sunset sherbet strain

The reason I know this is these "reviewers" use the same wording Ive received in my emails from Nirvana about poor lighting, overwatering, etc. They run you in circles until you give up making you feel like it was YOU. They will never admit it could even possibly be their seeds. Another warning sign related to this is they wont refund your order, or even part of your order, or even try to make amends with you by sending a measly 5 free seed pack with your next order.

They cant afford to send some freebies as a peace offering? This says to me they are 100% in it for the money and dont care about their brand or products reputation. Second time ordering from nirvana, first time no problems. I contacted customer service and described the situation, was informed that although they have changed their policy to not guarantee delivery anymore they would resend the part of the order that did not make it. I guess it helps to not be a dick when you message them. Other than that I would say the seeds can tend to run on the small side or I would give them a perfect score on product quality. That being said, I have had a 100% germination rate from their seeds out of the couple dozen Ive done. I will be trying to stablize some of their strains just because they do have good genetics but again could be more consistant so I guess thats another small ding from quality but all in all its a reputable shop that has a decent product. This people is by far the best seed company around.

Trust me Ive grown some monsters from their genetics. All these people saying they died are sorry ass growers starving for light and food or over watering. I cant speak for seed quality just yet but the seeds do look good. I ordered 10 days ago and I have them in my hand right now. Super fast delivery considering they have to travel half way around the world. I will do another review when I get ready to plant them. If they dont know the answer to my question about a strain, they tell you "I dont know. Ill get back to you with the answer." instead of spoon feeding you a BS answer just to make a sale. Didnt receive first order, they offered to send another and also that didnt reach me :( So this is no go for Latvia. Either it is some modern scam or our postal services kick some serious CIA FBI ass with their X-ray techniques. I bought 5 swiss cheese seeds and 4out of 5 germinated ,3 of them died due to bad wueather but the one that made it turned out to be a beautifull and healty plant that yelded about 100grams. Poor quality seed, cannot count on to germinate half the time. When contact to complain treated like an ammature grower! Im an old lady thats grown pot for over 10yrs and have an established clone business! When a whole order of (ice) seed refuse to germinate but other seeds from other companies are terminating. They give runaround till you give up and quit sending emails to complain. You made good or bad experiences with a shop lately? Or a lots of cool bonusses, good service and/or a fast delivery? You like (or you do not like) that other customers also will make the same experiences? So take a minute and alert your experiences to the SeedCop now - it's done in a minute and will help a lot! Basically sharing my experience with Nirvana Seed Bank. Purchased AK48, Jock Horror, Northern Lights, and got 10 free seeds. Plus computerised C2o and temp controls all in commercial growing units up to 10,000 plants. The above seeds took 1 week to crack, with a success rate of 75%.

After reading the reviews on Nirvana i was sure i had found the ONE. No it wasn't, turned out to be a crapping piece of fluff. Contacted Nirvana on several occasions to no avail only to be insulted by a internet forum troll only to be told it was me and not the seeds. sent complaint about the quality of your AK48 via email support a week ago and all I get is emails trying to sell me more shit without any explanation why these products with crap. 19:46:34 +sif fluffy fluffy fluffy 19:46:46 didn't harden up at all 19:46:52 Cerebral_Nomad has quit (Quit: cu on soon) 19:46:55 Cerebral_Nomad has joined 19:46:56 @Lazy_jim Welcome to Nirvana's #420 chat Cerebral_Nomad 19:46:58 ⓘ Lazy_jim set mode +v Cerebral_Nomad 19:47:26 +sif dissapointed to the max. 19:48:53 @Jim-food sif like i said you have to solve that with customer support 19:49:05 im not customer support and i cant do anything about it 19:49:41 +Cerebral_Nomad Seeds not poppin?

19:49:56 +sif well they won't respond, so whats the answer?? 19:50:37 @Jim-food well if they diddnt responded yet then give them some time 19:50:42 or fill in another ticket 19:50:43 +sif seeds took a week to pop, at that point i thought perhaps something might be wrong 19:51:10 @Jim-food many things could went wrong, but i do know that we have beginners who never grew before and they managed to get decent buds 19:51:47 +sif why does everyone say how gr8 it is and i end up with fluffy fluff 19:51:59 +Cerebral_Nomad How did you germ?19:52:05 +sif perhaps they don't know what gr8 actually is 19:52:06 @Jim-food well where is the mistake then sif ?? 19:52:14 they all grow perfect buds, except you 19:52:18 they all talk bs ? 19:52:35 sif maybe you dont know how to grow 19:52:55 +Cerebral_Nomad Ive grown AK48 with no probs 19:52:59 +sif there was something badly wrong. thats what i am trying to assertain 19:53:17 @Jim-food no you are not trying.


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