing the flower is the most challenging step for cultivating this strain.

First, the growers should hang the nugs upside down to allow the proper air circulation. They must leave the nugs this way for 7 to 10 days in an environment with 50 percent humidity and temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Second, when the growers can already take away the nugs from the stem, they can seal the buds in jars. The jars should have a humidity of 60 to 65 percent and a temperature of 70 degrees.

Lastly, the growers should check the buds daily for a week. They have to ensure that the buds will not develop molds.

Despite the difficulty of cultivating this strain, it provides a high yield of 3 to 6 ounce per square feet. The flowering time is 7 to 10 weeks indoors, while it is during late October for outdoor cultivation.


Most users love the versatility of the Tangerine Dream. The fusion of stimulation and relaxation is unique. It provides refreshing smoke, scents, and flavors. The users can choose to use it for recreational, medicinal, or productive purposes.

Most users compare this strain with the Zombie OG. Both of these strains are effective for relaxation. However, the Zombie OG is more effective for providing the effects of creativity, talkativeness, sleepiness, and giggles. It is also a better option against pain.

Meanwhile, the Tangerine Dream is more effective for providing the effects of happiness, energy, and uplift. The Tangerine Dream Strain is a better option against stress.

The Tangerine Dream Strain is a favorite of several users because of its unique and versatile effects. Learn what this strain can do for you.