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INDOOR CANNABIS GROW At HOME ‼️ I GOT SPIDER MITES. Выполните вход, чтобы сообщить о неприемлемом контенте. INDOOR CANNABIS GROW At HOME ‼️ I GOT SPIDER MITES. In Todays Indoor weed update I am soooooo sad to report I got Spider Mites!

Although this is a common problem not only for weed grows but also for indoor plants. I wanted to share with you where I am currently at with the spider mites and what I did to hopefully get rid of them! I will be updating in the future, don't forget to Subscribe! :) HOW I GOT RID OF THE SPIDER MITES (I am still treating) Natural Remedy: Dish Soap and Water or Alcohol & Water Other: AzaMax (as a contact spray) LIKE THIS VIDEO, IF YOU LIKED IT! :) If you're new to my channel, thank you for checking it out! :) So many exciting videos planned in the near future. :) WEEK 6 VEG UPDATE | Indoor Auto Flower cannabis Grow | Nature SMOKE SESSION |

This Indoor weed grow has cannabis clones, I hope you enjoy growing weed indoors! *As of right now, I do not have any other social media besides Youtube.* Business Inquires Only: [email protected] *** Everything shown in this indoor weed video is legal in the state of California. This video does not promote any sale, use or abuse of any illegal drugs. Girly Ganja was created for entertainment/educational purposes. I am a legal medical Marijuana Patient in the state of California *** Cinderella 99. A squat-growing sativa that has almost pure Haze qualities, Cinderella 99 is truly a gem of cannabis engineering. It produces a long, thick central colas if left up-topped and has a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, making it extremely desirable to breeders. A very good producer as well, it's equally suitable for commercial or connoisseur gardens. It's been used in countless crosses over the years, and though the original seed stock is thought to be largely extinct, many breeders have created very stable F2 seed stock, allowing this incredible plant's genetic line to live on. 'Princess' clone (Sensi Seeds Jack Herer F2) x (Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk), 'cubed' by back-crossing over 3 generations. 'Princess' was a specially-selected Sensi Jack Herer F2 from the late 90's… a male seed from the same batch of Jack Herer was crossed to a special Shiva Skunk female, producing some male seeds suitable for breeding. A selected male was crossed with Princess, the product seeds of which were then crossed back to Princess over three generations. Ideally, Princess was 'cubed' by being bred to her male offspring, producing an extremely stable seed stock that become the legendary Cinderella 99. Varies a bit according to phenotype (there are two main ones — grapefruit and pineapple), but it's generally a sharp and almost putrid citrus/pineapple. The Brothers Grimm's favorite phenotype was known as the "evil pineapple" pheno and has an almost rotten meat quality to the sharp fruity smells. Much like the smell, it seems Haze dominant, with acrid citrus notes as well as some flowery touches. The flavor depends upon phenotype, with the famous "evil pineapple" pheno having a complex rotten fruit flavor with floral hints, and the "grapefruit" phenotype is similar to New York City Diesel in flavor profile, with a sharp and musky citrus flavor. Cinderella 99 is known for having a soaring cerebral effect that can be very rushy for some patients. It's often a "thinker" strain, making the mind race at a million miles per hour and even causing visual and auditory distortions. Recommended most highly for its strong nerve effects, headache relief, appetite stimulation, and energy. Not really recommended for those with anxiety issues or those seeking sleep aid or deep relaxation… this is a strain which can keep you awake at night due to the uptick in mental activity. Bred for indoor growing, C-99 works well in soil or hydro, but the best flavors are generally realized through soil. It's a plant that stays relatively short for its sativa-heavy lineage, producing a lot of branches and a long main cola if left untrained. Starts off mellow then creeps in and hits ur hard but ur still able to fully function. Really pretty Buds nice clean Body high off the first hit.

I found this strain to be relaxing and not so strong that you’re floored, or pummeled with anxiety like many sativas can do. It was mellow and pleasant, and can still string thoughts together fairly easily if you need to be able to work on stuff, so I’d recommend this for the day and creative projects. I find that I may get a better body high off a 16% THC weed that I do with. Most of all it energized me and cures Fatigue and Chronic Pain from Lyme Disease Symptoms too. Helped with depression and anxiety as well as ADHD. I don't like pills but they are needed now and I've accepted that. I am a long time advocate and hope medical marijuana continues to be accepted state by state. I get the Jack Herer in the beginning then the Indica kicks in later. I love those Hybrid strains; they take you to the next level.

Pretty good sativa, although honestly, although it had an excellent fruity taste, I found the high to be like a "strong Jack Herer". Which is obviously good, but nowhere near the kind of praise you hear from enthusiasts. I would try it again, to be sure, but an evening of trying this made me wonder why people are so crazy about it!


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