tallyman strain

Tally Man / Tally Mon (Strain Review)

This flower was purchased at Next Level Wellness in Eugene, OR in early September 2019.

What we know: Some sources refer to this strain as Tally Man, others use Tally Mon. There are only a couple links out there that mention this strain, but they are seed-selling sites. Currently there is nothing that describes the effects.

First Dose: Small dose (.04g in a glass pipe – one solid hit from a bowl)
A couple minutes after dosing I felt a slight tingle in the back of my head, slowly a wave crept from the back of my body to the front, my eyes and brain de-focused and whole front of my face relaxes.

After about 5 minutes my entire body is very relaxed with waves coursing
through it. I sit back and zone out for a bit. The thought of getting up and doing things sounds unappealing. 20 minutes in and I’m thinking that a massage would feel great.

I force myself to get up and walk outside. Whoa, I feel a bit dizzy, with some disorienting pressure in my face. Things feel a bit distant like I’m wrapped in a cocoon. The body feels heavy and compelled to sit back down. This is the meaning of the word stoned.

At 30 minutes I put on some atmospheric music and it blends will with the state I’m in, washing over me. I’m sensing a psychedelic edge now with slight activation in the area between the eyes. I get up and do stretches which feel very nice due to increased body awareness. I force myself to complete some tasks in the kitchen and it’s not fun at all. I keep feeling the urge to sit around and zone out.

About 50 minutes after dosing, the body buzz has subsided but the head is still foggy, front of face/brow still very relaxed but still a mild activation. Things are still a bit trippy I wish I didn’t have stuff to do right now.

At around 90 minutes after dosing I finally feel the cloudy head buzz wear off. Surprisingly I am not very tired. I will probably not be indulging in a higher dose anytime soon, as I am not ready to be that incapacitated for a long period of time.

Fi nal Thoughts
This is a powerful strain that puts you in a trance-like state while relaxing the body with a some narcotic pleasure. Medically it could function as an anti-anxiety & pain-killer. It may help insomnia in some.

Tally Man works well for deep relaxation. It would be great to take before a massage, some basic stretching/yoga, and could also help temper a hangover. The slightly psychedelic edge makes it great for some at-home music listening. Higher doses would be effective for self-exploration. But if you need to get things done, stay away.

Hypnotic, narcotic, and just a bit trippy, Tally Man is perfect when you just want to sit back and chill really hard. ]]>