super lemon haze reviews

Super Lemon Haze

Taste & Smell

  • Fruity
  • Sour
  • Sweet


  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Talkative
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth

Pairs Well With

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Exploring Nature
  • Sleeping
  • Studying

About this Sativa Strain

The award-winning sativa cannabis strain Super Lemon Haze derives its name from the zesty citrus aroma it exudes with skunky undertones, along with a taste that is reminiscent of lemonhead candy. When ready for harvest, its buds are light green and extremely fuzzy with trichome crystals and golden hairs.

Its parents are the hybrid Lemon Skunk and sativa Super Silver Haze. It first blossomed in Amsterdam.

Super Lemon’s THC content is potent, averaging at 16% and reaching as high as 25%. It’s high leaves the consumer energetic and freely social, eliminating many forms of anxiety/stress as well as increasing appetite. Despite this strain’s ability to increase energy and creative, cerebral activity, some reviewers have warned that the first 15-20 minutes after smoking this strain can be foggy before mental clarity sets in. Others have noted that this strain is a “one-hitter-quitter” since the potency of the strain is so strong.

Paranoia is a common ill side-effect in novice consumers or those that consume too much for their body type along with bloodshot eyes and cotton mouth.

Lemon Haze won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009 as well as second place in 2010.

The award-winning sativa cannabis strain Super Lemon Haze derives its name from the zesty citrus aroma it exudes with skunky undertones, along with a taste that is reminiscent of lemonhead candy. When ready for harvest, its buds are light green and extremely fuzzy with trichome crystals and golden…

The Complete Super Lemon Haze Strain Guide

If you’re interested in sensing a revitalizing and rejuvenating feeling, while your taste buds are overwhelmed with the flavor of lemon drops, continue reading this review and find out how this becomes possible, no out of the ordinary additional effort needed. The main appeal of the Super Lemon Haze strain is most certainly given by the strong lemony aroma and the concentrated flavor, making it seem almost artificial-like, similar to candy. However, the scent and taste are not everything that the strain brings to the table, as this hybrid version of cannabis is much more open to extra surprises.

History Of Super Lemon Haze Strain

How was it developed?

Almost every Super Lemon Haze strain review mentions the same seed bank as the original developer. Although there is some suspicion about the actual mind behind this invention, it has been presented in terms of general acceptance, that the initial grower has been none other than Green House Seeds. Given the long history this seed bank presents, it’s probably natural to presume that they were the masterminds of genetically creating this hybrid strain. The company’s experience started all the way in 1985, in Amsterdam, and ever since it has become a go-to name in the industry. A fact sustained by the numerous awards Green House Seeds has received during this whole period of time since they were functioning.

Lineage Of Super Lemon Haze Strain

The lineage of this strain is far from being a secret as is the case with some of the other highly sought after, popular genetically created hybrids. Green House Seeds joined the features coming from Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, with this great outcome to show for their effort. The resulting plant is a hybrid, but the dominant trait is clearly Sativa. Even so, traces of its lineage are clearly standing out and can be easily determined:

  • The indica ingredient comes from the Haze weed, while hints of it can be found in the Skunk genetics as well, at a Pakistani ancestor with complete indica component.
  • The Skunk main feature is easily traceable, due to its pungent aroma, which was clearly transmitted further along to the actual strain.

Super Lemon Haze Strain Effects

The positive energy that the lemon haze weed brings to the room is the most important effect that its high has. The users of this sort of cannabis feel rejuvenated and extra motivated to go through the day-to-day business. Besides fighting off the mundane boredom that 9 to 5 employees feel and helping them move on through the routine, this strain adds a bit of motivation and inspiration, being popular among artists finding themselves in a rut, aiding them in overpassing the blockage. The balance between this type of mental control and surge of energy and the second part of the buzz, coming with a total body relaxation is what defines this strain. This also means that it can be consumed during the entire day, without the peril of becoming nonfunctional.

Medical Appointments Of Super Lemon Haze Strain

Some of the most important Super Lemon Haze strain info to find out about refers to the medical usage of it. The spectrum of ailments where this strain has the power to alleviate the negative effects is wide, starting with diminishing the most usual sensations, such as lack of appetite, nausea, fatigue, and pain. It might be useful to use a larger dose of this strain if the pain symptoms are aggravated, as long as users keep in mind their own limit and don’t go past it.

Different states related to the side of the medicine pertaining to mental conditions can also be improved through the use of Super Lemon Haze. Among this we enumerate:

  • The permanently existent condition in every society, stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety.

However, when consuming this strain with the idea of reducing the negative effects of the above-mentioned conditions, always remember that it’s better to stay on the balanced side of the consumption. The strain is near the top point of THC percentage and surpassing the personal limit of resistance can lead the user towards unwanted extremes, like paranoia, increased levels of stress and excessive anxiety.


Even though the strain presents itself in a fresh manner, aided by the citrus aroma and taste, there are also less pleasant effects that can occur, whether self-medicating or simply enjoying a reefer. The most severe one refers to the Super Lemon Haze THC content, which is an active ingredient and has undesired side effects if excessively consumed, putting the user in states of paranoia or exacerbated anxiety. Other than that and the common medical side effects, rooting in dehydration, the strain has very few negative parts, which is one of the features that makes it this interesting and popular.

Effects – Medical Appointments – Negatives

We won’t go through the effects that increased use of THC-based plants has, as we’ve already covered that. The other medical downsides refer to the classics:

  • Cotton-mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dehydration

The dry mouth sensation and the dehydration can be easily resolved by consuming larger quantities of water, before starting the use of Super Lemon Haze, if it’s a planned activity, during the long-lasting high and most definitely after the buzz is gone. For the itchy eyes sensation, moisturizing eye drops are most welcome and highly effective, reducing the redness, the dryness, and the itchiness, all at once.

What Are The Reasons To Choose Super Lemon Haze Strain?


If you’d expect the shiny yellow lemon peel color, this isn’t present. The buds are covered in resinous coating and have a light green nuance, with specks of orange to brown shades, given by the pistils in the mix. Overall, it has a rather fresh aspect, despite its pale look.

Smell and aroma

The Skunk component in its lineage is clearly distinctive when thinking of its smell. The buds have a consistent citrus odor, although with sweet fragrances, lemon being the main scent and on top of that it also feels a bit spicy. All these traits make it a flower smelling champion, unparalleled in terms of freshness and among the most popular aromatic strains of cannabis.


As mentioned before, the main flavor comes in the shape of a strong citrus taste, immensely sweet, giving the idea of artificially produced sugar with lemon hints. In fact, the best comparison for the taste that Super Lemon Haze weed has is the one derived from highly concentrated lemon drops.


Sativa 80 indica 20, THC topped 16-25%, so it’s situated at the top of the permitted interval, CBD under 1, CBN around 2%. The indica percentage in the strain is providing the nerve-calming feature necessary in order to keep under control the agitation state, which comes from the consumption of Sativa-dominant strains. The extra drop of indica has the most important advantage of maintaining a cool-headed composition, which really helps in benefiting from the extra energy and not let it waste in vain.


One of the characteristics of the strain which makes it stand out is that the effects of its energetic high hold on for 3 hours, giving the user enough time and focus on finishing the tasks at hand.

Who Is More Suitable For?

The ones that might be getting the most of the strain of Lemonade Haze are those working-class heroes which desire to replace at least one cup of coffee, necessary for the mandatory daily energy input, that they need to have for finishing tasks in due time, with a much healthier source of energy that adds a fresh lemony flavor on top. Also, people who became bored of their routine, stressed out of their minds, stuck in a never-ending rut, or lacking crucial inspiration in continuing the on-going projects, whether they require creative ideas or simply focus and power of concentration.

Opinion by growers

Growers have a high opinion about what cultivating this type of cannabis means, as they also think of it as one of the best lemon strains out there. Besides the powerful aroma, reminding of potpourri, or air freshener, growers prefer this strain due to its increased resistance against cannabis crops’ most feared perils. Thus, the strain has a natural endurance against diseases, bugs, and pests. It also has a high tolerance for mold and mildew. Newbies in the weed growing industry can accomplish great productivity using this strain, with minimal effort.

Popularity by growers

As stated, this hybrid is highly popular among consumers and producers alike. Growers are charmed by the ease to keep its maintenance, being naturally guarded against most pests and diseases. It can be grown indoors, although it reaches reasonable heights and the Super Lemon Haze flowering time is average for the marijuana-growers’ world, of about 9 to 10 weeks. However, the thing that makes it impressively popular, besides the high request on behalf of consumers is the above-average yield per square meter. The more this plant produces means additional revenues. Super Lemon Haze returns around 28 to 35 ounces per square meter.

How To Grow?

Among the specific Super Lemon Haze grow info, there aren’t many particular mentions which don’t apply to most marijuana crops. This seems to be even easier to maintain strain due to its natural resistance to mold and mildew, meaning that indoor cultivation is not a problem. The main issue which appears is allowing it sufficient space to develop, seeing how it reaches reasonable heights.

If choosing to take the crop to the outdoors, it must be said that the Mediterranean climate suits it best, although it doesn’t agree well with direct exposure to powerful sunlight. Greenhouses or other sorts of coverings are necessary for proper growing this strain. The flowering period is of 9-10 weeks, or late October for the outdoor version, an average period of time, not overly testing a grower’s patience.

Useful To Edibles-Cooking?

The flavor of the cannabis strain itself screams of lemon candy, so obviously that edible compounds have been developed, using this strain. The advantages of edibles over smoking the weed are evident, the most important being that it protects the user against the negative side effects of inhaling smoke. It comes in the form of hash, bubble hash, candies, gummies and even live resin with the unmistakable flavor of Super Lemon Haze.

Related Or Alternatives Strains?

With similar highs and effects, there are several other popular strains, although not many sharing the same intense fragrance and flavor. So, a similar buzz can be achieved using Jack Herer, or Durban Poison, while J1 can get its users a bit more euphoric than the Lemon Haze.


The present Super Lemon Haze review reached its purpose to take the potential user through all the domains of interest pertaining to this specific cannabis strain and reveal through a detailed analysis the reasons which make it a popular choice and a future note on the to-do list, keeping in mind the main attraction points mentioned here: awesome aroma and flavor of lemon candies, a buzz described as a relaxed clearance of mind lacking negative after-effects and easiness in cultivating, suited especially for the novice growers.

How to grow Super Lemon Haze indoors?

The main issue is giving it plenty of space, especially in height, as it grows to more than 78 inches. Keep in mind that the flowering period occurs after 9-10 weeks and that the plant doesn’t thrive in direct sunlight, but also dark spaces are definitely forbidden. This strain has a natural resistance and protection against most harm-doers, such as mold, mildew, pests, and diseases.

How is the high of Super Lemon Haze?

It has been described as a full-body relaxing state, with increased acuity and head clearance, making the user feel highly energetic, without going to the extreme of becoming jittery.

Where to find Super Lemon Haze?

We’ve found three growers and providers which we recommend in visiting before purchasing seeds or finite products of this strain: Green House Seeds, Olympia Mike and A Green Cure.

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